448. Chapter 448

Chapter 448

black's fog turned into circles, spreading out of a dragon's soul.

Throughout the giant underground cemetery, the walls began to climb crazingly and climb up a lot of purple.

Fujima spreads upwards, and the end opens a flower burning purple flames.

This is a particular situation that belongs to the tomb alone.

All purple flame flowers disperse a strong intangible gas.

This gas is a powerful drug that can poison giant dragon or even some of the re-energically powerful monsters.

Just a dozen seconds later, the whole dragon cemetery became a poisonous and deadly nest.

Lin Sheng stood alone in the middle of a bunch of dragons.

His body, although high in humans, can only be small. These dragons are much bigger than him.

But the old rock dragon was stabbed into his chest by his hands, and his soul constituted the body, and the source was being eroded by the constant chaos of grey souls.

For any kind of soul, chaos from Utmost Spirit Sea are among the strongest poisons.

When Lin Sheng first approached, it was also due to the isolation and purification of Saint Force that allowed a slight intrusion of chaos into the soul as a means of purifying its own physical qualities.

Even now, he would not dare to allow mass infiltration by chaos. And just think of it as a toxin weapon, leading the attackers.

“You…You… ”Old Rock Dragons are shaking, barely talking.

They just watched the mysterious crown crystal on Lin Sheng. But I didn't think that the man was not the ordinary creatures that they had neglected before.

“I can feel that your malicious…No cover, no cover, they're like the rubber in the snow, and they wake up to the polar! "

Lin Sheng's eyes are cold.


He had a hard hand.



Old Rock Dragon's body is steep like a fragmentation, blowing off the perimeter.

A loud giant dragon screamed, blowing back in a dragon tomb.

“No! Copper feathers! "

A giant dragon, like diamonds, is coming around to Lin Sheng.

At the same time, there were two other dragons, pointing from the remaining two directions towards Lin Sheng.

They had to take the first time to take this guy who dared to trample the dragon cemetery.

“I'm gonna rip your soul into $10,000! Throw it on the ground of the dragon cemetery, and let the worms eat day and day! "

The blonde dragon grows crazy, and then spies around a black beast like python.

All the dragons roam and fight for Lin Sheng, and crush him all the way.

Each of these black dragons is more than half a metre thick, and the body covers as hard as steel. The eyes shine on the dark blue fluorescent.

Attacks in various directions made Lin Sheng slight for the first time.

This is not the common Demonic Ability Users offensive, nor the Demonic Spirits, which he restrained.

All the dragons in the cemetery, including the sinners, are used in the strongest hemorrhoeal energy they had ever had.

It's the immortality of the bloodline.

At the same time, there were more than four types of leukemia that could attack him. All the power of power has even reached ranker level.

Just for a moment, Lin Sheng reached the most critical moment.

He has a real battle force of his own, up to the general ranker level. In the face of such difficulties, almost a moment has come into a deadly situation.

But he didn't regret it.

From the moment when these dragons are felt to refer to the crystal of the kingdom, a moment of malicion has been released. From that moment on, he decisively decided to do it first and to kill an old dragon soul first.

It turns out he's right. Let's get to the point where the other side has the strength to say.

As for the situation of crisis, if it were to be made impossible, the summon force used by his summon would be brought together.

Although a little hurt, it's enough to cope with all the situations.

black dragon's bite, the impact of diamonds giant dragon, and the two other dragons' souls manipulate a red blue blueprint that distorts space.

Four different kinds of powerful offensive, surrounded by Lin Sheng from four sides, are on the right track.

He was in despair almost a moment.

“The dawn refits!”

Lin Sheng realizes like electricity, the first time the defense starts.

Cleaner Saint Light came down from his head, and he quickly came up with a full set of heavy and solid white armor.

“Demonic Ability crystal wall!"

Demonic Ability, which reached the level of the suppression Level, was swiftly transformed into crystal barrier, all over him.

“Half-dragon, rocks!”The powerful isolated energy belonging to Rock Dragon Bloodline is also launched simultaneously, covering a set of yellow thick rock armor in the outer part of Lin Sheng's body.

At the same time, Lin Sheng's shape changed dramatically, and he grew up with dragons, his body swept up, and he stretched two spirits over his head.

“Finally! Crazy soul! "

Lin Sheng felt that all around was getting closer to four attacks.

Keep your head calm, Sea Gate in your head. The instant communication is located in the unlimited spirits of remote Utmost Spirit Sea.

A huge chaos, under his full summon state of half-dragon at this time, flourished with some mysterious air passage, into the graves of the dragon.

One brake, just around, when the attack was about to arrive at Lin Sheng's watch.

He suddenly threw out half of the invisible rays of light with color.

When countless water floats, the tide starts out.

bang bang bang bang bang bang!

In successive massive collisions, the total number of attacks by the dragons hit the invisible light that Lin Sheng had laid in his body.

Lin Sheng raised a noise like a human roar.

The roaring has exceeded the limits that people can accept.

The silent wave is shaking, as the wind blows the purple flame flowers of the dragon cemetery.

The power of the Dragon Spirit and the power of Lin Sheng are crowded and confronted in the tomb.

The stalemate has not lasted much longer.

A few seconds later, Lin Sheng's chaos broke out of his soul, torn apart by the immense exotic shock of the dragon.

Diamond giant dragon's big head dragon hit Lin Sheng's chest hard.

kächā whispered.

Lin Sheng's dawn rearrangement suddenly slipped apart, and then the rocks in it broke apart.

A giant dragon device is coming from the razor.


Lin Sheng vowed out a blood, looked back, stepped down and walked up and headed towards the road.

“Shoot.”A black dragon sacoldy.

Lin Sheng was instantly stuck in the shadow of the earth.

At the same time, the shadow was determined, and Lin Sheng seemed to have been affected, and suddenly stopped, stagnated in half the sky.

“Kagujini!”In the hands of the sinners, there was a blood red gun like a cane, and the gun shined with blood like red light.

She read the short gun, started the spiritual spirit, put her arms together, and threw it out at the end of the day.


Short shots brakes that stabbed Lin Sheng's chest in half the air. Just stabbed from the dawn when the clothing was broken.

hua la, big red blood, spilled out of Lin Sheng's chest and landed on the ground. The blood concealed to see the freshgolden, representing Rock Dragon Bloodline.

“Dead!”A small white dragon soul, screaming out of Lin Sheng now. She suddenly broke her third eye and put out a chain of black laser.

It's an evil light with a soul wearing a tattoo.

(This chapter is over)

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