439. Chapter 439

Chapter 439

“The Book of Heaven, for the sake of all things. It's the crystal of the world, the power of power. "

Big Star Pond, full tower.


The vast crystal blue tower slows the opening of six pure white leaves, like six pure white wings.

Lower the blue tower, a red old man with a crutched staff, slowed his head and looked forward to the rising golden cage at the top of the blue tower.

In that very small cage, the prisoner is the sanctuary of the destiny of this world – the prophecy of crystals.

“And in the secret, there are gods Saint, called the sacred.”

oldman slows down the lane.

“The sanctuary is the blood marrow of the world, and only when the end of the day is slaughtered will it appear and choose the trustee."

The old man stood in peace with a group of white clothed men and women.

Among these, standing in front of them is a man and a woman with a very large two-dimensional gap.

The tall one is Star Pond, the leading male star.

The short one is the big Star Pond female leader's dream.

“Master, do you see any important revelations?"The fantasy is only one millimeter tall, but it's one of the most powerful ones in the site.

She's even more influential than a source.

It's all from her strength.

She's the biggest star of Star Pond, Warrior, and no one can talk to her on equal terms, or even follow her foot.

The Great Hydrologists are sighing, turning around and watching these Warriors who come together under their own call.

“I saw the Holocaust and I saw hope. In the sacred treasure, the sacred device came. The final hope is about to wake up, which is a turning point in the fate of the world. ”

“What are we gonna do? Do you continue to collect the secret of God? ”Male chief star solemnly asked. “Please guide me to wait. ”

The master shakes his head.

“Find the pilgrims, support them, protect them and make them grow faster. Evil and darkness will not see them grow up. ”

“As to how to find them. When the darkness falls on a temporary basis, the trustee of the sanctuary of the heavens will naturally emerge. "

The Star Face is serious.

“I get it.”

“Now, go to the observation tower everywhere, and the darkness will come true and prepare for all the shocks.”The master is serious.


People respond loudly.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Lin Sheng slowed out the Demonic Spirits corridor and returned to the isolated room.

The fourth Demonic Spirits hole is basically a dump. There's not even a blade of grass grows, and all intelligent creatures were swallowed by that evil king before.

It has a clear feature in itself in the slum of Demonic Spirits. That's where the cave will automatically assemble into new Demonic Spirits.

This process is not long, and in general, there are few newborns, Demonic Spirits. And between Demonic Spirits and Demonic Spirits, and then evolved, achieving Major Demonic Spirits, General Demonic Spirits, even Marshal Demonic Spirits.

That's the natural ecological environment in the Demonic Spirits cave when Lin Sheng doesn't intervene.

But now he broke up, and the fourth Demonic Spirits hole became the logistics base for which he nurtured his subordinate.

A large number of newborns, Demonic Spirits, were sent by Lin Sheng Demonic Spirits to wash their brains and educate them from the very beginning to adhere to the fixed three-pronged vision of Prince Demonic Spirits Lin Sheng.

After having arranged these, Lin Sheng left Demonic Spirits Cave and returned to the real Rikara.

After a while of rest at the underground research centre, he quickly cleared the accumulated matters and a summary of information.

A rough summary of information is an important avenue for his rapid understanding of the situation in the world today.

‘The representative of the Dark Power, 7 Locks Tower, officially began a huge sacrifice at the heart of the Triple Evil ceremony.

Now that the first sacrifice has been successfully completed, the next two sacrifices will succeed in reaching a larger world corridor of dust and exposing a stronger presence in the dust world to reality. "

Lin Sheng sat in front of the computer, and the wrinkle looked at the message, and for seven Locks Tower, he didn't have much sense.

This most powerful darkest organization, despite his revenge, has never caused him any difficulties.

Anyway, seven Locks Tower planted himself several times in his hand.

“If the power of 7 Locks Tower is only on the surface, then their strength is not sufficient.

In any event, however, as the strongest representative of the dark forces, it is absolutely impossible for Locks Tower to have only those rankers.

If it is true that all efforts are directed against me, it is unlikely that even the present permanent Riccara will be able to resist their forces. "

Lin Sheng wrinkles continue to look down.

‘The latest news, the leader of 7 Locks Tower, the master of the tower, who has been removed from the three Secrets, is now unknown, and it should be busy running for three evil ceremony.'

‘Miga has established a defence town throughout the country, initially eleven, and Hindrikara is not among them.’

‘Xilun has also established a defensive city system in which the Temple plays an important central role.'

‘Xiling inside the territory, Redwing troops successfully withdrew and returned to their homeland. Suspected to find a special safe sea route. Xiling was liberated throughout the country, but the Black Tide disaster was even more serious. "

"The five nations of Oro have established five major defences, and have joined all defence cities to build a sunlight."

A message transmitted across a section keeps Lin Sheng informed of the new changes in the world situation today.

Other good, even if Xiling was liberated, it was in Lin Sheng's mind.

After all, the Black Tide erupted, the Redwing Army itself failed to take care of itself, even though it was invading Xiling everywhere. It's good to be able to protect yourself outside.

Just let Lin Sheng not think that there is still a way for Redwing to return safely to his homeland.

“It seems that the three big Secrets still have the bottom of their own family. It's not easy. "

Understanding outside information, Lin Sheng looked at the internal message of Hindrikara.

Today, Hindrikara, because there is an increasing number of people coming together, the population has come from more than 1.7 million, breakthrough to one hundred and ninety hundred thousand.

The size of the city has expanded to nearly one third over the previous period.

A large number of abandoned buildings, once again inhabited by a large influx of people, have a demand for life, and markets and transactions are required.

So, once again, the entire continuum of Erica has flourished and, in a short period of time, all of them have emerged from the emerging industries of sorts.

Other industries are irrelevant, but some of them are entirely founded at the heart of super-Powers, such as envoys, such as security companies.

Lin Sheng completed the information, entered the information and prepared instructions for the management of security companies by the Temple Management.

At the same time, they were allowed to develop various laws and regulations on emerging industries. In order to be legally enforceable in the event of a conflict.

The greatest key to order is justice.

Justice, however, is largely dependent on justice in civilized societies.

Lin Sheng needed a vast and peaceful social gathering that would help attract more people.

And more people are eligible to pool more Saint Force.

“It is estimated that the new Saint Force pool will soon be filled. It's time to upgrade again. "

Looking at the backlog of information, Lin Sheng repeated various submissions.

Then he got up and left the research center.

(This chapter is over)

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