442. Chapter 442

Chapter 442

Temple Division.

Light Fairy Hall.

It was in the main hall of the Garden, and at this time it was sitting at the top of a permanent Riccara division.

Margaret sat on the fourth, looked up and looked at two positions in the air, and she spoke to Madlain on the side.

Campus and another professor of Benne University discussed briefly a recent discovery of monster material.

The remaining new promoters of high ranks are powerful regional patrols, all at the five Wings level. In their own closed eyes, they look at cell news.

There are also several landlords from Benne University, with the strength of the five Wings level and even six Wings. At this point, you look at the book in your hands, and there are people who have answered the message with the phone.

The people present are absolutely strong in any organization. And here they are sitting with the truth, waiting for someone.


Suddenly, the gates were reopened, and two red Warrior opened the door and left on their knees.

A man with pure white weight walked into the lobby, and under the eyes of the people, the pencil went straight to the middle seat.

“Gentlemen, what do you want to say about the huge hand that happened yesterday afternoon, is open now."

Lin Sheng concealed the sound under the armor, but more was to make people feel calm and calm.

The holy corpses of the heart are so stable, and the uppers of some of the centres in the field have stabilized.

“Whatever the history of that big hand, it will never be simple in terms of its breath. It is most likely that seven Locks Tower summon came out of the dust world leader. "Campus said solemnly.

As President Benne University, his insights and experiences go beyond the rest of the world.

“I've fought at the entrance and exit points of the dust world for three years, and I've never seen this level of presence."A newly acceded regional patrol on the other side opened the door.

the man doesn't have a name, but he's just called Purple Fire. His Demonic Ability exercise, the last means of attack, triggered a flame of formidable power, purple.

Such a flame, with a severe toxicity, will die if it is contaminated, even if it is 5 Wings Demonic Ability Users at the same level, for up to half an hour.

“Purple fire you've never reached the dust world, that's a very weird place. The boundaries between life and death are extremely blurred there.

It is reasonable that the dust world should be the world of the total deceased, but in fact there are still few living things there.

It's just these things that usually survive in the dust world, they're absolutely powerful super individuals. "Campas explained.

“was taught, but I kept my opinion.”Purple Fire Point.

“I've seen in a booklet information about that black giant, just don't know if it's true.”Madlain's on the side.

He has now regained his original strength and moved further, with the support of Saint Force, and is now a few powerful people at the 6th Wings level who are respected.

“Please say.”Lin Sheng is sitting on the spot, looking at Madlain under the helmet.

“That's it.”Madlain said resolutely, “The register has documented the strong existence of many dust worlds, one of which is known as the hands of the meditation community."

“The hand of this meditation has an extremely tenacious defence, a strong resurgence, and an insurmountable force of fear."

Madlain, every word he says, the other heights look a little harder.

“But this meditation hand, I remember not moving. It also takes a lot of summon materials, and ceremony time, to show up. "Madlain, go on.

“At the same time, the hands of the meditation will take at least one year, from the appearance to the real size of the battlefield.

So we don't have to worry about anything for now. 7 Locks Tower, even if it comes over to summon, it takes time to adapt to real constraints. "

“So you'll find a way to fight the meditation in a year?"On the other hand, a portrait with some stranger women, is ironic.

The woman was sitting in a lofty eye of the high level, wearing some ancient, non-mainstream robes.

“The challenge must be left behind, waiting for time to be moved, thus answering the answer. Isn't that a normal process? ”Madlain said solemnly.

“I have always believed in the truth that what was not initially possible would be increasingly unwilling to do over time until it was finally completely abandoned.”The woman quietly answers.

“I don't think so. Self-restraint or something, capable of learning to reach this point, should no longer be lacking. You don't look like the type of repair from a little bit of trouble, do you? "Madlain reacted immediately.

“All right. Stop. ”Lin Sheng broke the line. The more the subject is, the more the powder is.

“Our topic now is how to resolve this so-called meditation hand. Instead of meaningless internal controversy. ”

As soon as his voice came out, the rest were silent.

Lin Sheng is a saint, and he is the first person under the skies. This is accepted by whoever.

So he had an absolute veto, because he represented Tianxia.

“can be sealed. Lord Sacred. "The woman who speaks irony Madlain, goes on. "I have previously asked for information that the former famous seal, one of the bloodline, the bloodline of the Tibetan family, has joined our temple and become a saint. So I suggest that a seal can be attempted. ”

“Blood sealed?”Lin Sheng understands her thoughts.

“It is clear that it is unrealistic to rely solely on a person to seal it, but we can use it as a splinter to design the French ceremony that maximizes the capacity to seal it.”A woman explains.

People hear here, and they feel feasible, and they interact with each other loudly.

Lin Sheng thought that if the Frente de la Francophonie was to be empowered and complemented with other ceremony, it might really be possible to achieve the purpose of sealing.

“After that, let the people of the Pentagon come to me."Lin Sheng said solemnly.

“Listen to your instructions.”A woman's head.

“Now, adjournment.”Lin Sheng indifferently said.

There are plenty of voices, all of them left.

Lin Sheng moved towards that woman, who also indicated that Margaret was staying.

Margaret is the most convenient of the new saint who administers members of the Temple and finds her with knowledge of the family.

About 10 minutes later.

Lin Sheng met with the last descendants of the tribe, Soya, under the arrangements of Margaret and that woman's senior rank in the Chamber of Lords.

Soya, wearing a white robe marked by a low-ranking saint, wearing a freshgolden identity card in front of his chest, carrying white bandages on his arm, seems to have been injured for a very long time.

As soon as she enters the door, she looks at the end of her seat, Lin Sheng.

The other side is also one of the highest rulers in the current history of permanent Rikara, Sacred.

“I don't know why Lord Saints called me here."Although the heart has been speculated, Soya still pretends to be unaware of Lin Sheng.

“Is that you who let Elviria speak at the meeting?"Lin Sheng said nothing.

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