440. Chapter 440

Chapter 440

Now, Hindrikara, under the massive pressure of the Temple, is under the power of the evening tower. There has been a significant increase in the strength of the pilgrims.

Almost every clergy has the most basic evil detection of innate talent.

And under the reinforcement of the evening tower, these innate talent magical evil detections evolved into sacred shocks.

The formidable power of the holy shock, even Demonic Ability Users of the wings level, has suffered a number of injuries.

And all Demonic Ability Users will be suppressed by the energy of the Temple of the Truth, and by one of their big grades in Henrikara.

That is to say, a third Wings Demonic Ability Users, coming to permanent Rikara, would be suppressed into wings and then faced with the threat of force of a large number of low-ranking clergy members on the streets.

Because there's only one Wing's low-ranking clergy in these routines, and there's evil detecting this innate talent magic.

At this time, evil detection has evolved into a sacred shock, plus formidable power amplification at the evening tower. Can all of these three Wings levels demonic Ability Users cause a lot of harm?

So this led to a strange and powerful defence system.

In Hindrikara, a large number of low-ranking pilgrims can be used at all as three Wings Demonic Ability Users.

“How many low-ranking pilgrims do you have?”Lin Sheng recalled the statistics before.

More than 36,000 people.

And this value is still growing rapidly.

“Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm whether energy pressure is effective for ranker. If ranker can repress a big grade, it's too much. ”

Lin Sheng is walking on the streets of the earth.


The number of people on the street has apparently changed, although the majority of them are extraordinary and very few ordinary people.

But it can be seen that people's confidence in environmental security is slowly rising.

How to distinguish Superman and ordinary people, it's actually easy.

Because in today's harsh environment, ordinary people do not have the power to act with caution and caution.

And those who are superior, even those who are weaker, will have relative confidence.

Besides, for Lin Sheng, the superman before him is like a torch in the night, clear and visible.

The souls of Superman are much stronger than those of the general population. So it's easy to tell.

Looking around a few corners, Lin Sheng soon came to a nice apartment hotel.

He didn't go in, just in the middle of the road, swept a look at the eighth floor of this apartment hotel.

He just met Xie Qiaoyue before he lived there.

Xie Qiaoyue was placed here after informing him of the information from Xiling.

“The rock that was previously taken from Xie Qiaoyue's hand, in the sacred water of the lab, and looked back at it and see what's useful.

And Salou, since he's still alive, has to find a time to bring people over, in any case, to follow my subordinates with loyalty. ”

Lin Sheng remembers things before he walks through the hotel and continues to move to the temple of the Huang Divine outside of the outskirts.

He came out here to upgrade the temple, not really wandering around.

Xie Qiaoyue is standing at the window of the room, looking forward to Lin Sheng, who is slowly leaving through the curtains, with a hard heart relaxed.

“Let's go. Finally…It's dangerous…Feel like the heart's coming out. ”

Since she saw Lin Sheng the previous few days, she has been in a state of fear.

Lin Sheng's power has been demonized in her heart. Now more so, as long as Lin Sheng sees it, she's got hair and pressure.

Out of the window, she looked back for some tea in the living room.

There's a deep green rock with a drop of water.

Stone only has the size of the thumb nails, but the whole crystal green, the color is very beautiful.

This thing is she's been wearing it since she was a kid, with a little hug. It was said that it was passed from grandmother's life.

Just since yesterday, this hug has come up with some kind of special anomaly.

It's starting to get hot, and it's more beautiful.

“This thing…What is it? ”

Xie Qiaoyue's wrapped up and suddenly saw the hanging inside, there was a small thing like a moon tooth.

“This is…Never showed up before? ”She put a hug in front of her eyes, close to looking at it.


Steady, hanging up the whole brightness rays of light.

Then rays of light beauty, like corn, form a sober green Rune next to Xie Qiaoyue, slowing down.

It's like a song coming from a distant place, slowing up in the room and turning back.

Soon, a mysterious and powerful wind power, turned into invisible spiritual heritage, flowing into Xie Qiaoyue's brain.

Wind servant.

One of the angels in the shadows of the heavens and the earth, at this moment, is the present.




Isaac stood on the bridge, silent around, and he was alone standing here.

Black Tide erupted, which was originally the Xiling time in the war zone.

Numerous civilians were killed and injured. The monsters in Black Tide received a large amount of blood and began to increase their volume and strength drastically.

Then the Xiling and Redwing armies were forced to defeat the festival.

So far, Redwing's last army is finally leaving the land.

Isaac touched his eyes and looked at the pure river running under the bridge.

“Oh, no human contamination, naturally becoming clearer?"He had a ridiculous mockery in his heart.

Mechanical units of the distant military have begun escorting the final logistics base of operations from the withdrawal.

This is the last team. The rest of the army has long been completely withdrawn.

And once it was completely gone, it would have been a place where the army would have guarded it, and it would have fallen completely into a garden of monsters.

At that time, Xiling, apart from several major cities, almost all other regions have become ghosts.

Population reductions reached more than 80 per cent. If not Black Tide had some scope constraints, I'm afraid the whole Xiling would fall completely and be extinguished by monsters.

“This senseless war is over.”Isaac picked out a cigarette from his shirt, lightly ignited with a fire engine, deep breath.

He smoked all the cigarettes in his breath.

After smoking, he put ashes on the river lightly. Then turn around and move towards the withdrawal of troops.


Suddenly, as heartbeat sounds, it ranged from his arms.

Isaac microstopped.

Lower head looking towards his own belt with a little jewellery.

That's his daughter's gift to him when he was born.

A little brilliant black cup.

The glass itself is the ancient Park of Oro, the look of the outside, more like sand leaks than water glasses.

But in the near future, it can be found that it really filled with a thick, transparent liquid.

I don't know what that liquid is.

Isaac was determined in a moment, and that fluid sound that just happened was coming from within this little piece of jewellery.

“What's going on?”He suspects that he was not attacked by a monster of some hallucinations.

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