451. Chapter 451 Debris 1

Chapter 451 Debris 1

The outer waters of Bishaga.

A military ship, painted into freshblue, floats far over the sea and is far in the direction of the island of Bishaga.

Not only is the ship fleet heading towards the island of Bissaga, but the artillery shells on all warships are on that side and are ready to erupt at the earliest possible time.

A main ship in the middle of the fleet.

A man with a half-transparent crystal ball is looking at the island of Bishaga.

He was wearing a fresh red lengths, with white silk shirt and gray tight pants. The waist is flying a long sword, which looks like the sharp Swordsman in the fastest direction.

“Have you reached this level? That force fluctuates, and it's obvious that the Moon is here. ”Man said solemnly.

“All the Frente Front has been prepared. Demonic Ability has been filled, and artillery shells can be launched at any time. "A redheaded woman on the back deck swiftly.

“Don't rush, they should be using volcanic energy as a sacrifice, the Faroudo of the summon dust world.

The hands of the former meditation, we can't stop this time, we can't let them do it again! "The man in the back is solemn.

“Patriarch, Redwing's paradise tower sends a message asking us about the other family moves.”Red girl wrinkles.

“I'm only responsible for our Tyrone family, whose Yu family let them ask themselves over there."The man with the big back won't be in trouble.

“The goodwill of Heaven Tower is still good. They sent four ranker to fight together. ”Red hair girl reporting.

“Four? Which four? ”

“The first red Angel, the second night Angel, the third Angel, the fourth magic Angel, the first four came. No leakage. ”

Big backbone man expression.

“Is Red Angel here too? That guy…That war was a bad one. ”

“In any case, we have Derezza here, and the family has her oppressed by herself, and the problem is little. Even if the situation is unclear, it will be all right to return. ”

Red Woman said solemnly, and look to the other side of the ship.

“Who's White Paper over there?"Big back man asks.

The redheaded woman looked down at the contact.

“It is not clear yet, but there is already news that White Paper's star has already gone."

“That's okay. What is afraid of is that the dark light will also start, when White Paper's crown will be the power to deal with the darkness. "Men's head.


At this time, a fresh white cloud was suddenly erupted from the sea, and there seemed to be a sudden launch of artillery shells.

In a bunch of warships, a black artillery hit the sky, and then a loud sound, exploded directly in the sky and turned into a small solar white light ball.

The white light will brighten some dark skies.

The powerful men on many battleships have put their eyes in the direction of the remote islands.

This light shell, actually, is an agreed signal bomb. Once launched, ceremony on the side of 7 Locks Tower has reached a critical moment.

At this time, neither the Moon nor the rest of the powerful can release their hands to fight, and they must maintain the status quo and continue to function to the ceremony.

“Now is the best raid time. Come on, guys. ”

On one of the most recent warships, a group of red tends to fly empty and reaches numerous red wings from the ice crystal.

That's a tall redhead woman, who has a lot higher body than men in general, and whose own hair surrounds the freshred crystal.

Soon, the rest of the warships also stood by an ranker.

Some ranker flies in the same way, others jump out of the sea and walk along.

There's also a big bird flying out empty. There are even strong people who rely on science and technology to slip their wings, one that jumps up and goes down to Bishaga Island.

In a short moment, many powerful people have resorted to a variety of moves towards the island of Bishaga.

bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!

At the same time, all warships flown through the strongest artillery shells, with a large number of Demonic Ability artillery rounds exceeding several times, and the rains generally landed in the island of Bishaga.


The brake was above the island of Saga, a huge circle of blood red, floating out of the air and releasing huge gravity.

All of the artillery rounds that went off were twisted by this terrifying force, and were absorbed into this huge circle.

Without silence, all the artillery shells were like flying into the abyss, and nothing.

When the shells reach the circle, they are immediately integrated, as if the huge impact of the shells does not exist at all.

In the meantime, the original blue sky was quickly exposed to freshly red.

The war finally officially erupted.



Lin Sheng was sitting in a separate room to adjust the repair of the body.

Back from the cemetery, he's been landing again and twice, both of which he brought together the Skyscrapers.

When he was alone, the dragon cemetery was really hard to cope with, but now it's much more white.

The last two times he went, the dragons, like the graves, recognized the unintentionally dispersed power of the astronomy. So all the dragons are soft.

While they cannot be assured that they are sincere, they are less careful and do not need too much strength to guard.


The physical wounds are being managed, and Lin Sheng is not far away, and the emergency liaison in the isolation room suddenly makes a sound.

“My lord, this is Campus, and there's a situation that might need you to see."

“Say.”Lin Sheng closed said solemnly.

Emergency contact points are generally absolutely not allowed to open. Lin Sheng can be opened only if there are extremely serious major events.

Canpas in the Contact was silent and continued along the following lines:"The three continents united many small and medium-sized forces, travelling through the multinational joint fleet, and headed to Bishaga Island, central of Pearl Ocean.

And just now, we got a message from the observers for the multinational joint fleet. The ranker on both sides is already on the right side. ”

“It is time to start a full war.”Lin Sheng showed up on his face.

From the outset, it is absolutely impossible to live in peace between 7 Locks Tower and the three major Secrets.

There must be one side on both sides, completely defeated and down.

Just Lin Sheng didn't think that this battle would come so fast.

He quickly and again asked about the remaining aspects of the next battlefield, until the outbreak of the situation at Campus required him to deal with it immediately, and Lin Sheng had to let him go and let him break the contact.


Tianxia pushed the door in and looked at Lin Sheng, who slowed up.

“How's it going? What are you gonna do? ”

“Whatever they, the official forces of the three big Secrets and the 7 Locks Tower, who loses who wins, has nothing to do with us.”Lin Sheng indifferently said.

“The three Secrets have also targeted us. 7 Locks Tower, too. That is why both of them are our enemies, and this battle, which they have both failed, is the most favourable situation for us. "

There was some disappointment at the time of the Skywalker Seaton.

“Thought you were finally going to let go of your legs. Running back, it's still the same. ”

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