441. Chapter 441

Chapter 441

Since leaving Heaven Tower, Isaac has been unable to renounce and Demonic Ability's growth has not slowed down. Power has also been steadily increasing in the army.

Now, in his region, he was cleared by Demonic Ability Users in the army before, and there should not be such a great monster.

After all, he just breakthrough to the strong Demonic Ability Users of Level. The monster that can affect Suppression Level…

Isaac had a glimmer of weight in his eyes.

He quickly understood the perimeter, while using the Pathew Psychotropic Cycle method to test himself and determine whether he was controlled by illusions.

As an expert in the field of psychology, he also has very high emotional control.

When confronted with the danger that they cannot control, it is important that no action be taken to understand the situation first.

So Isaac's standing there. Calm down and wait for the next change.


Soon, second sound heartbeat rings again.

This time, Isaac finally figured out that little jewellery glass he was wearing was undergoing a strange change.

A very unknown knowledge and information that continues to flow from the glass to his brain.

That's about the manipulation of a spacecraft called Black liquid Cup.

“Black liquid cup? God's Sacred? "Isaac suspects that he's not an eye flower, or that there's a delusional brain.

But the flow of information into the brain is not like fake.

“Well…Maybe we should find a chance to try. ”

Isaac waited a while and felt bad, and in turn started to believe that the so-called black liquid glass was real.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

The same time.

Xilun, Milton.

Adolf is stuck looking at a little pure white sword marks flowing on his back.

The trace came very suddenly. And with this trace, there is also a series of injections into his mind about the use of the sanctuary to cure the elements.

Originally his life secret, absolutely cured, has become very perverted. But now he knows that his life's secret treasure is absolutely cured, and it's actually a part of the ability to cure the element of God's sanctuary.

The angels, the strongest in the secrets of God.

Those who hold the sanctuary of God will be given some kind of superstitivity that is strong to unbelievable.

And he, get it, don't die. Don't die.

The intention is not to be killed.

God's sanctuary heals the elements that can be given to him, and it is absolutely strong enough to be close to death's super resilience and resilience.

There is also a great deal of treatment for peer injuries.

“What is this?”Adolf was already dealing with the service of the Temple, and suddenly he had a dead secret on his body, turning into a sacred instrument.

This change and shock made him somehow too late at the end of the day.

“This is not an accident.”

Suddenly, Adolf's ears ringed an old sound of silence.

“Yeah? I can pass through the Holy Mosque's strong vigilance field, directly in my ear. Who are you? ”Adolf's face changed slightly, said solemnly.

“We were almost able to meet. Too bad you gave up. ”That old voice answered.

“The Jedi is awake on you. That means something, maybe you don't understand. I'll answer for you. ”

Adolf was silent and listened to each other.

that person, since he was able not to shock anyone else, directly transmitted his voice to his ears. It is clear that there are very mysterious means of ignorance.

So, if you don't mind, listen first to him.

“Looks like you're calm, it's hard.”That sound rings again and sends a little bit of appreciation.

“My identity is the master of Big Star Pond, and you can call me a good man. Okay, don't say anything else.

I'll tell you, the God's jewellery will bring you influence and change. ”

“Please say.”Adolf, calm down.

If the other party is really Star Pond's man, then it's not very dangerous. The great Star Pond's strength, though strong, is rarely compelled to join the captain of the Dead Secret, so it's a good reputation.

“The sanctuary of God, on formidable power, reaches an unprecedented sacred place than the sacred treasure of God.

There is a strong super superpower in the possession of every single Jedi. This energy, I will call it a source. ”


“Good. World Sources. This is a powerful energy that is above any other kind of power.

So those who possess this power will be above the countless others in the first place, and they will be the pets of destiny. "

“But the power of the sanctuary of God is not comprehensive and perfect. Each of you has one of these capabilities.

Only if the full capacity is brought together will there be hope of becoming the strongest enemy. ”

Adolf's eyes up.

“What do you mean?”

“It doesn't mean anything. All things in the world, there is always a balance between the sun and the sanctuary of God is not created independently. It also responds to the catastrophe of the world. "Big Star Pond's philosopher calmly said.

“Come on, kid. While the dark forces have not found you, bring together all the other partners.

Only if you all stand together can you play the perfect power. Fight the darkness, fight evil. "

“You said the dark forces…Seven Locks Tower? "Adolf suddenly asked.

“7 Locks Tower…? No…They're about to come out through summon ceremony, and some unimaginable terrifying exists. "Kenneth answered.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Lin Sheng sat in a café in Henrikara.

Listen to the piano music that has just been broadcast with electronics. Drink hot, breathing perfumed milk coffee.

He suddenly came back to Black Tide's mistakes before he erupted.

Regrettably, however, a newest Trikara daily newspaper on the table, which clearly printed a monster attack on the city.

The great defences are facing a sea volume of monsters.

So far, all kinds of monsters have been breakthrough 100. At the highest level, six Wings monsters have emerged.

And the lowest is one Wing Super.

That is, as long as monsters appear, they are absolutely deadly for ordinary people.

It looks at the image and information analysis of the various monsters in the newspaper.

Lin Sheng drinks coffee lightly, Sophistication doesn't go to the newspaper. Just back on the chair, waiting for the full spill of the Temple Saint Force pool to emerge.

He just went to see that the big Saint Force pool could succeed in reaching a full spill.

By then, he'd better upgrade it more easily.


Suddenly, the coffee in the cup started to slow down the shock.

A circle of delicate wave tattoos continues to gather in the middle of the cup, and then rebound the turbulence.

Lin Sheng expression startled, put down the cup and stand up. Look outside the window.

Not just him, the other guests in the whole coffee room, they all come together, and the seemingly moved towards the sky.

A slightly red blue sky, far from the edge of the sky, is flowing with a vast black and evil force like the sea.

The power is fast available, transformed into countless black smoke forms a column that starts in the sky.

The black smoke column, once again, forms a twisted giant hand, and moved towards the sky opens a sharp nine fingers.



‘Ever…Ethan… ’

An unspeakable, tremendous voice, rings in the hearts of all those who see giants.

To ignore distance, to disregard human beings, to ignore power, to ignore everything…

The whole city, the whole Miga, the whole world, is shaking the sky.

Lin Sheng watched the giant hand, at least ten thousand meters long, and the eyes slipped out of cold.

“The dust world…The meditation? "

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