462. Chapter 462 Tracking 3

Chapter 462 Tracking 3


One light sound.

The wave of shock distorts forced oppression and wants breakthrough Lin Sheng's hand.

But clearly that hand is less than 10 per cent of the size of it.

Then death stopped it in the middle of the sky.

Soon, the invisible shock was spread everywhere, and the hard life was extinguished on Lin Sheng's left.

This shock distorted, like a real shock surplus, by Lin Sheng naturally.

Seeing the black giant in this screen is cold.

This is another superior strong man who can't see the bottom.

See that scene, even if he starts to suspect himself, is it true that he just waved the fist?

If he hadn't been in the body with half of his shock energy, he would have shown that that punch was actually effective.

I'm afraid now he's going to suspect life too.

“How…How could it be? ”

The human giant saw the scene, and the same mind doubted whether the brother had forgotten the use of force.

That's why it's been delayed.

Centaur King, who came back to God, had blocked the great hall door and blocked the way two people left.

At this time, in the sword area of the Skyscrapers, the two giant kings were released from their activities, except the temple itself.

And many Warrior Technicians under the rest of the giant crown continue to be like Amber, standing on the ground and maintaining their original posture.

“Go back!”One contradiction stopped the two giant king.

Centaur King is having a good time.

Just a second ago, he was prepared as a dead dog for final struggle, spelled out to fight.

At this juncture, Boss and Skyscrapers have arrived and the situation has reversed dramatically.

The dead dog just suddenly became strong, blocked the door, staring at two battered and exhausted giants.

“Crazy? Didn't you guys just be crazy? You said you were gonna kill me? Hmm? ”

Centaur King is working hard on a whole body at this time.

At that point, he felt that there was a big guy behind him when he came to the mountains.

In particular, when he was confused with a special big guy, he looked at him as a deaf dog, and turned his eyes into a dead dog.

That's a great feeling. It's unbelievable!

Centaur King was beaten hard on the right cheek of the black giant King.

A loud noise.

The black giant King was beaten up high, rolled back and fell in great hall.

Just landed on the ground right ahead of Lin Sheng.

Looking at the black giant king, he can't even act like a resistance.

Centaur King only felt a acid bubble from the tail bone to the back, and then went up the spine and hit the back of the head. He's even more like a cloud.

“He's so good!"

Centaur King laughed, and this moment of loyalty to the Holy Divine, that was a fuzzy move.

He laughed very well, and the giant king and the two were sad to throw blood.

The Centaur King, who had just failed their men, was able to shine in front of them and compel them to face.

The two giants are looking at Centaur King's ugly face, and the heart is going out with an evil fire.

Look at the face, there's a shock that wants to kill Centaur King. Let alone, the situation at this juncture is reversing dramatically.

“Aren't you obedient? Is the bone tough? "Centaur King, hey, chill up. “But it's okay, my old horse likes bone tough guys. Hehehehe! ”

He laughed and took up the conflict, and the movtowards two giant king walked.

God's tower? Old horse…

What did you learn after Centaur King?

Lin Sheng stared at the skyscrapers.

When he's not there, it's from the Skyscrapers in the whole world.

Centaur King only mixed up with someone stronger than himself. So the most costumed astronomy.

Before Lin Sheng was allowed to realistically identify the Skyscrapers at Regimental Commander. It's a little bit of a Cop common sense for them.

It's just now that it looks like this effect…

Looking at two giant kings struggling on the ground like a little daughter-in-law, frightened to hide from the growing Centaur King.

Lin Sheng doesn't have to have a kind of impulse.

Where did he go?

He's here to take two ranker, not to see a minor forbidden little live broadcast.

“Will you not surrender!"great hall is sending Centaur King's filthy smile.

“Kill me! You father, I'm not going to surrender!

..No! Don't…Throw it! I surrender! I surrender! "

The black giant King is suffering with younger brother to hide behind.

No surrender, he and younger brother were afraid to be cut off by Centaur King.

There are so many of them watching, and there are many of their own children.

It's a shame if you're really stripped, hanging up and pudding! Even if it's dead, it'll be remembered for 10,000 years!

Don't say, Centaur King's effectiveness is very good.

Look at the next two giant king, staring at Centaur King, trying to kill him with his eyes.

Lin Sheng doesn't have to think about it, do you want Centaur King to try to get confessed?

Perhaps the punishment is a better place for him than for fighting.

Two tough guys, in order to preserve their image, were eventually humiliated by Centaur King and submissed by Lin Sheng. Successful membership in King Demonic Spirits became two of his men.

The strength under King Demonic Spirits went further and became stronger.

After taking over the giant queen, Lin Sheng finally found a third fragment in the palace of the giant king.

In the giant treasury, that fragment lies in the depths of the treasure in a crystal ball, for thousands of years now.

If Lin Sheng hadn't come to the door, maybe the giants would never have understood that this crystal ball in the treasure would be so important.

Because the same planet as this crystal ball, there are at least 100 in the treasure.

And these crystal balls are all the same as externalities, and even flowers and geology are exactly the same.

Only the first fragment held by Lin Sheng can feel the fluctuation of this fragment, thus identifying which crystal ball is.

Lin Sheng entered the treasure bank and quickly elected a bunch of all sorts of them.

He did not select such a crystal ball alone, but hidden it in a bunch of other treasure.

Gold, crystal, gem, silver, all kinds and sorts of curious rare treasure. All sorts of weird device.

The treasure of the giant King, which has enriched Lin Sheng as King Demonic Spirits and the private treasures of the Holy Divine, is enormous.

And just as he found the third fragment in Demonic Spirit World, he was ready to integrate, he was initially in possession of the devil wheel.

In reality.

The Faroudo, attached to the Moon, exists on ranker, known as the Devil of the meditation.

At last, Redwing was on land belonging to the Heaven Tower.

And at the same time.

All over the world, all those who have the destiny of the sanctuary of God heard guidance from the great Star Pond.

Direct them to Redwing a small town called Descher. To gather all the holy tools, to harness the meditation magician Faroudo.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

(This chapter is over)

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