463. Chapter 463 Power 1

Chapter 463 Power 1

The Xilun border, a wooden cabin that abandoned the plantation.

The sun, through the freshness of black fog, shoots on the ground and forges a miracle to distort the illusions.

The cabin door squeaks and opens.

Adolf's nervous, the beard pulls out of the house. Raise up looking towards the sky.

“Is the erosion of the dust world so serious?"

He sighs.

Although the erosion of the dust world and Black Tide has increased, these have no impact on the holders of such a sacred instrument.

Their strength is sufficient to shield the dust and the black fog around.

Sooner or later, the terrifying enemies of the dust world will find their way to the door.

Adolf had been thinking for a long time before he finally thought of a terrible lie and suddenly left the tree that he was born.

Leave him as gracious as Teacher Lin in the mountains. So many of the companions and elders who left the temple, who loved each other in general.

When it is known that the enemy is strong enough to make him brave, Adolf knows that the future will only be his own.

No one else can be involved. That's too dangerous for others.

Adolf stretched his hand to extract a paper that was received, with a clear record of what was known as Faroudo's meditation magician, how to slaughter ranker, how to seal tens of thousands of people and sink into seabed evil.

“Can summon make the strongest effort to regroup everything? Heaven's Sacred.What the hell is this? ”

Adolf was sighing in his heart, picking up the paper, putting on a wide circle hat, falling down the hat, moving towards a distance.

This trip, whether born or dead, has to come to an end.

If it succeeds, then everything will be restored.

If he fails, the worst result is that he dies out there, and he won't even be tired of friends.

This is the consciousness of his Adolf.



Lin Sheng never thought he'd go this far.

In the rough stone temple at the Demonic Spirits Palace, he put a cup of tea on the table before him, and hot tea continues to flourish fresh white heat.

The temple is small, small basketball fields are small, round imports and exports are carried out, and some armaments from the giant King's treasures have been placed on both sides.

There's huge crystal hanging lights on the top of the head with candles.

The ground has red carpets, and the center has also built a high-profile image of him riding the horses of war.

Lin Sheng touched the crystal ball lightly.

The surface of the ball is cold, and there's a set of silver clouds in it that slowly spill.

The whole body showed silver blue, and the bottom seat was made up of an unknown freshwood, spreading new perfumes.

“Demonic Ability has, to date, basically arrived at the suppression Level, and it's not that easy to upgrade.

My aim is to boost Saint Force with Demonic Ability and to stimulate Saint Force. But actually, now I've stepped into ranker level, and Demonic Ability doesn't play much. "

Lin Sheng thought about the power system that he now has.

He has a lot of power, but it's not pure.

“Demonic Ability, Dragon Ancient, Saint Force, Sources are now having some more impact.

I must choose if I want to improve the quality and purity of energy. ”

Lin Sheng is well aware that his body is, in fact, a huge compressor, and only a single energy mass of pure concentrations can be compressed faster to reach a higher level of quality.

He has since taken advantage of Saint Force breakthrough ranker realm, and has felt that his strength cultivation base has risen slowly.

Demonic Ability will take a long time to accumulate if it is to upgrade breakthrough Suppression Level.

Saint Force breakthrough, it's not stable.

Dragon hemorrhage has been fixed as such a strong formidable power, which is to see opportunities and bloodline purity, and his share of dragon bloodline today has reached a fairly saturated level.

If it is to continue to upgrade, it can only upgrade the bloodline purity.

But purity is not at all possible, and it also requires compression.

“I'm in the body's power too much, and there is no environment for purity. A choice must be made. "

Lin Sheng started having hot tea lightly.

Fresh tea champagne, let him not be heartened by a spirit.

“Demonic Ability, for me, can give up first. I don't have Demonic Ability innate talent in my own right, and learning it's just to touch it. "

He first took Demonic Ability off.

“Second, Dragon Ancient, this depends on the bloodline. Dragon bloodline, I was just trying to raise the strength of my body, enough to save more Saint Force.

Now I've breakthrough to ranker, and theoretically, I can source continuous communication with Sea Gate, converted from Utmost Spirit Sea's chaos to pure Saint Force. "

“So this can be put down for a while.”

“Third, chaos…This is the strength that I accidentally received from Utmost Spirit Sea. Although unlimited, there is no system, no stage, no clear direction. ”

Lin Sheng groans down.

“The nature of Saint Force is, after all, the soul. I should be at the heart of the soul, and I should constantly strengthen it. ”

The heart of everything is the soul.

Lin Sheng thought of that and quickly cleaned up what was at the heart of it.

“The soul is my essence. With the soul, Saint Force and Demonic Ability are just derivatives. "

He drank a cup of tea and stood up.

Pick up the crystal ball, Lin Sheng to the palace.

The Demonic Spirits Palace, the Dear Magician and the King of the Demonic Spirits, ordered all Demonic Spirits to be built together with the artisanal craftsmen of the Demonic Empire.

Initially, the magic family was built.

Later, the Magic Emperor was out of the top of the crown, and in order to shoot Lin Sheng's ass, he started with people around him.

The more luxurious internal palace is one of them.

Power, always fascinating places, that's all.

“Grab the power, everything else will come from me.”Lin Sheng slipped that in his heart.

He walked under the palace, and looked up and looked at the sign with the palace.

Then take a big walk in.

Guardian of the palace is General Demonic Spirits, the two strong, half-insect.

They are human men in the first half, and the second half are the same giant worms as half a human horse.

densely packed dozens of black legs are sufficient to support them on the ground as stable as the Thai Mountains.

These strong Warrior, who grew up with black oil and light crusts, saw Lin Sheng come, kneeling and acting in silence.

Lin Sheng did not ignore them, but looked straight into the middle of the inner palace and inserted that amazing knife on the ground.

It's been a long time since this dark wheel has changed somehow unknown.

The size of the giant knife has been reduced a lot. The outmode is also thin.

“Three pieces of fragments…Now, let me see what's going on after three pieces of fragments… ”

Lin Sheng stretched his hand and handcuffed it with a giant knife.

And then the other hand, put the crystal ball on, and push it lightly.


Wonderful things happen.

Crystal balls, like softened liquids, flown lightly and melted on the surface of a giant knife.

And for a few seconds, the crystal ball was completely lost in Lin Sheng's hand.

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