449. Chapter 449

Chapter 449


black laser strikes in the back of Lin Sheng's brain, making a strong noise, as in burning and corrosion Lin Sheng's blood and bones.

But at this point, all attacks that fell on Lin Sheng are as flawed as they were.

He floats in the middle of the sky, and his body is already crushed to the ground where he is seriously endangered. But both eyes still smell cool and calm.

“It's a powerful terrifying raid.”Lin Sheng opened his arms, "Unfortunately, if it were me before breakthrough, even if it was ten times stronger, it might be hateful."

“But unfortunately.”

He started to float a great color hole in the back of his body.

A hole like light rings.

“Each ranker has its own unique and unmatched energy. I'll show you what I can do. ”

He started sweeping his eyes quickly, and countless confused souls seemed to have no obstacles at this moment and suddenly turned into pure Saint Force.

The chaos that have ensued in Sea Gate, in a short moment, like the explosion, have been transformed into countless Saint Force bombs.

“YUDIVO!""Unrestricted transformation"


Without countless atrocities, Saint Force, which erupted from Lin Sheng, created a storm of pure-white colored, drowned all the dragons around it and completely covered the entire lobby.

Throughout the hall, those giant coffins in the core region are also supported by the suffering of the Saint Force storm.

Thousands of messy souls, drawn from distant Utmost Spirit Sea, were then pushed to the door of Lin Sheng's soul, instantly transformed into pure Saint Force and exploded.

The uncontrolled chaos that were integrated at this moment with Saint Force on Lin Sheng's body became highly compressed purification energy, and the turnout repressed everything.

All dragon souls can be bleak at this moment.

These dragons, including the sinners, actually have the highest strength, that is ranker.

ranker level, which is the threshold point that creatures in general can reach. The limit that can be reached is ranker for all species at the physical level.

Even if it was a criminal dragon mother, it was a little weaker than a day worker, but still belonged to ranker realm.

And then Lin Sheng, the force that erupted in an instant, breakthrough the limit of hard life, reached another threshold.

Although this has been raised temporarily by relying on isolated energy, it is sufficient to suppress these dragons in the cemetery.

Oh, my God.Ohh…

A weak head of dragon, crushed by a storm of Saint Force, completely dispersed in the air.

Some powerful dragon souls are also frail and can only relentlessly resist the erosion of the Saint Force storm.

The sinners yelled, roared, cursed and yelled.

But nothing can be done, and her dragon yells and even whispers are completely eliminated by the Saint Force storm.

Even voices cannot be communicated in the context of Saint Force, which has reached a very limited concentration. Because Saint Force is not allowed.

So the very limited Saint Force environment, in fact, is silent and quiet.

Just as the powerful dragon souls like the Virgin Dragons are dying to hold, the storm of Saint Force on Lin Sheng has finally slowed down the stagnation.

But even if it stops, the whole cemetery has become Saint Force's ocean.

The sea volume of Saint Force even liquidated, like water, drowned the dragon cemetery ground. Deep enough to drown people's ankles.

All miscellaneous toxins in the air have been purified, leaving only purely harmless basic gases.

Lin Sheng has fallen lightly, and the wounds on her body have long been healed.

One of the great strengths that Saint Force and Demonic Ability brought to him is a strong reinvigoration.

But the wounds were too heavy for him to expel the body's toxin and heterogeneous energy using Saint Force, and to repair the body's body's body's body was only a general repair.

A number of minor injuries, particularly in the neural field, also require careful repair.

One of these horosaurs' attacks is the direct removal of substances from their very existence.

And if the energy is restored, the body will acquiesce that there is no longer available and no repair will be possible.

Lin Sheng's head hurts like this.

And, most importantly, his exotic name is unlimited, not indefinite.

It really fits him, and it works very well.

In fact, however, this powerful isolated energy can last for not long, with only one minute.

And only once in three days.

That is also why he used this device not at the outset.

Now it's time for the dragons in the tomb to insist on it. Once they're slowed down, it's time for bad luck.

Lin Sheng, the head of the heart is shifting, and there is also a measure.

“The sinners.”

He has continued to maintain the resilience of his legacy and to look at half-kneeling sinners.

“as a provocation at my expense. I want you to give the power of the dragon cemetery. For me! ”

And he quietly made the sound of the dragon cemetery.

A bunch of dragons just slowed down, and heard that, and they all fell in the heart. The sight has fallen on the sinister mother.

Their leader, the Dragon Mother, is also the actual master of the dragon cemetery.

Her decision is all the decisions of the Dragon Spirit.

The dragon's eyes turn, and the head bites the teeth.

“Even if we obey you, will you take it?”She was well aware that once she refused, the end must be the total destruction of the dragon cemetery and the disappearance of the deep sea in the Demonic Spirits cave.

They hide everywhere, give up everything, and even escape here, so it's not a silent extinction in the deep sea.

“I believe you, with your wisdom, should know exactly what happens to betrayal. Unless you can completely move out of here. ”Lin Sheng calmly said.

“Besides, you don't think I'm the only one who knows the coordinates here, do you?”He's implicit.

The sinister mother stretched his hand to hold some of the dragons that were really angry with the roaring, staring at Lin Sheng.

“But how do we make sure you really take us, not take us as ashes?”

“That's your business.”Lin Sheng's cold, “Now, for you, there are only two options. One is dead, and the other is joining me, becoming my strength. "

The atmosphere is repressed in a moment.

A few of them were angry with the extreme spirits, and they immediately remembered their head to Lin Sheng.

But immediately after being drained by the sinister mother, she quickly said a few words in an alarming accent, whilst the rest of the dragon's mute was silent, angry and helpless.

Take care of this, she's turning around looking towards Lin Sheng.

“Okay, I promise you. From now on, the dragon cemetery will obey you! ”She said solemnly.

“So how do I make sure you're really good at me instead of dealing with me?"Lin Sheng's reflective.

The sinners are silent.

“Dragon crystal. Since you hold the throne crystal, our dragon crystals are not humiliating to you.

With the dragon crystal, if we betray it, you can destroy it and cause our souls to be rebuilt permanently. Is that okay? ”

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