438. Chapter 438 Preamble 3

Chapter 438 Preamble 3

the Saint Force Wang of pure-white colored runs out of ambush, eroding madly on the dark red earth.

The hegemonic nature of Saint Force's natural existence enables it to easily suppress all toxins and other energy here.

All the colors here are being transformed into white by Saint Force.

red's land was brushed and swiftly transformed into white. After brushing the white bone hill, it quickly became pure and white.

Even on top of the sky clouds, it was frenzy. At this time, Saint Force's particles have also been purified out of a massive influx, gradually becoming white.

The demon King stood behind Lin Sheng and saw the screen, and the entire vision of the front, all of the eyewitness, became the ocean of Saint Force.

To see the extent of this exaggeration, her heart was a bitter one.

It's no longer the power of gold…

The Lord of the Demon does not feel the tight cane. She's replacing herself with an evil king to see if she can confront such a degree of Saint Force shock.

And the result of the replacement of simulation was that she was exhausted and completely unconscious.

“What a…"The invincible power of the Holy Ghost…”The Devil King bites his lips, and his heart is left with a slightest thought, and then he was shaken to death.

Saint Force brushes well after not being exhaustive, a few seconds later. Everything slowed down and restored some original landscapes.

When Saint Force withdrew, the wrecked giants of the devil continued to stand in their places of origin, holding huge bones with their hands and laying out their posture towards descending chop.

It's just that he seems to have stalled at this point.

Soon, the body of the whole bone giant began to crush, graze, turn into a lot of white bones and disperse.

After the bones were dissolved, they revealed the evil king of the center.

He landed, breathed, breathed, full of sweatwater steam with white fog.

“What a…Monster…Ha…Ha… "His wolf smiles, and perhaps others are in his current state of affairs and feel pessimistic.

But then he was not desperate.

It's joy.

“Stand up and obey me."Lin Sheng was watching each other calmly.

“Cheung?"The evil king laughs. “I still have a trick…If you can take over, what's the matter with me? ”

He lifted the bone knife and spreaded a blanket smoke.

Smoke quickly reintegrated into a knife, making the blade covered a piece of freshblood color.

The knife is more like a spider's network, like a bone's blood tube.

“Come on!”

The evil king raised the bone knife, and all the bones were quickly melted.

In the instant, all his bones were integrated into the bones. The rest of the body combusted up and turned into ashes.

The bone knife combines all the bones of the evil king, and the whole expansion has grown several times, becoming old and old, and the backward minister has come out with sharp bones, covering intensive blood light and killing plan.

“Pick my last knife, five gods kill!”

The bone knife sends out the loud voice of the duplicate king of evil.

The invisible power hectares have created a huge field of power, covering a number of kilometres of perimeter and prohibiting all biological movements from fleeing.

The knife has grown to more than five metres, when it shines with a strong red blood color, and the back of the knife conceals the face of the evil king's twisted and angry face.


In a sudden, the skull erupted black spiral flames, upward, and the thunderbolt fell towards Lin Sheng.

The knife has not arrived, and the demon queen behind Lin Sheng felt sweaty, a deep chipmunk coming out of her heart.

She didn't have a second thought, jumped backwards and wanted to get away first.

But the restraining force released by the bone knife made it impossible for her to earn at all, to remain in her place and to look at the bone knife to Lin Sheng.

“A knife that integrates soul and life?”

Lin Sheng, the devil king would prefer to play the most powerful knife at the expense of the soul of life.

He used to just treat Demonic Spirits as food and never as a creature.

But at this point, in the face of evil, the devil abandons everything and integrates all the knives.

He spirit Heart also caused a shock.

“Such will.”

Lin Sheng again stretched his right hand.

“Holy Sea!”

The huge Saint Force floods again flourish. The pure Saint Force was blasting at the bones.

Oh, shit!

In a torn sound, the skull ripped the Saint Force flood and reversed it, killing Lin Sheng at a rate that could not be reacted to by a nerve.


It is clear that the flesh is slashed, but the bone knife sends out a slight blunder.

Saint Force floods stagnated. Only Lin Sheng and his hand blocked the skull.


The skull blade floats on densely packed strings.


It suddenly exploded and, under the influence of a tremendous anti-shock, the skull screamed around and suddenly injected into a space gap that suddenly erupted.

The gap was very rapid, with only a half seconds left, and disappeared.

Lin Sheng was completely unaware of such a change. It's too late to try to intercept.

As for the gap, he has not yet studied too deeply, and it is likely that trade will be lost in an indefinite gap and will not be able to find a way back.

“Funny…"Lin Sheng raised his hand and watched his eyes.

The Saint Force, which is covered by it, has been completely torn off, and the skin of the heart is hiding a slight white trace.

“Letters, search this space, find the coordinates of other Demonic Spirits caves."Lin Sheng calmly said.

Every Demonic Spirits hole cannot be independent and there is a gap between other contexts or the world.

And what Lin Sheng has to do is find a gap between the other Demonic Spirits caves.

“Aren't you going to find him?"The Devil King can't stand to ask.

“No need. He has done everything to kill that knife, and in itself he has lost his life. "Lin Sheng looking for the bone knife to disappear, with deep eyes.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Europa border, Beach City Taris.

There's only a hundred metres away from the beach, one with a straight knife, and a brown young man who is constantly beating up, suddenly looking for the sky.

Suddenly, a blanket sound came from the sky quickly.

The youth face has changed, backwards, and the knife has carefully followed the skies from the sound.

Soon, a little white fell out of the sky, and a little bit of a rough into the ground near the front of young people.

That's a white knife with an ugly knife.

If it was not for young people to look at it falling from the sky, he would certainly not believe that it was such a broken knife that it would fall from so high.

Young people were exaggerated from the innate talent that was little on the refrigerator.

At the age of fifteen, he had been able to understand all the knife fluctuations that could be reached.

When I was 18 years old, I had a knife master's reputation.

At the age of 20, there was no success in challenging knife.

Now twenty-five years old, he's got a knife trick to the infinite level, reaching the very limit of the human body.

And just as he buried his head and practiced the knife, looking for the way forward.

This wrecked bone is sent down from the sky, before him.

“Hey, kid. Do me a favor, as an exchange, I'll teach you a knife. How about that? ”

Suddenly, it shakes up, and it sends a low voice to a man.

Young people have a slight shock, with tight eyes staring at skulls.

“I'm not called a kid. My name is Tungus. "

“Tongos? I'm dying. You want to…Do me a favor? ”Once again, the man's voice is passed in the bones.

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