454. Chapter 454 Conversion 1

Chapter 454 Conversion 1

Bishaga Island.

The vast red circle, which continues to float around the island, is absorbing large quantities of artillery rounds coming from the air.

Neither ordinary artillery or missile, nor even Demonic Ability, reinforced by Demonic Ability.

All led by the red circle, disappear without a trace, silent.

There are six weak corridors around the island.

Each corridor has one of the seven locks of 7 Locks Tower, ranker.

And if you want to break up, it's from all over the world that ranker is headed by three big secrets.

the rankers who are hardly able to see in normally, are gathered here at this moment.

This brings together the potential and strength of the world as a whole, and then suddenly explodes.

Heaven Tower, White Paper, many Oro families.

In these three places, at least 15 rankers were moved. Almost concealed them for years, a pair of all of them erupted.

Plus the number ranker of other small and medium-sized forces.

At the top of the power, ranker reached more than 20.

Twenty large waves of silhouette, split into seven branches while attacking seven weak positions held in seven blockades.

On average, there are two or more ranker attacks on each corridor.


Seven blood color circles in the vast ceremony formula around the island, slowly floating out, surrounding seven different battlefields around the island.

This is the only support given to the seven blockades by Frente ceremony on the island.

This red light ball can significantly enhance the resilience of the seven lock and spiritual force.

But that's all.

The Seven Locks are ultimately only the ranker who joined the ranker under the Moon.

Not all people are willing to die for the Moon and its plans.

So just a few minutes later, seven battlefields were broken. There are also two final pieces of death due to the rigidity of one of the seven blocks of the town's guards, which resulted in the beating of the rest of the ranker.

A blood color globe collapsed because of the loss of the town's guards.

Fighting around the world, facing 7 Locks Tower, was declared victory just less than 20 minutes ago.

a The way of the flow of light comes from around the island, and there is also a rapid flow of light on the ground to the island.

the rankers also have seven blocks of war-affected anti-water, all turning around as salvation ambassadors to save the world.

At this juncture, what you think is no longer the name of saving, but the real advantage.

7 Locks Tower, known as the Protestant First Dragon Power, hides how much wealth and resources it is, and it is not clear to anyone.

The benefits of this visit would be difficult to say if it could completely defeat the Moon and destroy the first cult.

“Black land was released in the air, ground, sea water and mud.

The open flowers will be bleeding and ice cream, hidden in the flowers, terrific and shining on the quartet.

In the name of my Lord, and in the name of my own, and in the name of my heart, my heart, etc., has been made fat.

Thank you so much, everything is asleep, eternal heart, the light of the light! "

The island is in the middle of a rolling platform inside the volcano.

The Moon and the rest of black robe silhouette, raised their hands high, and continued to read a strange spell in their mouth.

A circle of deep blue wires continues to fly out of them, turning into a path of blue circles, and gradually packing around into a huge blue black cane.


The blue black wall was tattooed by the golden light.

golden light goes to the left.

“Moon, give up, you've failed.

Because of this summon, the whole seven Locks Tower has become the world's public enemy. Even the seven blocks under you, most of them betrayed you. "

A man with golden light blade slowed down into the hole and watched the middle moon.

Golden armor men are not only full of gold, but they are slowing down the fan with a pure white and huge wings.

After he came in, he was Red Angel, Fantastic Angel and the four Heaven Towers, followed closely from behind.


That is when the blue giant wall in the other side was exploded, and the bombs were blown out of a large hole of several meters.

The cave slowed down into a path of noble men and women in clothing.

There are more or less of these people who appear to be one or two kind of weird and powerful device phantom.

They are the ancient strong from many families in Oro.

The Lord of Hell is the strongest, Lord Peter Haroun.

This old man, who has reached 300 years of age, has returned to the youngest peak, with a total of 20 chirare treasure rings on his finger.

He watches the midday moon and so on.

“See you again, Moon.”

“Yeah, see you again. Little guy. ”Miscellaneous monuments stop reading and turn around looking for people. The face was calm and smiled with a smile.

With the opening of two broken doors, the blue black corn is like a ripped egg, and it's becoming more and more vulnerable to tear up.

One ranker ripped off all directions and surrounded this small platform in the volcano.

More than that, on the edge of the volcano, there are also blockades that are good at the build-up and ceremony ranker at the edge of the volcano.

The so-called defense system of Locks Tower was declared completely broken in a short and a half hour.

Seven Locks Tower's last strong men, surrounded by the Moon, stopped the spell in your mouth and watched the ranker that all around the world constantly flowing.

The strongest man in heaven tower, gold and white and red Angel.

The strongest of the fire in Auror, Duke Peter Haroun.

White Paper's strongest, stars, no visible, hidden in many visible ranker. But everyone can feel a strong sense of repression from the stars.

Golden and White Paper Star, Duke Peter Haroun.

These three powerful people, who are already at the top of ranker, are infinite and have reached a relative threshold.

They were actually standing at a high level with the Moon, but only for certain special reasons, the actual fighting force was stronger than they were.

But it's also very strong.

This is also the biggest reason why seven Locks Tower and the three Secrets have been unable to attack each other.

“Why would you want to do it again this time?”The moon was cold and staring around.

“How come dignified 7 Locks Tower's strongest man in the moon is afraid of our siege? You used to like to say, "Come on, I'll hurry up" or something? ”A ranker's creepy taunted.

on the dark red stone platform, the moisture ripped off the black tent, showing a marked hair and golden earrings.

Look at all around a couple of ranker who wins the face, and his mouth continues to smile.

“Even now, I still want to say that.”

“Don't bullshit him, kill him!”

In the crowd, a pure-white colored laser is in the middle of the moon at a rate not foreseen by everyone.

The speed of the laser goes far beyond visual and neural reactions, almost at the same time as the moon has been recruited for the first time.

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