453. Chapter 453 Debris 3

Chapter 453 Debris 3

Lin Sheng thought about it, not going to waste any more time.

He turned back to the Dear magician, and the magician.

“I go in personally, and you take care of me.”

“Yes, sir.”

“To serve you anytime.”

Both quickly answered.

Lin Sheng nodded, he quickly rearranged the nails of the dawn, and then Demonic Ability's crystal barrier, then half-dragon, covering the dragons.

That's his strongest defense.

The dawn reaches the armor to defend the foreign direct offensive. 2nd-layer Demonic Ability crystal barrier, as a buffer transition structure, can serve as an impact of isolated shock attacks.

The Rock Dragon Bloodline half-dragon of 3rd-layer has brought about changes in dragons and muscle bones, even more to lay the last line of defence for possible breakthrough attacks.

When the opponent's hard breakthrough armor and crystal barrier, he thought he was about to win, and the result was to see terrifying dragon defense stronger than the dawn clothing.

Lin Sheng just imagined that he was happy.

“It's time for me to see how powerful my 3rd-layer defense system is.”

Lin Sheng expression is calm, wearing heavy white armor, stepping forward into the Demonic Spirits Gate.


The surrounding environment has changed considerably.

It was also the Gray White Palace Square before, and the next moment became a broad plain for burning white flames.

The plains are the pillars of a road of spraying.

These pollinations were fired from the empty cracks on the ground, flying over a dozen metres or even several dozen dozen meters at high altitudes. Create a strange vision.

Even more surprising to Lin Sheng, these white fires are not flames of high temperature. It's a powerful cold flame that can cause frozen damage.

“Can low temperatures also generate the form of energy of flames?"Lin Sheng felt that his scientific vision had been subjected to unprecedented provocation and attacks.

He looked around all around, Demonic Spirits Gate, lying around seven yards, laying down a seal with the demonic Spirits corpse.

Their corpses are completely subject to extremely low temperature restraint and cannot even return to do so, and are frozen around the ground.

It was also because they were frozen and blocked the white Mars from the outside. This brings the last stitches together, with the possibility of survival, to a successful return to Demonic Spirits Gate.


Suddenly, on the ground, there were a few stitches that stitched the body, and a small white pillar of more than a dozen meters high.

The fire column spreads out a large number of Mars and spreads around them.

Lin Sheng left these white Mars on him.

chi chi.

Mars, when approaching the dawn rearranged armor, immediately became a path of white steam, and the gas was dispersed in the air.

Strong Saint Force, during the first time, evicted these low temperature flames.

Lin Sheng immediately supplements Saint Force, which is consumed by armor.

He's probably calculating the consumption margin.

“Almost as much as I had estimated before, is equivalent to the destructive force of the five Wings level. It's exaggerating… "

He's got a little bit of an emotional scanning of the whole plain.

This white flat on the edge, all over densely packed, continues to spy on white Mars.

Mars alone have this level of formidable power, and if they are hit positively, then formidable power, Lin Sheng doesn't want to try.

“In this place, it is difficult for ordinary creatures to survive. Without the six-Wings level of survival, if you want to move here, that's all. ”

Lin Sheng is sighing at the mysterious nature of the universe. Start looking around the perimeter of the fire pillar.

It then calculates a way forward that would facilitate the passage.

He's already sensed that there's a lot of thick fluctuations in the air.

This fluctuation, which he saw from the dictionary, may have a special sign of something like that.

He didn't feel so strong that he was here before the dragon cemetery, in the Demonic Spirits cave, and now he's clearly aware of the clarity of this fluctuation.

Lin Sheng soon found the way forward, and he took a step, and he seemed to move quickly between a path and the pole.

Every distance he walks, he stops and looks at the fire column in the next direction.

Wherever he walks, there are some stars, some close to them, and a little less prudent may be hit by the fire column.

There are also firepillars that will change the direction of the spray, which are extremely dangerous.

Lin Sheng was once suddenly turned to the back of a two-metre blast.

When the dawn of his body was re-loaded, he blew up a lot of steam, the force Saint and White flames reacted, moderate and reprocessing, and turned into gases.

Just a blinking kung fu, Lin Sheng felt himself in the body's 10 per cent Saint Force gone.

It's just one of the smallest two metres of blanket fire. If he were to change to those dozens of metres, he would have to be seriously injured if he didn't die.

“I've always been using the sea to pressure Saint Force, but I didn't expect to encounter me being counterfeited by the power of the sea."Lin Sheng has a kind of reversal of the wheel of fortune.

He walked all the way to stop, quickly, and in the sense of soul, that wave was moving closer and closer.

One day passed.

Two days passed.

Lin Sheng has reached this level, and the body is not a pure human being, and it's not much for him to eat for a few days.

There will be no problem even if it's a diet.

Just a constant, unchanged landscape of fire, making him feel a little dry.

There's no living here. Only cynical, unsettled, low-temperature fire.

It can be said that this place is not suitable for any biological survival.

Turn around, ten days later…

Lin Sheng has been moving the fluctuations in the soul perception.

Finally, he realized that, from the classics of the demon Empire, he saw that marked place of fluctuation.

That's a black water crystal pillar that covers the white flame.

The water crystal pillar grew up on a black rock ground, with the sharp stone chiefs, and bathed in white fire flowing out of the edge.

It's far from looking blind, without any specificity.

If Lin Sheng hadn't seen the key way of exploring this thing in advance from the classics of the demon empire, he would not have thought it would be an important product.

This looks like the grey Chenchen is not pure water crystal pillar, and the outside looks like the stone, and if it's right, even if it's left in front of Lin Sheng, he's not picking it up.

But at this point, he was staring at that water crystal pillar like he saw food.

Looking for a devil wheel, Lin Sheng thought it was just a classic legend. A little attention was paid to the particular fluctuations mentioned in the dictionary, as was the idea of touching luck.

I didn't expect him to be surprised.

He swallowed too much souls, and his soul was special. So the scope and precision of the sense are very strong.

Lin Sheng, through the dictionary of the demon empire, has also learned that his soul is, in fact, extremely special.

If you become someone else, other creatures, if you dare, like him, absorb the fragments of the soul in your dreams, now it's a long time to split the soul, lose yourself and become insane as mental disorder.

Or the strong will to swallow in absorbed souls and become another person to be resurrected in this world.

But neither of these results, Lin Sheng, none of them met.

His soul is tenacious in nature, and in one time he absorbs a fragment of his soul, he is being tortured more and more strictly hard.

This has also led him to absorb many pieces of souls today, which, instead, has become extremely large and extensive.

Thousands of souls, countless memories of souls, soul personality, have given him a very complex and comprehensive sense of consciousness.

Such a sense of consciousness is that he can feel the key to that particular fluctuation.

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