459. Chapter 459

Chapter 459

bang bang bang bang bang bang!

In the day of the gunfire, densely packed artillery shells hit Faroudo from a distance of rain.

“The curse."

Faroudo, lift your fingers.

A giant square gray barrier, suddenly floating in front of him.

There's a lot of worms on the surface of the barrier, just like a big lion.

The end of all the worms is integrated with the lion's hair.

Bang bang bang bang!

All Demonic Ability artillery shells on the barrier, then stagnated, and suddenly returned.

All the artillery rounds returned to the bombardment in the direction of flying.


Far from the sea, there was a wave of blast lights.

Far from hearing angry Demonic Ability Users yelling at abandoning the ship.

Faroudo looks far in the direction of artillery bombs.

“The nearest place is Redwing. Then go to Heaven Tower. "

He's smiling on his face, lighter down his feet, when the sea explodes, turned into a big turbine and switched fast.

Faroudo has no idea when to disappear.



Demonic Spirits Palace.


Lin Sheng placed white gold bones lightly on black water crystal pillar.

Wonderful things happen.

The white bones are spontaneously transformed and closely tied to black water crystal pillar.

And water crystal pillar also slows down the shape, from crude to light.

The edge has evolved into a delicate and thin edge.

Less than ten seconds.

This formerly rough black water crystal pillar has been transformed into a black blade of more than two metres.

The giant knife has made the weight of white gold bones, blacked in black, rough. The overall appearance seems to be the most common type of thick-ass cutting knife.

Lin Sheng stretched his hand gently to hold the knife, to the foregoing.


The knife was trembling and screaming like the sound fork.

“Is it possible that two pieces of pieces of fragments have been merged?”

In the dark palace, Lin Sheng stretched his hand lightly, a weapon that integrates dark fragments.

He can feel that this is not the physical form of a devil wheel.

“On the basis of the gap between fluctuations in the upper vent, at least two pieces of fragments are available to re-establish a complete shadow turnaround."

Lin Sheng put up a giant knife and put it in front of him, hands and hands.

“One more piece of fragment, and it feels like it can activate its initial strength.”

The devil wheel, one of the strongest gods that Demonic Spirit World has been passing, says the holder can control the whole Demonic Spirit World. Achievements are not hegemonic.

Lin Sheng, while not believing that the holder can claim to be hegemonic, is said to have the effect of many demonic Spirits' superiority over the device.

He sat on his seat, lightly slapped the giant knife in his hands. Feeling carefully about some mysterious and hidden energy that flows inside.

“Almost…It's almost…The third piece of fragment will soon be found.

The third fragment is in the secret world, and I've identified it earlier. Just go get your hand. ”

Lin Sheng's face is calm, but in the heart it is an extraordinary expectation.

At this time, Centaur King and the Devil King have travelled to the third fragmentation world to conquer this most difficult vast space.

Lin Sheng, wait for good news to come.

Centaur King and the King of the Demon, the two main ranker levels, should be less problematic to deal with a secret world.

Just don't wait for him to study the synthetic knife in his hand.

A commanding officer came into great hall with a demonic Spirits soldier with a half-bystander.

“Dignity, something's wrong!”The commanded magistrate was coloured and handed over a black scroll to Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng took the scroll, shaking it lightly, blowing it off, turning it into countless green light spots.

“Is it the magic of the Devil King?"

His eyebrows are very valuable, and there are a number of key messages that can be passive.

It is generally only when the holder is seriously injured that automatically starts, recording the critical moment at that time.

He doesn't know exactly what's going on. But since the shadow axis were activated, there must be a strong enemy.

Soon, the light from the scroll will come together and form a triangle screen.

The screen began to slow down the events that had occurred before.

A vast white giant great hall, a tall black giant with golden wrists, is yelling at and killing all the demons.

Black giants are wearing a very defensive black metal vest, and every punch goes out, and there is a huge shock that explodes.

great hall was repeatedly hit on the ground with a pit.

The Devil King is facing a tough fight, shaking, but over time, he's slowing down into the wind.

On the other hand, Centaur King had a huge contradiction, and a white giant at the tail of a human fish was shaking.

Centaur King has been trapped in a state of lawlessness, which is the magnitude of his war.

The prototype is more than twice as large as the people, and then it's almost five metres tall and three metres wide.

Far from looking like a big meat mountain.

But Centaur King's opponent is equally untouchable.

The white giant at the tail of that man, who is equally four metres tall. Every time you wave a trillion, you can bring a razor of fanatics.

The grey dragons were constantly bombarded on Centaur King, interfering with his offensive. The power of Centaur King to exterminate was greatly dominated.

“When you conquer the secret world that you ordered, the two armies Regimental Commander found this giant palace. There are two giant kings in it, the two top powerful men who dominate the whole secret. ”

The commanding officer is half transparent Demonic Spirits, the head of the snake, and at this time he is a low profile. Hide added a cold breath to the entire palace.

“The giant king?”Lin Sheng, light up with a giant knife, sink up.

“Yes, through the Demonic Spirits language there, native indigenous people there, do call them the king of the giant."Demonic Spirits, the head of snake, answered.

“Which means that it belongs to Demonic Spirit World? All demonic Spirits, including the king? "Lin Sheng Dongton's time.


Lin Sheng was silent for a moment and raised a giant knife.

He walked out of the palace and came to the portal in front of the gate.

Most of these portals have been replaced with the Guardian of Demonic Spirits, the Dear Demorits.

Only those clandestine situations that have not yet been conquered are still guarded by the magicians of the demon Empire.


When I just walked to this empty ground, the last of them was in the portal, and suddenly it broke out of a silhouette.

And it is the king of the demon who wore a wrecked green armor.

She just walked out of the mailbox, and she just turned her body down, almost softly.

It's good for a space technician to grab her.

“Your Majesty!"A bunch of magicians of the demon empire were on the front line.

Unlike the Demonic Spirits, the demonic empire and other demorits have a very high sense of belonging and identity for their own rulers.

Lin Sheng, raise your hand.

At the end of the day, a clean Saint Force was turned into a light, covering the king of the demon. Start treating her urgently.

He only noticed that the right arm of the Lord of the Demon had been broken and left with only one bald blood.

“Your Highness…There's a heavy trusteeship under… ”The demon King expressionless moved towards Lin Sheng on his knees.

Lin Sheng looked at her, didn't talk.

Regardless of whether the demon King is real or not, at least her wound has been irrelevant and has been harsh.

Silence for a while.

On the side of the portal, he walked out of Silhouette's red hair.

“You go with me."He looked for the day of work.


Two of them, one before, went through the crown of the demon, stepped into the portal.

At the same time, there are also High-Level Demonic Spirits, such as Prince followed closely from behind Demonic Spirits and Degar Magicians.

As King Demonic Spirits himself, these close guards, if they don't keep up, will have consequences, and no one can predict.

Thank you for the bounty of the bowl last week.

Remove the rest of your temperature.

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