456. Chapter 456 Conversion 3

Chapter 456 Conversion 3

“That's how you feel the fluctuations, really simple.”Another magician beside him couldn't help but laugh and talk.

“Then there's a lot of work.”Lin Sheng nodded.

He needed to find other pieces at the fastest speed, and he was going to conquer more Demonic Spirits and get more pure souls.

But now, since these opportunities are met, the fastest access is the king's path.

Soon, the magician led Lin Sheng to a demonic Spirits door. The two men stretched their hands and reached the Demonic Spirits door box, closing their eyes.

The marshal began to build a space base as coordinates by swiftly using isolated energy.

Then, following the ceremony fluctuations in the Demonic Spirits Gate, with Lin Sheng's sense of consciousness, was fired out together by the ceremony wave.

“General transmission doors ceremony, a targeted transmission of points.”

“But we generally explore other space secrets, and we turn that point into a multiplier point. This only takes a little bit of a small parameter on the transmittal of the baseline. "

On the one hand, the magician led Lin Sheng's consciousness and taught the skills on the other.

“In this way, Demonic Spirits will spontaneously send our awareness to a number of similar target spaces.

This is actually energy luck, good luck, we can hit the space secret we want, bad luck, and we have to waste a few more energy. ”

“It's kind of random.”Lin Sheng has nothing to say.

As soon as he gets into the Demonic Spirits Gate, he gets fluctuated by the ceremony in which he leaps away.

At the same time, he was like consciousness split up, consciousness was divided into more than ten, and he was aware of more than ten completely different spatial breaths.

“Generally, our awareness is difficult to maintain integrity in the transmission process, so we can only try to remember the spatial coordinates of the sense of ownership. The memory of the coordinates needs us to leave a simple mark… ”

The chiefs of art outside are also in a low level of interpretation, while mentioning Lin Sheng to teach him how to produce a simple marking, thus determining the coordinates code.

But he had no idea that Lin Sheng's consciousness was too strong for tenacious, and after being divided, more than a dozen of the spaces that were exposed to consciousness, he could all remember the coordinates.

But it's more than a dozen.

It's not much for Lin Sheng, who can use a soul consciousness.

He's been practicing a dozen times a day.

Every summon, he can control observation by dividing consciousness.

So now he can't do it by himself, while at the same time controlling many summon objects separately.

But it's just a memory of the fluctuations in the air, and it's just the coordinates. Plus, his own souls are longer than the general population tenacious, and there is more time.

It's still very easy.

Ten minutes later.

Awareness is draining, spreading.

Lin Sheng opened his eyes, looking for a few marshals.

“Place me the space secret of this coordinates.”

He immediately pointed out one of the special space secret coordinates under the eyes of the Chief of Arts and others.

The space of this coordinates is precisely what Lin Sheng senses, having a special space with which he has a dark fracture in his arms.

“Did it work once?”It took more than half a month to make it possible for the magician to know about space breath for the first time, to identify coordinates and record them.

“Very simple operation. Let's go, build the portal. I'm going to go. ”Lin Sheng told me.


“Wait for the body.”Silver souls, sound transmission, let Lin Sheng do a stagnation.

“What?”He watched the marshal and others begin to instruct Demonic Spirits to move the material, walk around and wait, while sharing sound transmission with Skyscrapers in his head.

“There's a situation here. There's a big change over the island of Bishaga! ”Skyscrapers are somewhat dizzy.

This is a sign Lin Sheng never saw.

You know, even if he told the astronaut about King of Night's presence, he didn't see her so serious.

It makes him feel an unusual sense of tension.

“Should the Moon be in absolute disadvantage?"Lin Sheng wrinkles. "Or is there a new force joining? ”

“No, not a new force.”Tianxia Zheng Road. "It's the Moon who lied to everyone! ”

“? What's going on?

“7 Locks Tower has been successful in summon long ago, and the moon deceived everyone in the three big Secrets, and he's already made summon out of Faroudo! Use him as a prize! And it's integrated! ”

Lin Sheng Dongton was a stagnant consciousness.

“By yourself as a sacrifice?This crazy man! ”

“So now the three big secrets are facing, with the melting monster of Faroudo…”

Lin Sheng has nothing to say about it.

“What are we gonna do now?”Skyscrapers are heavy.

Faroudo combines the month when the two overlaps are not one plus one or two, but three times the end of ten.

“Don't be excited. For the months of Mai and Faroudo, the greatest enemies are three large secrets and many other forces. And this world is not as simple as you think. ”

Lin Sheng thought about the investigation before, the information received.

“Big Star Pond, and those guys who hold the Jedi, are not simple players. As long as he doesn't come to trouble us, we're lazy about how they evolve. "

“I understand what you mean. But it would be better to get ready. ”Tianxia reminds me. "I used to have that level of destructive power. It was the time I was manipulated by a magic sword. So I know exactly what kind of power would lead to. ”

Lin Sheng was silent.

He's in all his uniforms, Skyscrapers are the most special.

Because Skyscrapers had been controlled by a particular strong presence.

And then she, even in memories, found Lin Sheng's spying.

Just a mirror in a memory, and Lin Sheng, who watches the memory, can still be found.

Such a strong one has gone beyond Lin Sheng's understanding.

“I know.”Lin Sheng answered again. "I'll be ready. Don't worry. ”

Big deal starts the most powerful kind of special situation, and summon's leaders are integrated into themselves.

Lin Sheng was silent on the whole new Demonic Spirits door that had just been constructed.

Thinking back to the original way.

“Open it up. Pride. ”The magician is down.

Lin Sheng stared at the portal, implicitly.

“Let the Devil King come over. Besides, Degar! ”


Degar magicians have been waiting nearby. Hear summon, get in the door right now.

“Dignity, listen to what you say."

Lin Sheng nodded.

“I'm going to open a multiway portal to explore multiple Demonic Spirits space at the same time."

“You chose a hundred degrees of Demonic Spirits, divided into a different number of teams, separated from probationary exploration."

"As you bid!" Degar Magic heart shivered, knowing what's going on in dignity. Otherwise, it would not suddenly be so desperate to explore on a large scale.

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