458. Chapter 458 Forward line 2

Chapter 458 Forward line 2

The wave tattoos, with a strong sense of shock, almost instantly pushed the stars behind Faroudo.

“The curse" tenacious. ”

“The spell of spirituality."

“The curse… suffocation."

“High-Level Killings Fund."

“High-Level's death is staring."

“Strengthen the edge of ultraviolitis."

As Faroudo explodes with a series of magic words, densely packed's vast spectacular light shines on him.

At the same time, a path of miraculous monstrous have the effect of all sorts of magic that explode on the stars.

Stricts, spiritual repression, death starvation, super temperature fire damage, air excision, spiritual deterrence, etc.

A series of High-Level Demonic Ability Users, which would have required at least one day of preparation for a large formidable power formula, was like a general trick in Faroudo's hands.

The easy way to do this is through voices.

Until the stars come back to God, he rejects only two kinds of magical effects, and the rest is no longer possible.

A layer of magic works, wrapped up his perfect bond and became an irresistible gray-black giant.


There's no bullshit, Faroudo right hand stretched forward and stabbed through stars' eyebrows.

His hand, like a knife, was easily stabbed into the skull of the stars and his brain was shattered.


The instant death of the stars, ranker, the huge energy gathered up there, suddenly exploded into a hot light, and steeply surrounded Faroudo.

Soon the red flame spreads, revealing the unabated Faroudo silhouette.

His eyes have risen, far from looking to many of the warships fleeing at a rush.

“Next, if three different medications are opened, my whole body will come. At the same time, the hands of the meditation community can recover in advance. "

“…Fight, make me feel more surprised…If you're bored for so many years, it's not easy to come out once, is it not funny? "

Faroudo goes out and reads the magic out of his mouth.

“The spell of God."


He suddenly turned into a grey light, like a meteor, flying out and heading towards a warship.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Unknown world.

The pale white snow plains, the top of the tens of thousands of Demonic Spirits, are raging and opposite the Majlis.

Half the horse's blood bleeding red the plain snow.

Demonic Spirits' natural physical immunization allowed them only to be injured by a small quantity of energy weapons.

And half the Majlis have only one third of them, possessing such energy weapons.

And that, already, is the most powerful force in this secret world.

Lin Sheng rides the same giant horses of war as the devil. A heavy white armor, standing on a hill, beneath the battlefield.

His face is covered by masks, and he can't see what it looks like, and only his eyes reveal the slightest indifference and cold.

Did you find what I wanted?And suddenly he cried low.

“Found, the tail chiefs stole him on the ankle of his son, and I found him and took it off right away."

The body of the Devil King suddenly floats out, kneeling under Lin Sheng's right knee.

At the same time, she had a white golden look like a ghost face and a strange bone of the symbol language.

The bones are small and shattered, with slight strings on the surface, and appear to have suffered minor damage.

Lin Sheng stretched his hand up and felt like heart fluctuations up there.

“That's it.”He grabbed the bones and finally looked at the half of the horses that were struggling.

The Mixed Tribes, this powerful force that surrounded this secret world, once claimed to be hostile, were brutally repressed by the Demonic Spirits General simply because he was reluctant to hand over what he wanted.

“Let them surrender, unwilling, dispose of it."Lin Sheng left a last sentence, turning around riding away.

And the magic emperor, who stayed behind, left him on his knees, and exalted him.

In four days.

Lin Sheng has steadily trampled 11 different secret spaces.

These spaces are small, big enough to have a province of Miga, and the smallest of them is the size of a city in Henrikara.

But those who conceal the mighty ones are not among the few.

The most resilient among them is the mystery of the people dominated by the current half-man tribe.

This white grass is dominated by this powerful clan.

They have been invaded for too long and have forgotten how to treat those who are stronger than themselves, without all due respect.

So, when the messenger under Lin Sheng arrived here, the conflict and the conflict opened.

After Lin Sheng's messenger was relentlessly killed.

General Demonic Spirits, under the command of Lin Sheng, gathered together and went crazy into this white grass.

The arrogant Miami tribe finally tasted the evil consequences of the failure.

And the price is almost extinct.

Two days later, the strongest from the Middle tribe, Centaur King Kuul, clashed. But in the Palace of Demonic Spirits with pain, he saw Prince Demonic Spirits Lin Sheng sitting on the throne.

His clan was slaughtered, and only the last branch was backed by the bloodline.

In such a case, he had to shoulder his responsibilities at a time of distress, at the expense of joining Lin Sheng in exchange for amnesty for the people of the horse.

Like the Devil King, in order to protect the last bloodline and inheritance of the community, he had to ask for it, join Lin Sheng and become one of his paws.

Since then, Lin Sheng has a demon queen, Centaur King, and Degar magician, three major armies Regimental Commander.

They represent the powerful forces of three different communities, respectively.

The demons and Centaur King are all really arriving at the ranker level.



Just when Lin Sheng's majesty, he's searching everywhere for dark fragments, in reality.

Faroudo has also genuinely made a tremendous case of shocking the world.

After the breakdown and killing of most ranker, the Moon, or Faroudo, was followed by the World Joint Ships, who personally launched an appalling massacre.

And he's not a simple killer.

Rather, it is the vast fallout of life, with a total of 18 warships, a total of more than 30,000, all frozen and sinked in the sea off the coast of the sea near the island of Shacca.

These frozen soldiers, not dead, are confined to their bodies, and spiritually only born into seabed, and are becoming insane in endless silence and death.


on the surface of blue, Faroudo came out of half gray smoke.

The human body lifts the right arm and grabs the huge long-standing missiles that have been sent down from the sky.

The entire white intercontinental missile, constantly spreading huge, high-temperature orange flames, with incredible strengths and trying to break the grey hands.

At the end of the missile, a large green crystal was embedded in a diamond.

A lot of Demonic Ability in the crystal continues to float. Increased terrifying energy for missiles.

But nothing.

Faroudo has power.


More than 10 metres long white intercontinental missiles, like a big scrap iron, were distorted into his heart.

The liquid powder in it leaks out, spreads over the sea, and there is no sign of an explosion.

It's like there's some kind of weird force that inhibits missile explosions.

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