Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 445

445. Chapter 445 Note 1

Chapter 445 Note 1

Fifth Demonic Spirits hole.

Li Sheng stood quietly on a rock that he manipulated, floating on the surface and not moving.

“This is the fifth Demonic Spirits hole?"He didn't wait for his men to come in and find out, and he entered here for the first time.

Just didn't think that after entering, the situation here would be the ocean.

“Why is this water brown?"Lin Sheng wrinkled and looked at the turbulent water under his eyes.

The light water quality looks unusual, but it accumulates much, and the entire sea water becomes brown.

He's got a deep breath in his nose that smells freshness, and he's got some kind of weird scent.

That smells bad, and it spreads from far away.

Lin Sheng thought about it, lift your hands, take it easy.

He's beneath his feet a metre of diameter stone, bending up, and all the edges are bending up and forming a strange ship type.

In the surrounding air, all kinds of dust contained in seawater are, as much as possible, led by Lin Sheng's bloodline forces and integrated into stones beneath his feet.

Soon, less than a dozen seconds, the rocks beneath Lin Sheng's feet became a bigger rubber ship.

The gravity of the rocks vessel is thick, but it is a multi-dimensional structure that Lin Sheng deliberately made, which facilitates increased buoy.

Be a good rock ship, Lin Sheng's knee, take a nap to the balance of the ship, and in a few minutes, he thoroughly takes care of the details of the stone ship, which leads to look for far away.

all around the sea is an endless howl.

“This Demonic Spirits hole doesn't know how big it is. Let's go one way and try it. ”Lin Sheng grows down, manipulating rocks to form a spiral in the back of the rocks.


Rock shatters are manipulated by Rock Dragon Bloodline, switching rapidly and spreading large amounts of sea water.

Big push. Take the rocks to the front.

Lin Sheng sat on the boat, picked up a little bit of all around the rocks, added a fence on both sides of the rocks, and then added a shield to the front.

Soon, rocks have evolved from a simple version to a completely closed structure similar to the first half of the rocket head.

Lin Sheng left a ring observation sink in front of the right, where he could sit through this observation sink and see the vivid landscape in front of the outside.

“Unfortunately, my Rock Dragon Bloodline's ability to manipulate rocks is too rough. And here is the surface of the sea, and only dust and water can be extracted from the air and the water to regroup rocks.

If purely refined from the rocks and controlled some of the purely high crystal components, it would be perfectly possible to produce an observation window for the stone ship. "

Lin Sheng has no regrets.

Simple stones have reached the limit and cannot be given any more leniency.

Half sealed ships fly fast in the brown sea. A great deal of sea water was blown apart, spilled up, then dissolved in the middle of the sky.

The rocks are on the highway, dragging out a long white coach.

Large areas are fast crossing Lin Sheng.

He works very carefully.

Because Rock Dragon Bloodline is too powerful to lead to all actions that must be done in detail.

Otherwise, it would be excessively operational and would lead to uneven use, and the ship's body and the spiral would immediately break apart.

Time slows down.

Ten minutes passed, 20 minutes passed.

Until half an hour later. Lin Sheng is still sitting on the boat and looking forward to the sea without the edge.

There's nothing ahead.

“At my rate now, more than half an hour to get out of the way, thousands of kilometres away. I still can't see any land. ”

Lin Sheng controls the ship slowly, slowly stops and floats over the sea.

The sea waves are spreading, and the rocks are constantly shaking.

Lin Sheng stood up and went down the fence.

“Can't it be the key here, seabed?”

He started to control dust on his body and formed a sealed rock armor.

All sealed rock armor will replace the diving suit, let him sink his pencil straight, and go to seabed and see what's going on.

This gathering, Lin Sheng, has deliberately plunged dust on deck in order to sink a little easier. This has led to a significant increase in the amount of armor.

Soon, a man with a two-metre tall shepherd of rock nails appeared on the rocks.

With a spirit of conservation of rocks, Lin Sheng's Sophistication controls the rock of the rocks ship, which has been transformed into liquidity and integrated into itself.

Without a boat, he shook lightly and fell into the sea.

Lin Sheng is in the armor helmet, and he's using Demonic Ability as a crystal, as a cover mirror.

From the Green Demonic Ability crystal, Lin Sheng can see clearly the various landscapes around him.

All around grey when we just got into the water, it's clear. Light light. I don't know where the light comes from.

Lin Sheng looked up and looked up at the surface, and then swept around. The surrounding is an empty turbulence, with nothing clean.

No fish, no shrimp, even algae. This ocean is clean like being highly filtered.

“It's a problem with this ocean water.”

Lin Sheng was more vigilant in his heart and left the stone to sink with him.

Soon, not long ago, as the distance from the sea is getting closer, all around the light is getting dark and gradually, and the perimeter is beginning to turn into a very broad environment similar to the night.

An incredible depression flowing into Lin Sheng's heart.

I can't see where the end of the sink is, and I don't know where there's an unknown danger.

These two feelings, let Lin Sheng's heart rise up and get the crap up.

He didn't panic, because it was a condition that belonged to biomass. But it's not good to be in this state for a long time.

So he must resolve the status quo as soon as possible.

Stone continues to sink with him, turning around for more than ten minutes.

There's no half-light around.

Lin Sheng feels like he's lost in the dark, and I don't know if he's still moving.

The physical perception is based on changes in the surrounding environment as a reference.

If the environment remains unchanged, the organism itself will also have a sense disorder.

It's just that he stayed silent in unlimited darkness, about four sides down there, all of which were not able to see the end of the dark. It is impossible to identify whether or not it is still moving.

terrifying's tremendous water pressure is still working on his rocks everywhere.

If Demonic Ability was not supported by an internal crystal defence system, this hasty stone would have collapsed.

Time doesn't feel moving anymore.

Lin Sheng is lazy enough to count how long he's sinking.

More than 10 minutes after that.

Finally, there's a great deep stone door down there.

The stone door is floating in the dark half of the sky, static. The doors are filled with a wide range of animal monsters without count.

all kinds and sorts of animal flowers, bird stamps, or some monster pictures of unknown names. All the flower tattoos and maps are slight in the darkness with grey fluorescent.

Lin Sheng manipulates himself, slowly slows down, stops and leaves a level line.

“It is true that the key here is seabed. No wonder I'm not moving here on the sea. "

He approached the structure of the stone door.

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