Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 443

443. Chapter 443

Chapter 443

Soya pupils shrank, silent, Lin Sheng's reaction made her uncomfortable and almost broken.

Yes, she does want to do what she can to exchange interests so that Elviria, who is a high altar, can speak to her, so that she can enter a high vision.

It's just that I didn't expect it to happen when I met, and it was broken by the holy acquaintance.

“You're laughing.”One minute later, she turned down.

“There is no need to refute. I don't care what your purpose is, about that giant arm that happened, your seal capacity, can you seal it? "Lin Sheng only cares about results.

“It is possible to do so if there is a temple to cooperate fully and to find at least five more sealed bloodline like me.”Soya answered.


“Pay us all the blood we can use, and then at least a year's rest."Soya answered.

“Understood, can you write the concrete steps and processes that are needed?”

“Of course you can.”

The conversation has also been very transparent here.

Lin Sheng has not been delayed, and then Soya will be allowed to go back and continue his previous work.

And he himself started preparing to enter the fifth Demonic Spirits hole.

This is the last of all the holes that can be found now. Because of the fourth hole in the front, he was slaughtered for years by that guy called the Devil King, and there was no way to find the books left behind.

So Lin Sheng was basically found in the rest of the Demonic Spirits hole.

It's just this hole is a little distant, and it takes longer to prepare.

Lin Sheng didn't actually intend to go past, and after all four Demonic Spirits holes, it was, in a sense, enough for him to swallow Demonic Spirits on a daily basis, and to close up.

But just yesterday, that giant black arm, a little stimulus to him.

In such a dangerous era of chaos, the new moon of external change is different, and once progress is stopped, it will be overtaken by others. Then he was chased, overtaken, eventually defeated.

So swallowed more Demonic Spirits and made bigger souls for summon to be stronger. Raise more power.

That's what Lin Sheng wants to achieve.

As for that giant hand, if the other side does not come to provoke him, the wells do not commit the river.

Lin Sheng has never had a life-saving mentality, nor has he been lazy enough to ignore his own business.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…


Adolf sat faithfully on the bench of the Temple headquarters, closing his eyes on Saint Light in his heart.

On the prayer table, a tall silhouette with a full robe, suddenly stopped to lead people.

“Well, today's prayer is here."That silhouette said solemnly.

“It's over. Is that too fast?”

“It feels too fast, and every time it takes to screen for a long time to determine the hands of those who enter the Temple Headquarters prayer."

“We pay so much every time…”

A group of non-staff members who came to pray began to complain about the value of the complaints.

They are rich people everywhere in Xilun who spend a lot of money to come to pray, and come here to get close access to the purification field of the Temple. This has resulted in the purpose of purifying its own illness.

Adolf is deaf to and around the sound, and he is still silent in prayer. Until everyone else leaves.

There's only one left in the scene soon.

Just no one knows that old voice before, it's still ringing in his ear.

“What are you gonna do? The hand of the meditation is in the present world, and the temple of evil will soon come. The only thing that is about to come now is that the pioneer swimming the devil Faroudo. But this is no longer what our people can do.

The three big secrets are good, and other organizations are far from dealing with Faroudo. ”

The old man who calls himself the Big Star Pond, continues to speak in Adolf's ears.

Adolf said nothing but pray to the end, as usual, and then practise Saint Force once again until the sun is about to fall west before moving towards his own home.

Under the night screen, a lonely lightlight shines down.

He walked slowly on his way back.

“In fact, don't say Faroudo, the pioneer of the temple of evil, even if it's just 7 Locks Tower. Nor are you able to resist.

You still decided to stay with the Temple? Maybe Big Star Pond hides it, avoids the erosion of the darkness, which is your best option. "Once again, the Hypocrites say:

Adolf didn't say anything. Still, as we have not heard, we are slowing down.

“The forces of darkness cannot be resisted and are not comparable to those of individual organizations. Actually, you haven't had a choice. Don't you? ”Kenneth calmly said.

“Yeah…I did not have a choice. ”Adolf finally slowed down and stood under a light.

“I just want to finally enjoy the good time of the Temple.”His face is calm, and he gradually emerges from a clear comprehension.

“So, are you choosing to evade, or are you looking for other spacecraft holders?”And the Hyun said, "If you choose to find out, then I will help and guide you. ”

“Then find someone else.”Adolf indifferently said.

“as you wish.”The Hydron replied that he couldn't help but bring a smile.

He didn't look wrong.

At the end of the crisis, it was the most easy to see a person's integrity.

The reason he chose Adolf was because of the fact that Adolf was the most likely person to be a convergent among the holders of all the spacecraft.

Consider everything, Adolf made the final decision.

He doesn't want to be a temple, and under the words of the Hygiene, the dark forces are enormous, far from being a 7 Locks Tower.

So his only choice is to leave.

Leave this place where he was born and grew up.

Even though he's very good, there's no way.

Adolf lifts his feet and goes ahead and leaves the lights to shine.

“Adolf."Suddenly there was a voice behind him screaming.

In the darkness of the back, I wonder when a lazy silhouette emerges.

It's King of Night.

He came out for a walk!

After praying, few King of Night, who left the Temple Headquarters, actually came out for a walk?

Adolf opened his eyes for a while and dumbfounded didn't react.

King of Night, wearing a set of pink bears who don't know where to go from, bite a meat in his mouth, and two big feet drag people in, and that's how to show up in front of him under the light of the lights.

“Good evening, Your Highness.”Adolf had a little bow.

“Adolf."King of Night's handsome face is rarely serious. "Heart, what you need is not prayer. It's a decision. ”

“Yes, Your Highness.”Adolf deserves to.

“Remember, whatever decision you make. The temple behind you, your teacher behind you. Don't be afraid. ”King of Night seems to have a profound reminder.

“Thank you for the reminder.”Adolf was silent, slightest bowling from King of Night's side.

His Highness King of Night made him more firm in his decision not to exhaust the Temple.

He can't delay any more time. We have to get out of here as soon as possible. Otherwise, there will be an attack on the temple of evil. It's too late to regret that.

The two were wrong. Adolf is not conscious of accelerating his feet, moving towards his own home.

“Adolf…"And then King of Night's voice came over again.

“Your Highness, please tell the teacher. Don't worry about him, disciple will never let him down. ”Nor did Adolf return, chop nails and sever Iron.

“…"King of Night did not answer. Just turn around and watch Adolf go swiftly.

He saw that Adolf was in a state of absence at the time of prayer.

Then he'll follow out and see what happened to this little guy.

Just let him not think about it. Adolf seems to have taken care of it.

“One of them grew up…"He sighs.

Since Adolf himself has his own decision. So what he can do is trust each other.

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