447. Chapter 447 Note 3

Chapter 447 Note 3

Fifth Demonic Spirits hole.

Lin Sheng walked into the big mouth of the dragon bone with her wife.

It's another deep tunnel in the mouth. Two people left for more than ten minutes before reaching the second new place.

There are different bones all over here. There are also sporadic yellow stones on the ground, spreading soft and rays of light.

But removing these, let Lin Sheng be more concerned, is a huge coffin that has been placed here.

“Welcome to the dragon cemetery.”The sinners in front of them slowly turned around and smiled at him.

“Dragon tomb?"Lin Sheng watched that giant coffin with at least 10 metres long, "Which means that all those sleeping in it are dragons?"

“Naturally. But sleeping here is not their body. It's their will. ”The sinners smiled and answered.

“I just unintentionally entered here, unintentionally disturbing the will to sleep here.”Lin Sheng is serious.

He has already dispersed his soul from these coffins, and he has felt that this place and the dragons have a great deal of relationship.

“Don't rush…”The sinners smile. “It would have been your chance to get in here. If you can get recognition from the dragons' pioneers, then you'll get a breakthrough of your own limits. "

“breakthrough his own limits?”Lin Sheng's heart. "It's hard. Is it breakthrough's limit to his own personality? ”

“Yes. It is only breakthrough personality that it is possible to raise itself to a level that cannot be touched upon by a whole race. ”The Dragon Mother calmly said.

“Is every dragon entitled to a test?”Lin Sheng asked again.

“Yes. Each of the same communities will be able to accept a cemetery baptism for a lifetime. ”The Virgin of the Dragon replied briefly. "Of course, in order to test the descendants, the dragon cemetery has different hierarchical incentives. "

“Examination?”Lin Sheng has a heart. If he says at first, he suspects that he was in trouble in the Demonic Spirits cave.

But now he can feel that in the vast coffins around it, the source is spreading the material pressure of depression to the outside.

“Well, good luck.”The sinners slowed down and stood on the side.

Lin Sheng faced these huge coffins alone, a total of 13 coffins, which seemed to have some particular meaning.

Time is gone.


Suddenly, a lake coffin crack came out of a little transparent blue light.

The blue light suddenly turned into a half-body of dragons, and the second half was a faint presence of light fog.

“Question:Your ideal."

Lin Sheng's face remains unchanged and looks at this faded Blue Dragon, even if it's just a state of souls, it's a lot bigger than he is.

“Ideally? Guarantee the safety of the family in a dark world. ”Lin Sheng responded frankly.


The second dragon shadow came out of the coffin.

This time, it's a coronary dragon soul, but there's also a sharp bone stab in the back.

“Question:Your limit.”

Lin Sheng.

“My limit…”Silence, he shakes his head. “I don't have limits. ”

The answer is not just to avoid the weight. But Lin Sheng is telling the truth, so he also ignores the red dragon shadow.

Red Dragon is just frowned.

Soon the third film of the dragon came out, and it was a pure-white colored ice dragon with transparent wings.

a The path of or simplicity, or the problem of drilling, continues to be read from these dragons' souls,

Lin Sheng one after another was allowed to cope, and the answer might not satisfy everyone, but his attitude was at least not to give rise to a sense of disgrace.

As time passes, the problems raised by the dragons begin to require careful reflection in order to continue.

“Question:Which one will you choose if you want to kill a very important presence?”

A psychotic old gray giant dragon, calmly speaking of his problems.

“Is there a vital presence?”Lin Sheng is not a autonomous association that remembers his family.

“I'll kill someone who let me kill.”Lin Sheng's face is calm.

“Ask, how do you distinguish and control one pleases and the unbearable satisfaction desires?"A plastic fibre, purple long neck dragon in Yua, with a silent fan moving behind the back of a transparent wing.

“The key is restraint.”

“Question:Do you think that there should be no force in the world to suppress all high organisms?”

“I'm sorry, I've never seen a tall creature.”

“Question:Why the bloodline?”

“The continuation of ethnic groups, the print of history, the brand of fate."

“Question:What is the responsibility?”

“has to live up to its obligations.”

“Ask, why is the kingdom?"

“…"Lin Sheng suddenly stopped and watched this dragon's soul.

He was surrounded by a lot of dragon souls at this time, but he still gave him a very familiar feeling.

Because it's a faint, skinny old rock dragon.

He watched Lin Sheng in peace. Wait for his answer.

“The king…I'm not king, this question cannot be answered. ”Lin Sheng refused to answer.

“Since you're not king, where's the crown crystal on you?"The old dragon's eyes are deep.

Lin Sheng suddenly remembered the sudden appearance of the collision on his own, and suspected of crystal crystal.

“That's a long man to send.”He answered.

Old Dragon has a slight shake.

“You use it, it'll be your hope.”

“What do you mean?”Lin Sheng slightly frowned.

The old dragon loose on the face of a smile.

“Your destiny is linked to the existence of certain fate that has disappeared.”

“Fate is established?”Lin Sheng wrinkles, "I never believe in it."

“No…There's never been any destiny. Every soul of us, every moment, is creating its own destiny. ”Old Dragon calmly said.

“You just create your own destiny, and you create more of it. It's gonna be brand-new. And your responsibility. ”

Lin Sheng hates the rhythm of this goddess.

What fate, what responsibility, what kind of arrangement, what kind of arrangement, that's all, don't try and get home to wash up and do everything.

“I do what I want to do. No one wants to control me! ”He had a good eye, a word stopped.

“You'll go, that's your life. It can't change, it's already arranged for all tracks. ”The old dragon shakes his head. “Unless…You give the royal crystal back to the dragons… "


Lin Sheng caught the old dragon's chest hard. The vast chaos of the spirits rushed into the old dragon's soul in the body.

“You know everything, so now? Do you know you're gonna die soon? ”He's approaching a step towards the cold track.

The old dragon had no idea that Lin Sheng would suddenly start, the most fearful of his pure soul was this chaos, which Lin Sheng had captured, and he was shaking like a screen.

“Let it go!”

“Lower two feet, let go of copper feathers!"

“impudent! Stop it! ”

There was a storm of quiet dragons around. It's not what they've arranged!

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