446. Chapter 446 Note 2

Chapter 446 Note 2

The whole stone door, with the exception of a lot of children painting the same animal flowers on the door, is a little bit pale. On the edge of the margin, there are similar language formulations for overlapping flowers.


Lin Sheng gave up his fingers and knocked on the door.


The odd thing is that he didn't have much power at all, so this door shakes itself and starts slowly.

Lin Sheng, keep an eye on the rocks that are slowly opening.

He's trying to manipulate this stone door.

Theoretically, as long as it's rock mud, he can control it. But a powerful barrier made it impossible for him to control the situation in the stone sector at all.

The silent room, the stone door, after he screamed lightly, finally opened it automatically and revealed a dark and silent tunnel inside it.

Lin Sheng was standing in front of the door, looking like two worlds outside the door, and large amounts of sea water outside the door were blocked and prevented from entering.

It's like there's an invisible hidden barrier, and it's on the edge of the door.

Lin Sheng didn't hesitate to step up his legs and walk into the stone door.

Behind the stone door is a dry water environment. A passage goes down and extends beyond knowing how far it is.

Lin Sheng swept up the front of his eyes, where the road was on the wall, and he was sculpturing a dark, dark, weird dragon.

Dragon, an extremely special presence among the dragons.

They're not dragons, but they're more like dragons.

Because of their own strength and their loyalty to the dragons, they are often used as caretakers of the secret places of the dragons.


The black sculpture slowly opened its eyes and looked down at Lin Sheng.

Well, it seems to be checking what, suspending everything.

Soon, the dragon recovered the original sample, just like a real sculpture.

“Have you identified Rock Dragon Bloodline on me?"Lin Sheng guess.

Enter from the stone door, and there is no huge seawater pressure around. The air is also dry and warm, just like leaving seabed and going to a dry cave on the ground.

Lin Sheng stepped up and went down the road.

Soon, the passage is finally at the end.

At the end of the day, it was a vast and empty lobby.

In the lobby, a giant white bone monster, standing down, opening his mouth and moving.

The big mouth of this monster is, of course, another new entrance.

Lin Sheng looked far away at that monster and suddenly felt the bone and body of this guy very familiar.

“Dragon?"He suddenly reacted.

This giant skeleton bone, the backbone is a giant dragon down the ground.

giant dragon's mouth is open, and it's going to be a new unknown place.

“That's right, cute boy.”

Suddenly, a blurred woman screamed behind Lin Sheng.

He was creepy, steep out a few steps, and lightning turned around, and that was what looked for for for for.

At his original location, a blonde woman with a long black skirt was standing up.

With a gentle smile on women's faces, beautiful faces are hidden in a dead air, deep eyes and dark skins.

Except for the good shape and the brilliant blonde, the woman seems to be slowly losing her beautiful money.

“My child. Don't be afraid. This is the destination of the dragons. It's a secret place that belongs to the dragons. ”Girl Wind Road.

“Who are you?”Lin Sheng, chill.

“I am the wife of the Dragon, who was detained here for having committed some kind of error."Woman said with a slight smile.

“The Dragon Dragon…"Lin Sheng's heart gets more vigilant. The other side has no cover for self-introduction, which is only two possibilities.

Either the other side has no interest in his power or the woman does have good faith in him.

“Don't be afraid…You can come here, and you're the summon of the dragons' instincts. "The sinister said with a slight smile.

“Maximum summon?"Lin Sheng repeat, “So, what can I get here?"

The sinners did not answer immediately, but turned around and took a gentle leg.

“Follow me.”

Her silhouette suddenly faded away and turned her eyes on the side of that dragon bone.

“Who is it?”Lin Sheng follow closely from behind, on the side of the sinister mother.

“It's an idiot who tried to get out of prison sooner or later."The Virgin of the Dragon replied diligently.

“Come with me, too long I haven't seen the same people, something to show you.”She turned her head to the big mouth of the dragon bone.

The eyes under the Lin Sheng Stone were slightly moving, followed by closely from behind.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

The rain, like the same basin, pours water out of the sky.

The ancient city of Oro, Kinsas, is now on the rise of a year's physical festival.

You're wearing black's clothes, dancing in the rain, yelling out loud, spreading all the complacency and indignation that have been accumulated for a year.

it's pretty crazy about the holidays in normally, and this year it's getting more crazier.

Perhaps it was because Black Tide came, which led to too much stress in people's minds. A lot of people are crying on their knees and seem to remember the loved ones who were killed.

The city is at the top of an old water tower.

The moon is wearing a thick big red tent, with a complete silver white armor. And there's a purple flower in your hand.

“Ready?”He kept asking.

“Everything is ready. The second ceremony, which can be carried out and launched at any time. ”The voices of the men under the subordinate are transmitted back there.

“That's good.”"Who is the protective organisation here?"

“Return to the master of the tower, which is the Lorenz family, we have infiltrated and fully controlled this family. Please be assured. ”Voices from behind them quickly answered.

“That's good…”Light up the flowers in your hands and throw them down.

Purple red's petals were dispersed in the middle of the sky and disbanded by heavy rains.


All the petals are flammable, burning black ashes.

The rain continues to affect hua hua, covering the entire ancient city.

There are at least one third of the people in the whole city, and they are spreading their emotions in the rain.

The ground is poured into the rain, and the ankles can be drowned. The whole city became like a huge water harvest.

And on the edge of the water, a giant snake phantom of red is slowing along the edge of the water, quietly turning into countless blood, swimming towards everyone in the rain.

No one found the difference, too much pressure, and the demonic Ability Users in the city were unable to feel the danger.

Progressive, red blood drills into every one of those who spill in the rain.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

A boring drum, a sudden blast over the ancient city.

The drums are very clear and even contain the Hua hua voice of the rain.

People in the rain were already in a state of emotional eruption, and at that time they were being accompanied by drums, and they were becoming more dramatic.

Their actions are becoming increasingly exaggerated and intense.

Some people even started to use crazy heads to hit the walls and the ground around.

There are also people digging their throats with bitter fingers.

More people are singing their limbs and crying on their knees. Their eyes slowed out of blood and melted into the rain of the sky.

People are getting more crazy and more nervous.

With the rain falling, the crazy people began to spill black blood out of their seven know-how, and the blood was dispersed by the rain and integrated into the huge water beneath their feet.

“done.”The moon is happy to show a smile.

“The ceremony can only be formally held with the care of the master of the tower.”The man behind said solemnly.

“Let's go. To complete the third ceremony. ”The month ended by looking at the ancient city of blood color, turning the moved towards departure.

The rain on his head cannot fall on his tent, and he is like walking under the clear sun, warm and dry.

Turn his silhouette in the rain.

And as he disappears. All the people of the ancient city are slowly dignified, disappearing in the rain.

They just screamed out here. And now, there's no more noise in the entire ancient city.

Only the rain brushes the earth's voice.

(This chapter is over)

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