450. Chapter 450

Chapter 450

Lin Sheng's eyes shine, and he doesn't know that the dragon crystal has this effect. It's actually the words of each other's family.

But now, tentailly, believe in it.

Soon, the Dragon Mother gave all the rest of the dragons to hand over the crystal and put it together.

These so-called dragons, and the crystal that Lin Sheng got before, are completely different.

The size of the dragon crystal is much smaller, only half the size of the yellow crown crystal before.

“The whole cemetery, the remaining twelve dragons, the crystals, are all here."The sinners fly twelve colored crystals to Lin Sheng's hands lightly.

Take a break, Lin Sheng in the body's Saint Force spirit slowly recovers. Together with the fact that his surroundings have become a pure environment for Saint Force, he has to manipulate and manipulate.

At this time, he took his hand and guided Saint Force in the surrounding air to bring together a tape that packed twelve crystals lightly and flew before him.

That's why Saint Force was packed in order to protect these dragons from any more tricks.

Before that series of raids, Lin Sheng was impressed.

If not his hidden bottom plates were strong, it would be his turn to think that they were now suffering.

After packing all the dragons into Saint Force, they then put them in the rearranged clothing of the dawn.

Lin Sheng, that's why she looked for the sins of the dragons again.

It's full of twelve ranker men! If it is truly complete, then his development and strength will be supplemented by extremely terrifying.

The whole temple will also be lifted up, with the qualifications of the top force to pull the wrist.

“Well, don't forget about it. Take a break. I'll come back for a while. I hope you'll be ready for everything and leave. ”

Lin Sheng left the next sentence and ignored the reaction of the dragon soul, flying from moved towards the exit corridor.

“Wait a minute.”And suddenly the sinners screamed behind them.

“What is it?”Lin Sheng turned around and looked.

The Dragon Mother stared at Lin Sheng, said solemnly:"You have a black Tide breath on you. If you don't want to die, you better find out where the savings are within a year and then destroy them. We don't want to follow a dead man. ”

“Festival?”Lin Sheng suddenly remembered the information he had seen, and the nodes would be the most critical after the Black Tide erupted.

He remembered the last time he saw this message in Black Feather City's exploration.

He was in a secret room, and he saw a book, and a book burned half.

The book above says that the point is that the world falls in integration and that only by destroying the nodes can the world be prevented from being destroyed.

“Yes.”"Black Tide is the point at which they erode a world's key passage and can temporarily close it as long as it destroys the nodes.

Plus the purification power you have, in theory, you have the opportunity to clear Black Tide, save everything. ”

“Got it.”Lin Sheng responded. Go back to the way out, move towards the outside.

Until Lin Sheng leaves for about a few minutes.

A red dragon souls are close to crying about the sinners.

“After the dragon, did you really decide to join that man?"

“Before the dragon cemetery moves, it is assumed that it will take care of it.”"That guy has the coordinates here, we hold him first, and then decide where to go."

“The dragons…If it was destroyed, wouldn't it be too bad?

“Just outside, we've been transformed into the fate of the dragons, and what are we doing with the crystals? Can't you really get hurt by dragon crystals? ""The sinners of the Dragons are taught.“If you don't have to take the blood book, that guy will believe it so easily? ”

Outside the cemetery.

In the deep sea, Lin Sheng has risen sharply.

If he stays in the tomb again, he's afraid he'll be exposed.

His body at that time was seriously and badly wounded by excessive outbreaks of Saint Force and chaos.

If he gets up again, he can't get out of the dragon tomb, it's a question.

“At the end of the day, it may be necessary to borrow all summon's power. That's really hurting. ”

Less than ever, Lin Sheng is absolutely reluctant to borrow all the leadership.

Because once borrowed, all leaders would suffer trauma and would have to be repaired for a long time to recover.

This is a dangerous situation for the world situation that is now flowing in Black Tide.

hua la, he came out of the sea, and he came up with dust stones under his feet again, turned into rocks, floating over the sea.

“Time to leave.”

And he went swiftly in the direction when he came.

Not long ago, a red suit silhouette is coming from the front.

And it is through the Spirit, the crafty craftsman who came quickly to support.

“All right.”Skyscrapers look towards Lin Sheng's chest, where the wounds just went through.

“Very dangerous. That dragon cemetery is evil. I can't destroy it in a state of immobility, even beyond your full strength. ”

Lin Sheng was the one who had completely destroyed the dragon cemetery. Unfortunately, the end of the end of the day will not be sustainable.

Finally, the hypothesis that he had taken the initiative to release the sinister mother only was reluctant.

But in fact, he's capable of being arrested.

“You want me to go?”Skyscrapers wrinkle.

“Not now. Look first, if the dragon cemetery is really likely to be our strength, it will be a great help for us.

Twelve ranker…This power is enough to reverse everything! ”Lin Sheng's eyes.

“Then go back. The environment here is somewhat wrong. It's not good to stay. ”Tianxia said solemnly.

She doesn't like the deep water down there.


The two people quickly turned into white lines and quickly disappeared on the surface of the sea.



Pearl Ocean Central, Bishaga Island.

The former island of Bissaga was a famous tourist victory. By producing beautiful corals and pearls.

Unfortunately, after the blackTide erupted, the first time here was broken by mutants coming from seabed.

After a massacre, the inhabitants of the island had been extinguished. Renewed as a monster's garden.

And then, depression onions in the west of the island.

A vivid volcano is throwing out intense black smoke.

Wind B volcano is one of the famous landscapes on the island of Bishaga and one of the few large active volcanoes in the world.

This active volcano was sprayed three decades ago before Black Tide erupted.

The volcanic volcanic pulp that was spreading at that time covered the surrounding maritime areas had also been extended to more than five times the original area in a short period of time than the island of Bissaga.

At this point, the volcano smokes around the edge.

Several black silhouette with metal boxes are standing in circles and waiting for something.

These black silhouette are wearing black, silver's tight clothing with black silhouette, like ink. The waist is tied up with a fibre red whip.

One of them stands on the left, and at this point he looks at the sky and leaps the hat off his head. Show the moon's marked white scratch hair.

He touched the Golden Cross on his ear.

“Time's almost up, start, last ceremony.”

“Yes, honor."

The rest of black-clothed people are silent.

The moon smiled and showed a slight expectation.

“Maybe from tonight onwards, everything will be completely changed. Three big Secrets have ruled over everything for too long. It's time to change. ”

“Is the Seven Locks finished?"He kept asking.

“Yes, the Seven Locks have been held in separate quarters and blocked by possible shocks."A black-clothed man responded quickly.

“Well, let's start, with the energy of this active volcano as a prize, and start the summon Front."The moon is leading to the volcano, rolling around, jumping straight into the volcano with black smoke.

The rest of the black-clothed person is on the verge of jumping around.

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