455. Chapter 455 Conversion 2

Chapter 455 Conversion 2


white laser is in the middle of the moon.

The shock was enough to hit an elephant and hit a powerful bid immediately, and at that time it seemed to have hit a hardstone wall that was completely incapable of crossing.

The laser was constantly beaten through the defense of Demonic Ability on the surface of the Moon. The precision fell on his cheek.

But nothing, the laser is as useless as being isolated by something hard.

“Defend against erosion!"A blurred shadow flies over the top of the moon, shaking the dagger to the next stab.

Almost at the same time, Peter Haroun pulled out his waist pistol, and he shot dozens of shots at the Moon et al. Each bullet is far different from the general bullet.

These bullets were processed through Demonic Ability and other special means, with expensive items obtained.

The bullet was significantly accelerated by Demonic Ability in Peter Haroun, which broke ten times the sound barrier in the instant, and brakes hit the chest of the moon.

The man of gold and white wings is a win-win vibration, flying together, running behind the white wing, flowing from the top to the moon, like a giant meteor.

It is at this point that the MYM, which should have been held hostage, suddenly rises up, handsome faces, as if it were faded, in a short moment, it turned into another gray decayed terrifying face.

“Looks like this time, everybody is in full…"In the throat of the Moon, it's completely not like human tattoos.

The face of the man with the gold and white wings has changed dramatically, with alarms and fears erupting at a moment an intangible and complex face.

“No, no, no!You're Faroudo! ”

But at this point he has not been able to move towards changing the number of recruits.


In that brake, a blood color suddenly spilled over the air.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Demonic Spirits hole.

“Is this one of the fragments of the dark wheel? That dictionary is recorded only one after another presumed to investigate fragments of volatile information. "

Beyond the fire pillar, Lin Sheng looked at the Black Crystal pillar in it, with a slight emotional heart.

The devil wheel, which is called Demonic Spirit World, is a powerful god with all sorts of power.

That was said to be the root cause of the initial emergence of the Demonic Spirits family and the source of all the variables of Demonic Spirits.

To hold it is equivalent to the unlimited power of Demonic Spirits. 'Cause it's all Demonic Spirits' isolated initial.

Lin Sheng didn't think he'd have such a score to find only one after another that could be found through a clue.

The classic reporter of the demon empire itself had spent a great deal of time studying, but unfortunately for the rest of his life he had only surveyed the details of that fluctuation.

Before its end, the demon was disguised in history by his own investigation and recorded it.

But I didn't think he belonged to a soul anomaly, and he was able to feel a spiritual fluctuation, and the rest of the demons had no idea.

So that's why it's been so many years. There is no question about this classic.

Until Lin Sheng came. Whatever it is, all the classics he feels a little useful, all scanned by him. That's why this dictionary didn't keep burying.

“As long as this fragment is taken, it will be possible to find other fragments of the devil wheel by relying on the principle of interoperability with the source.”

Lin Sheng looked at the water crystal pillar at this time and became hot and intense.

The devil wheel is one of the most famous among the Demonic Spirit World mystery he saw.

There are also many similar rumours, but what really makes Lin Sheng wonder is that the devil turns out to really find a clue.

“Next, how do you get this fragment?”

He looked around, and he was determined that there were no guardians or monsters like that.

There's a bridge in a novel TV show, and there's always such a powerful monster on the treasure side.

“Looks like there's no more. Also, if there are other monsters who really find out what this thing does, it doesn't keep it here.

Only a simple fluctuation segregation would make people never find fragments. It's not that stupid to always be out there. ”

In fact, Lin Sheng has been trying to throw up the bridge of those monsters who guarded treasure.

To really have such a strong monster guard. Is it not going to hide treasure in a more hidden place?

You know treasure's precious, and you're still honest, waiting for someone else to keep harassing?

“Forget it. I don't want much more. ”Lin Sheng stretched his hand to the black stone pillar inside the fire.


At a moment when the fire pillar was just blown out, the middle gap was over.

Lin Sheng shot a Demonic Ability line in his hand, cutting that water off crystal pillar with precision and stability, and then tied it back to a pull.

The whole length of the water, crystal pillar, with a small arm, is surrounded by Demonic Ability's precision, and the speed of flight is pulled up, and the light falls on Lin Sheng's side.

pā tà.

The water crystal pillar slipped on a few small stones, spreading.

Lin Sheng took his head down, Demonic Ability Statue pulled water crystal pillar up and up.

Water crystal pillar ton was held by Lin Sheng.

A tough cold and rough touch, passed out of hand.

Lin Sheng's eyebrows are slight.

“Nothing special.”He's serious about that fragment.

“If not I can feel fluctuations, I know this is one of the fragments of the devil wheels. It's impossible to know that this thing is so precious. ”

And he sighed, and suddenly there was a sense of life that the devil should be used.

Hold the water crystal pillar, Lin Sheng will be withdrawn immediately.

And along the gap between the fire pillar, he was careful to go back to the road. Go back faster than go.

But one day, he went back to the Demonic Spirits door he just sent.

The air also continues to shine in the red archery, Demonic Spirits.

Lin Sheng put a Saint Force in the direction, so that the magician over there could determine the coordinates. He hides the water crystal pillar in a vast robe until the energy goes out on the other side.


The surrounding environment is switching.

He blinks and goes back to that little demonic Spirits Square.

“Welcome back, Your Highness.”

The marshal and several magicians bow up and say hello.

For Lin Sheng, who did not send them into the Demonic Spirits Gate, the Chief of Arts and others were very admirable.

Lin Sheng was lazy about what they thought, and he was just a waste of time.

“Close this door of Demonic Spirits, where space is too dangerous to fit under the marshal."He told me carefully.

“Understand.”The magician has a low head.

“In addition, as a skilled technician in space transmission, should you know a lot of secret spaces in the Demonic Spirits cave? Every secret space belongs to its own coordinates and breaths. ”

Lin Sheng said it here, thinking about it.

“I need you to take me far away from the rest of the world's breathing space. Is there a problem? ”

“Very simple. And when I speak, concentrate on following me and give me a sense of Demonic Spirits' door. "The magician is down.

“Then trouble you.”

“No trouble, we explore space in itself, a process that will require sensitivity to space weather and fluctuations, with a sense of prior probation.

With respect to this condition, it is possible to understand the fluctuations and breaths in the cosmic space, which represents the possibility of becoming a space magician in itself. ”

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