461. Chapter 461 Tracking 2

Chapter 461 Tracking 2

Centaur King goes on to despair, and suddenly his eyes shrink.

He saw a redheaded woman standing behind a fish giant and a black giant.

And she looked at them in the palace and watched them quietly. There is no weapon in your hand, just as it looks like something is hidden.

It was clear that she had nothing in her hand, but gave a taste of a sword that she was taking at that time.

“Smell what I mean. Fear of chimney can be felt. This is sword. ”

Centaur King stared at the redhead woman, and watched her raise her hand and move it lightly, to the next.

Then he saw the black giant King clearly flowing a blood color crack on his right shoulder.

Oh, shit!

A lot of blood flowing out of the ground.

“So…It's not time to stagnate…But we stalled… "The Black giant king whispered and was terrified and unable to kneel down on the ground.

'Cause you're too weak.'

Red Woman indifferently said.


Suddenly the palace gate was reopened.

A black-ass silhouette with white weight, walked into the door, not looking at two giants and Centaur King.

It's through them, and the pen goes straight to the highest place of the giant throne, turn around and sit down.

It is clear that his head is completely incompatible with the broad crown throne, but at this point Silhouette is sitting on it, giving people an unthinkable depression and pressure.

“I only give you one chance.”

“Chef, or die.”

Silhouette's on the throne.

“This palace is founded at the peak of the Demonic Spirit World, the top of the Sand Tremont mountain range, all around the world of ice and snow. Nice place. Just for us. ”Red woman said with a smile.

“What are you doing with these two garbages? It's useless to survive, not to kill them.”

The mermaid and the black giant hearing this, the craziest instigator of the body at the end of the day, wanted to get rid of that weird frozen power.

“No…It's impossible… Want my tutor?

Don't insult me! I'm a giant king, Bo Khanra! "

The black giant is full of muscles rushing, crazy yelling.

His black fist began to grow up with countless black smoke.

All the wires wrapped his fist and quickly put a black metal armor on it.

“Aaah!”He struggled to get rid of the blade blockade of the Skyscrapers, and turned back to the skyscrapers behind him.

The giant fist was shot out like a missile, and then the blanket was parked in front of the skyscrapers, less than half a metre.


A strong wind blows the skull's hair up and pulls it off.

But the boxing won't be able to go any further.

“Well, now you prove that you're not garbage.”The Skyscrapers have a lot of appreciation.

“To be able to earn from my sword blockade, it will never be a panacea! I admit your courage. "

The black giants yelled, but they couldn't make any noise.

This distance is denied even the right to yell at him.

“Feel it?”Skyscrapers hook up a little bit of a smile.

“This is my sword area, silent voice."

She stretched fibre fingers, lightly on the black giant's forehead.

“Your blood.”

“Too noisy.”

Oh, my God.

As a point of point, the blood flow on the black giant started slowing down, slowing down, and then slowing, slowly and slowly.

Less than a few seconds later, he was boiling from blood, forcing him into a bloodshed stagnation.

“Know what will never make a sound?"

Skyscrapers turn their fingers into applause, lightly touching the black giant's face.

“Only death will never sound.”

“Enough, Skywalker."

The crown finally passed the cold man's voice.

Skyscrapers laugh back.

“Am I kidding him? He's hard to cut off a demon younger sister's arm. I just want to give him a little lesson. ”

“The arm of the Devil King can be taken back. Don't worry. ”As Lin Sheng calmly said above.

“Well, then listen to what you say. Holy God. ”

Skyscrapers smile again, and the pressure on terrifying, which is depressed and heavy, is slowing down in her smile.

All the sound of stagnation goes back to all around again.

Black giants fell down the ground, just a little while ago.

But that's just a little bit of time, but it still led to the total loss of power by the black giant king.

His entire blood was forcibly stagnated and overshadowed, leaving him with many of his local skills adversely affected.

Lin Sheng sat on the giant throne, beneath the bottom.

Two wrecked giant kings who were scared by Skyscrapers in their places of origin.

There are all other groups that are also deterred.

In a bad environment outside, access to it is both in terms of life and strength, sufficient for a strong creature Demonic Spirits.

This is also why Lin Sheng intends to give the Giants a chance. He needs more troops, more powerful people, to conquer more Demonic Spirit World.

“Big brother!”The human giants saw the black giants trapped in despair. Times are in a state of fear and anger.

But his big brother was able to get rid of the blade restraint and did not mean that he would.

The human giants are struggling crazy, trying to open the intangible bonds around them.

But his strength is much worse than Big brother.

If the power of the black giant is to be said, it is equivalent to the power of the extreme ranker formidable power. And three big Secrets ranker.

Then he's just like a general civil ranker.

Civil ranker, most of which is self-researched, cannot be compared to the secret ranker of the College.

Both formidable power and natural power fields.

And the human giants are at this level.

It's the worst floor in ranker.

If not his brother, Lin Sheng would be lazy enough to recruit this powerful man.

The struggle and anguish of the giants of the human race have brought this great hall into a pessimist.

“Skyscrapers. Dismissed. ”

Lin Sheng, calm down.

Oh, yeah.

The heavy pressure on the giant crown's throat is suddenly one light.

The two giants were first shaking, and then the two jumped together, and the lightning moved towards the palace gate.

Black giants are still in the middle of the air, and the opposite hands hit Lin Sheng in the direction.

His boxing power is extremely heavy, one beats out, the air screams and screams. The boxing swept out a bunch of water waves, moving towards Lin Sheng's flying fast.

It's a distortion, and it's just a shock caused by a shock of power.

It seems to me that this appears to be a natural shock from boxing.

But in fact, this is a shock in the black giants themselves.

If anyone really sees that twist as an ordinary surplus, it's dead.

Lin Sheng watched the shock wave twist.

He stopped the artifact that he was trying to intercept, but he stretched out his left hand, standing in front of him.

Hands up are right in front of shock waves.

(This chapter is over)

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