457. Chapter 457 Forward line 1

Chapter 457 Forward line 1

Follow Lin Sheng's instructions, explore the world of the great secrets.

The Dear devil, after his command, went down quickly to reconcile the army.

The magicians on the other side also sent a message to the Devil King and began to rally forces.

Soon the Demonic Spirits came out of one of the doors with a few sharp commands.

“Your Highness, what do you say?"

The body was perfect, but there was only one eye contradiction on the face, bowing to Lin Sheng.

“I want the demon empire to send slave troops to explore new space secrets. How to explore the fastest, you arrange yourself, and I just want the results. "

For the demonic empire, it can't be as rough as the Demonic Spirits. The demon empire has become more a community of demons and humans.

Their feelings and detention are deeper, leaving mission objectives to them, provided that the results are the best.

Let them accomplish their goals in their own way.

“Subordinate.”The Devil King calmly said.

There is no doubt that she has more ways to explore new space as intact as possible than Degar.

To the Lord of the Demon and the Dear devil.

Soon, Lin Sheng was constantly aware of the new space secrets and was constantly looking for space where debris could exist.

Know, set the coordinates and then open them, set up a portal and send troops into exploration.

Another portal, kept open on this square.

Time slowed down.

A large number of Demonic Spirits troops and demon empire forces have been pulled up.

They were sent here first, and then turned to other secrets. The resources for the transmission of sea volumes have been consumed and a variety of materials have been used as consumables.

And then, more than 10,000 sources continue to be the Demonic Spirits Demorits Demonic Magic Army, pushing into every open portal.

A few days later.

Some of these portals were cancelled because Lin Sheng had determined that they were worthless during the exploration process.

Others were left behind for reasons such as the abundance of resources or the existence of research values.

And really, there was a fragmentation, and Lin Sheng found three of them.

All three of them, he sent a large number of troops into the investigation.

As a result of the military feedback, it has been shown that there is a relatively wide range of space on the other side and that there is room for intellectual life.

Lin Sheng thought about it, the treasure of this mystery level, let it go down, and don't worry about it. If we find ourselves swallowed alone, that's the real loss.

So in a moment of thought, he decided to let someone go check the space information environment over there, and then he went into it himself. Find the fragments quickly and get them out of here.



Bishaga Island.

“Soul staring."

Or Faroudo, rise up and grow behind the back of densely packed gray triggers, which have to be organized into a huge human face.

Hundreds of red eyeballs are all over the human face.

The eyeballs are staring at the ranker in the right direction.


An intangible fluctuation follows some kind of mysterious passage, spanning thousands of metres, precisely on those ranker who are running crazy.


One is afraid to yell, and the protection of the upper layer of the body is as constant as soap bubbles.

Until the defense is dispersed, his body is also playing a mysterious role, swiftly distorting the shape.


That brake, this family, patriarch, from the fires of Oro hell, has a body like cannabis, hung up into a number, dispersing down and falling into the water.

Others have seen the situation and have said no more quickly.

This is no longer the extent to which they rely on quantities to overcome. How many more people are going to die.

Faroudo has been on top of ranker's higher realm, and if there is no equivalent level of power, they will be killed.

“Black hands.”

Faroudo has a mouth, stretched a dark, dark shadow arm at the middle of the mouth, chasing away a few people who fled.

pu pu!

Two ranker is like a lamb to be slaughtered, two lightly, and the blood goes down and falls into the bottom of the water.

On Bishaga, blood and corpses are scattered everywhere.

A final force erupted when ranker died, destroying the island completely.

The entire island's ground was blown up by a number of layers of skins. The altitude also fell by more than 10 metres below.

Faroudo stepped on the white flag of Heaven Tower on the ground and saw the strongest of heaven towers he absorbed into a dry body, the Golden White Wing Man and the Red Angel.

“I'm so sorry. Finally I won. ”

He almost wanted decayed light on his face, showing a little smile.

“You think…You…Win? "On a sophisticated crust rock, an old man crucified up there, surrounded by a bloody said solemnly.

“Are you still alive?”Faroudo picked the eyebrows, looking for the old man.

“Sieg, actually this time, if you don't take any initiative in filling water, you won't fall into this scene."He combines the memories of the honeymoon, and in fact it's a mathematical and Faroudo group.

Naturally, the hybrid personality and emotion have been left behind.

In fact, he's not Faroudo's full body, but rather equivalent to a proxy.

“Oh…This time I lost…But this world is not as simple as you think. Wait, someone will avenge me. Wait a minute. ”Old man looks cold, icily said.

“I look forward to it.”Faroudo stretches his hand and automatically builds up a giant grey arm after the same time, harassing the old man with a crush.


The grey hand spilled a blood bubble.

“It's a shame. Old friends are missing another one. "Faroudo sighs, fake sorrow.

On the ground around him, the ranker of Oro's hell flame didn't even have a complete body.

Just as he pretends to be mourning, an invisible silver scream, sneaking from behind him, straight thrust.

Hands are sharp, White Paper's strongest, Sun Star Kaisha.

His face is bleak, and apparently he was injured in the war that just happened.

He had succeeded in concealing himself, but at this moment, the whole Behaga island was surrounded by a strong red circle.

Once it touches the edge of the streets, it will be shown immediately.

With his strength at this time, the maximum number of hits on Faroudo can be hardly taken.

Then, if there is no way to hide, then there will be no doubt of death.

So he had to come back. The server is looking for a chance.

“Town souls…As long as a stab is stabbed, the soul of a life can be shattered for a day, whether injured or not. "

Star Kaisha has a hard head, knowing that if he stays in Faroudo in a short time, he doesn't want to get away safely.

Why don't you just sit down and shoot yourself?

His ranker isolated could be hidden and life fluctuations. Such capacity would allow him to hide himself in another intangible gap.

Only during the brake of the attack will the breath fluctuate.

It is also one of his greatest reluctance to become one of the strongest of the Japanese champions.

silver's sharp a little closer to Faroudo's back.

Five meters.

Three meters.

Two meters.

One meter.

Suddenly sharp stabbing accelerates, moving forward.

“The spell of shock!"

Faroudo suddenly spoke in his mouth.


A circle of pure grey shock tattoos spread out of the eight quadrant shocks that moved towards his whole body.

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