Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 444

444. Chapter 444

Chapter 444

Next day, 9:00 a.m.

Miga Henrikara.

Lin Sheng, who was about to bury his legs in the Demonic Spirits Gate, suddenly stopped.

A spiritual message from a distant Xilun has allowed him to stop all his actions for a while. The hearts flourish out of chaos and disbelief.

“Adolf? betrayed? ”

The moment he gets this message, his first reaction is disbelief.

Adolf, as his closest disciple and assistant, has always been, has absolutely no doubt about his loyalty to the Temple.

How many secrets does the Temple have without Adolf's men? He can be said to be one of the most central people in the entire temple system.

And now, the Temple headquarters told him that Adolf had betrayed him?

Cardula's voice was also echoed in the message.

“Adolf also left a letter in which he stated that he did not want to remain in the temple for any more suffering and had not benefited in any way. He intends to leave to find greater opportunities and opportunities. ”

“This is ridiculous!"Lin Sheng said chilly.

Although Cardula across the side can feel his own emotional reaction from his spiritual link. But Lin Sheng still made a sound.

“Needless to ignore the letter he left, his Adolf has been my disciple Lin Sheng since joining the Temple.

A number of successive successes have been built and too much has been paid for logistical security throughout the Holy Mosque. So whatever he left, he left a message.

Man, find it first. Then bring it back to tight guards. Whatever he has to say, he's all the people of the Temple. ”Lin Sheng said coldy.

“Understand.”Cardula swiftly responded. “Well, there's one more thing, maybe you don't know about it. ”

“What is it?”Lin Sheng wrinkles.

Adolf's leaving home is already a troublesome thing. Now there's something else.

Cardula didn't care about that much, but first he put a brain on Lin Sheng.

The spiritual message is extremely efficient, a few seconds later.

“Big Star Pond? God's Sacred? "Lin Sheng looked at the information that came in, and his heart actually believed in half.

Cardula is the top man of the Intelligence Department. Naturally, no real fake message will be transmitted to the body.

So Lin Sheng has a lot of control, and this message is true.

“Are you sure Adolf was voluntary? Any contact with Star Pond? "Lin Sheng asked again.

“This is not true, but it is basically certain that Adolf's words are not unusual in peace. Things continue to be his style.

Perhaps for some particular reason, he was prompted to take this decision. ”Cardula explained.

Lin Sheng stood in front of the Demonic Spirits Gate and stopped for a while before he resumed.

“Whatever decision he has taken, he remains one of the heart of the Temple. But since he decided to break in alone, then give him his experience. "


“Anything else?”

“No, big brother, go ahead. Remember not to be too tired to hurt your body. ”Cardula cares.

“I will.”

Lin Sheng stepped up, his body quickly fainted and entered the molten state of chaos.


He walked into the Demonic Spirits Gate, and his body disappeared instantly.



Almost the same time.

At this moment, the voices of Star Pond's masters have been heard, far from all over the world.

Xie Qiaoyue, Isaac, Adolf, just three of them.

In many invisible corners that cannot be touched, there are more spacecraft holders.

And they all come together under the guidance of the Hypocritists, moving towards a direction.


The sea slowed down on the beach, then withdrew, leaving a dark trace on the beach.

Tugus handles a bone knife, and then the continuously moving towards the sea goes ahead.

He likes knives, like some people who are natural and like to play. And some people, born like exploring research.

He just liked the knife.

“1171, 1172, 1173, 1174…”

Tugus, take a look at the counts, you know, all over the muscle bandages. Very good rhythm.

“Take a breath, hold the rhythm. Correct heartbeat. ”The skull passed a boring sound into the mind of Tugus.

He has a slight head and continues to count, but the body has again begun to adjust as it says.

“You have the limits of humankind, breakthrough the limits, and you're going to lose lifespan. You know, natural lifespan of every creature, actually decided from the beginning. ”

“A machine, calculated from its material lifespan, can know the biggest lifespan it can use. The more you use, the shorter lifespan.

So is the machine, and the creatures are the same. Just the only difference in life is that we can replace that part of lifespan's body through our own efforts. ”

The sound in the skull goes on.

“If you want to break through the limit, you have to solve the dilemma of impairment of lifespan.”

Tongos is silent, still practicing on the one hand, but interacting with that voice in the skull.

“So, how should I solve lifespan?”

“Either to upgrade its own body or to replace it completely. Tongos, I'll be gone in two days.

Remember my words, after I disappear, make your blood shine every day this bone knife. Keep it 100 days later, you'll get me a little present for you. ”The sound of the bone knife.

“I'll avenge you.”Tongos indifferently said.

The voice in the skull heard that, but laughed at it.

“No need. I'm not a good life. I've done so much evil in my life. I don't need you to avenge me. As long as you pass my strength, my bloodline, pass it down. That's my biggest reward. ”

“I will.”Tugus responded carefully.


Suddenly, in the water on the right side, a wave of waves was overturned.

One or two tall black lobster pointing out, and two open eyes are constantly twisting to see all around.

After seeing Tugus standing by the beach, this giant Black Dragon shrimp spit in his mouth and crawl all the way.


It lifts up a bunch of giant lobster squirrels, going down next.

“See? Cut him out! "The light will pass away!”

Tongus's ear rings the voice of the bone knife.

He's breathing fast, heartbeat accelerates, and the blood is accelerating.

How talented he was, how powerful he was, what was before was just a regular knife, or a dirty gunman or something.

It's the first time that this Black Tide monster is really alone.

He had a blank in his head, but in his hand he was able to follow the memories of the past.

Pull the knife, move forward, cut it!


white's bone knife, one brake, cut the shrimp halfway through the body.

“Find out for everything, the light between those links. That's the most appropriate knife for you. ”The sound of calmly said in the skull.

Tugus stayed and watched himself fall in front of a big lobster, and some couldn't believe it was done by themselves.

“Come on, you'll do better.”The evil king in the skull said with a smile.

It's just that it's not that easy to avenge him.

And suddenly he remembered the day when he sat on the top of the bone hill. There's a lot of Saint Force coming out of silhouette like the ocean.

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