460. Chapter 460 Track 1

Chapter 460 Track 1

Giant Demonic Spirit World.


Centaur King yelled at a paradox that hit weapons in the hands of a human giant.

The giants of the human fish have been brought together in the back of a bigger wave of wild dragons, with grey dragons forming a strong lead, as in the case of the wire, continuously holding Centaur King from four sides.

“Blood divine lance! Kill! "

Centaur King's hand Lance suddenly turned from pure black to white silver, with sharp, sharp, sharp, sharp, white eyes.


Once again, this stab has been blocked by the man-made giants.

the power and speed of lance have been severely disrupted by the dragon wind, which has become slow and retarded.

Centaur King tried to retreat on several occasions, but not far from the sight of another black giant King, to make him afraid of any signs of retreat.

The black giant he remembered was fighting with the Devil King, and he didn't expect to get out of the fight right now.

Obviously, the Devil King is either defeated or defeated.

“Damn it! This fucking alone woman! ”His anger is a tremendous contradiction, the stronger he is as Centaur King, the more angry he is, the stronger his strength and speed.

So he actually fought, the most famous generation of Centaur King.

At this juncture, the anger of the heart is like the flame rolling over the bear, and Centaur King's strength and speed almost doubled more than usual.

It's totally the opposite human giant hit.

But every time he's going to slow down his time, he's being threatened by the other black giant with the eye, making him unable to do anything.

This sad death situation has lasted two or three minutes.

Centaur King has felt his anger slowly retreating.

It is true that anger can dramatically escalate and power, but at such a cost it is extremely fast to consume its own physical and mental abilities. And it was consumed proportionally.

“No! You can't do that! I have to find a way to find a switch! ”

Centaur King, on the one hand, waved a huge contradiction, sneaking around all around and looking for the time that might escape.

But he brought the General Demonic Spirits, who had been largely swept away by the barbarians in the palace of the giant.

These eloquent savages, one with a rough style and armor, are either hammer or giant bones in their hands.

Every time they wave their weapons, they yell at a strange shock.

Just like that black giant. This force is very alarming to be able to destroy things from the surface.

Demonic Spirits were shaken by this power and found themselves at the heart of the body, thereby being killed by one after another.

“Go on, I'll die here!”Centaur King's heart is getting more anxious.

But whatever he does, the human giants across the street die sticking to him.

He withdrew, and each other went forward.

He moves forward, the other side withdraws.

These two giants seem to be consuming his strength and trying to take him without compromising.

“Goddamn it! Aaahhhhhhhhh! "

Centaur King's heart is getting angry.

But the anger, though strong, has burned for so long, is becoming increasingly unsustainable.

“You slut! Thought that would kill me? Kill the great Centaur King Kur?

“I'll let you know, play my price!”Centaur King is full of effort.

The crude conflict is sweeping up with a sharp wind, and the lead wire from across the dragon will be broken in all of a sudden.

He's stepping back, breathing, eyeballs, red, and he's going to use the last flame of blood.

That's a powerful battle tactics that need to burn lifespan to erupt.

It is possible to restore itself to the best in a very short period of time, while at the same time creating a blood-borne shield to help themselves resist harm in each of their own attacks.

But no more than ever, he was absolutely reluctant to use such a mystery.

For every use, one third lifespan needs to be consumed.

Not in fixed quantities, but in proportion.

Just when his heart is hesitant, the human giant sees him walking a gap between the gods, and he moves forward with three spikes and lightning.


Centaur King's chest is not safe and has been cut off with a large blood.

That is why he went back to God, and the opponent before him was not a good-looking generation, but rather with him in the first Level, which required at least a hundred persuasions to distinguish the powerful enemy of victory.

“Aliens, this is not where you should come. If you're here, bury yourself here and become a battle of bones under my brother's two seats. It is also an honor for you. "

The giants of human fish talk out of style, and it seems to be with ancient rhymes, like they haven't spoken for a long time, and suddenly they start talking with sound.

Centaur King breathed the air, blood flowing, and he struggled to eliminate the fatigue and stigmatization caused by his body.

But once a wave of upheavals has brought enormous burdens to his body and has made it increasingly difficult to recover.

“No…How can I fall here! How can I? ”Centaur King was finally determined to be prepared to use the flammable bleeding mystery and, finally, to go crazy.

“I'll help you!”

It is at this point that the black giants who have been watching the war have jumped into the battlefield, and the right boxing has suddenly swept in the air, with a huge shock that hit Centaur King.

Yo, Chi!

A large number of black metals surrounded by rough arms struck the city, with a sophisticated and stable bandwidth, firing at Centaur King.

His vast body is a huge target at this time.

At this juncture, even if he was going to blow up the bleeding mystery, he would be late.

black giants, human giants, and all around the city.

All the attacks were brought together at this moment and concentrated together.

Centaur King's outbreak requires an instant physical adaptation process.

But now he doesn't even have time for this moment.


He opened his eyes and watched the black giant down his head.

At that time, the giants of the human race had struggled with his conflict and had made it impossible for him to release his hand to deal with that shock.

“will die…"

“I…I'll die! ”

At this moment, as if everything had become slow.

Flying arrows.

black giant King's fist.

The human giants' triple forks.

There is also a circle of transparental mystery around the loop. That's the giant king's men who use magic to restrain themselves.

Time seems to stop.

Centaur King was unable to move, and his body was equally inaccessible, except for his thinking to function.

Everything's like frozen bugs in Amber.

“Am I gonna die?”

He was frightened, upset, angry at looking at this strange scene.

Such a scenario is just what he saw in his life, and he has heard that people will encounter incredible things at the time of death.

Maybe that's what happened right now.

Just let him get some confusion, and he seems to be able to see the horror in the black giant eyes besides himself.

There are also distortions and mistakes on the face of a human giant.

“Big frost is cold sword."

“See? This is one of my sword lines, one of the highest deed truth, which is called an immediate extinction of all frozen swords. "

“The so-called sword, even if the sword is not blown out, can give rise to a sharp and sharp threat.

And my sword has been able, with my will, to force the soul to fall into a frozen state of extinction. "

“When life thinks it's dead. Then he'll be zero. "

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