452. Chapter 452 Debris 2

Chapter 452 Debris 2

“This is the case, and this can only be the case.”Lin Sheng said with a smile, “Whoever of them wins, they'll find the temple for liquidation, and I'll come up with it this time, and that's not for abuse? ARE YOU STUPID?

“You're not going up at this time, and I'm afraid we won't have a chance until they're completely set up.”Tianxia is on the sidewalk.

“That's not necessarily true. They will not be late when there is a clear preference for victory. "Lin Sheng laughed.

“And you know why I've been searching for a new Demonic Spirits cave?"

“To absorb more pure souls? Strong yourself? ”

“It's just one aspect.”Lin Sheng said with a smile, "On the other side, I've been looking for. With regard to all the classical records of Demonic Spirit World, there is a legend in circulation. "

“What legend?”Tianxia, there's a little interest.

“A legend about the devil wheels…”Lin Sheng's eyes are deep, and there's a glimpse of ambition in his cave.

“I thought it was fake, and I didn't expect to have an unexpected sense of the fluctuations mentioned in that dictionary.”

He swallowed so many Demonic Spirits jewellery, checked a lot of classics and integrated many souls.

So far, Lin Sheng's personality and will have been integrated into a level of uncertainty that he is unable to capture.

But if you want to go further, it becomes even more difficult, because his soul is too much chaos.

The vast and complex spiritual power is the very essence of his strength and, at the same time, the chains of his further step.

“The devil wheel, never heard of it…So you're going to continue harvesting the next Demonic Spirits hole? "Skyscrapers wrinkle.

“Of course. I've got some clues. Soon, you'll be in touch with that thing soon. ”Lin Sheng calmly said.

He recently stopped even dreaming, so that more demonic Spirits caves could be harvested as soon as possible, thus finding the first piece of debris of all mapping and finding that legendary Demonic Spirits treasure.

“Then hope that you will succeed soon.”Tianxia's boring hit a debt, "If I don't do it, I'll go back to bed first."

Although she is now in touch with real societal civilization, she is still not very interested in matters other than fighting.

Luckily, Lin Sheng was pleased that, in addition to sleeping, Skyscrapers were obsessed with wrestling video game, which could be used to start time.

Otherwise, a top ranker can't hold even if he's bored.


The door is closed.

The segregation room restored its original silence. Lin Sheng stood up, turned around and looked at the demonic Spirits passage that had been opened.

He took a step out, and his body suddenly turned into a state of disillusion and stepped into the Demonic Spirits Gate.


And around the sky and the earth switches instantly.

Back to God, he had arrived at the first Demonic Spirits hole, the Cafipo hole. The Devil is based on the ground.

The transmission point is this way, and a well-established palace of palace protection has been established by the Devil clan.

all around is a tough black stone wall up to seven or eight metres, and the surface tattoo is marked by a large number of the Rune system French-styles of Demonic Spirits. These French-based positions are designed to maintain the stability and security of transmission.

The entire palace is more than thirty metres wide, two ten meters wide, with silence, and only the soft yellow crystal on the top of his head releases yellow light.

Lin Sheng shaked his head, stepped forward and went to the palace.

Demonic Spirits, the body of the four magicians, is not as good as sculpture at the palace door.

When Lin Sheng appeared, these guards were seriously kneeling at his knees and acting low.

Lin Sheng has no caretaker to walk out of the palace gate. Outside is the demonic Spirits Gate, which he re-established to the rest of the Demonic Spirits hole.

Outside the palace is a grey Square, where four demonic Spirits were built shortly.

Thred's four archs, Demonic Spirits doors, are flowing in the water waves in general pure energy waves.

Strong magicians from the Empire of the Demonic Empire are watching carefully to monitor the energy fluctuations of the Demonic Spirits gate every moment.

They are responsible for maintaining the functioning and maintenance of the Demonic Spirits Gate.

These powerful magicians' appearances are people close to humankind, just a little different, and in fact they are contractors with demons to conclude contracts.

Seeing Lin Sheng coming, the magicians bend the courtesy to him.

Lin Sheng looked up and looked at four Demonic Spirits doors.

“Did the new Demonic Spirits Gate determine the coordinates?"He solemnly asked.

“has been determined. It was established by the position given by Lord Dragon. And the lords of the dragon cemetery, in accordance with your request, have rehabilitated the Demonic Spirits Cave coordinates most responsive to your needs. "

Sergeant Travelman, congratulations on the answer.

Lin Sheng nodded.

“I give you the frequency of fluctuations, the biggest hole in density, the demonic Spirits Gate immediately, all right?"

“There's no problem, sir.”Sergeant Travelman believed himself.

Even Lin Sheng, as an outsider, can establish the Demonic Spirits gateway. It's easier for them to act as magicians specializing in it.

The establishment of the Demonic Spirits Gate is simple, and the key is the difficulty of coordinates. And when the passage was established, what experience would have happened in the past, and that was no one who dared to guarantee security.

Lin Sheng watched the three magicians stand fast and separate before them, each holding the same legal instrument as a round plate.

Soon, the magicians flew out of a path of invisible power fluctuations, creating an invisible demonic Spirits portal of energy in the air.

Ten minutes later.

A archaeological red light door, landing in front of Lin Sheng.

The light door sends a glimpse of strange and dangerous energy breaths.

Lin Sheng took a deep breath. look to the Dear devil who rushed behind him.

“Send a team of people in and try to find out.”

“Understood!”Degar's magic expression is flat, and the point should be.

Soon, a team looks like a giant stitched monster Demonic Spirits, with fat bodies, shaking into the Demonic Spirits Gate.

These stitches are weird Demonic Spirits, each with more than three metres tall, two metres wide, all over the needle. It looks like a moving meat mountain.

The stigmatization of Demonic Spirits is weak, but life is strong, and even if cut into seventy-seven eight, it can be divided into seventeen or eight small individuals, living alone for a week.

That's what Lin Sheng built, the best explorer of Demonic Spirits.

And sewing up demonic Spirits' defense is good, amazing, strong resistance to toxins and flames.

Approximately horizontal comparisons, equivalent to the Demonic Ability Users attack at the third Wings level. V. Demonic Ability Users, 5 Wings level, resilience.

To be used for exploration, it's almost perfect.

Soon, a team of ten stitches, all of which entered the Demonic Spirits Gate.

Lin Sheng and Degar magicians, as well as the magician chief, are waiting in silence for these stitches to bring back the results of the demonic Spirits.

Yomo, five minutes later.

The two heads stitched up with messy and disorderly's frozen wounds, wandering out of the Demonic Spirits Gate, and the next one fell in the ground.

These heads stitched Demonic Spirits, shaking, and the resilience and resilience of their body were curtailed to the extreme point.

Lin Sheng, go ahead and look closely at their wounds.

“The frozen type of injury, the intensity is about five Wings. The nature is very strong, capable of breakthrough sewing up the odd resistance and hurting them. It's not easy. ”

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