464. Chapter 464 Power 2

Chapter 464 Power 2

Lin Sheng held the giant knife quietly and quickly absorbed the alert he left on the top with Saint Force.

In order to prevent other organisms from contacting this treasure, he used Saint Force's highly enriched sooner, attached here to this giant knife surface, so that it could be better isolated and volatile.

At the same time, highly enriched Saint Force can also serve as a defense against treasure.

If anyone wants to get close to taking the giant knife, the first time will be found by Lin Sheng and tracked up.

Unless the other party is able to expel his high concentration on the top, Saint Force.

But if such opponents show up, it doesn't have to come in and steal things, it's not easier to hit them directly.

Lin Sheng dispersed with Saint Force above.

Keep an eye on three pieces of fragments that melt into one of the twisted wheels.

pā tà.

Suddenly, it was loud.

The giant knife was held in his hand, and suddenly it broke down, fell on the ground and began to melt down.

Like ice cream dissolved by sunshine, it's just that the dissolved process has been quickened by hundreds of times as fast as possible.

Lin Sheng didn't even react, and he saw the giant knife in his hand blew down the ground, and the silent dissolved into black sticky liquids on the beach.

In the trunk, he seems to have heard about the bug densely packed by the bug, and the rain spot shots the sand from the leaves.

That sound quickly turned into hua hua hua, a sea wave shooting rocks.

As if someone was in private in the ear, as if there were countless pictures in front of the eyes.

A lot of knowledge, information, is translated into the same black smoke as substance, from black sticky liquids beneath Lin Sheng's feet.

He was surrounded by these black cigarettes, which contain countless audio information.

Time seems to be slowing down at this moment.

Thousands of knowledge about Demonic Spirits, flying into Lin Sheng's head.

It's a very delightful feeling.

Rather than simply putting the knowledge of the sea in Lin Sheng's brain, it evolved through a complete scenario, a more vague, but complete way to make him aware of what the root causes of Demonic Spirits's energy are.


A sloppy woman in Lin Sheng's ear.



That sounds repeated.

hypnotic-type, like, keeps Lin Sheng out of his mind and sleeping with Chenchen.

He slowly closes his eyes, in the dark in the front of his eyes, a huge grey round, slowly floating from the darkness.

The giant wheels are like a giant teeth, with four embedded spaces on the edge.

Soon, an embedded object began to float out.

One embedded is black water crystal pillar.

A mosquito is white bone.

A mosquito is crystal ball.

There's another embryo, it's empty.

Oh, my God.

The giant wheel slowed down, but there was an unspeakable failure because of the lack of a embryo.

It seems that because of the lack of a embryo, the whole giant wheel is not able to continue to move smoothly.

Lin Sheng looked at this giant wheel and saw countless flowers on the edge of it, and a detailed picture of the mountain river. There are countless worms on the surface that crawl around.

This giant wheel is more than a round of mysterious treasure.

He opens his mouth and wants to talk.

But he hasn't been waiting for him to go back to God, to the center of the giant wheel, and suddenly to open a small entrance, in which three dark red blood streams flow out of silence.

in hua la's voice, these bloody water flows quickly, spinning around Lin Sheng, and then drilling into his chest.

A total of three blood drains were left on Lin Sheng's chest, respectively.

Three tattoos together form a large complex round.

Lin Sheng opened his eyes, dispersed his armor, stripped his clothes and looked at his chest.

He had three blood red marks on his chest.

The three markings are together, like a bad spell, a red round full of chest.

The circle center has the same flowers as the eye, and that flower is the same as the living creature that keeps moving towards all over it, and it spreads freshly grey.

Inevitably, you can see countless symbol language tattoos on the move.

Lin Sheng looked towards himself, where no giant knife existed. There's no paint black liquid under your feet.

The so-called devil wheel seems totally on him.

He closed his eyes and felt a lot of information just flowing into his head.

“So this is the so-called devil wheel…Instead of being an evil wheel, it's a ban. ”

The devil wheel was jointly refined at Demonic Spirit World flourishing period by a total of eighty-eight most powerful superior Demonic Spirits.

Demonic Spirits didn't have a natural innate talent.

Demonic Spirits are just a special body structure, not much different.

But since the Super Demonic Spirits refined this treasure, they have used this treasure to upgrade the Demonic Spirits family into a naturally powerful, innate talent community through some mysterious and special means.

This treasure, instead of treasure, was used by Demonic Spirits to breakthrough the ethnic limits and to raise the cohesion of his own bloodline.

It was the most powerful Demonic Spirits, the great creature that had been refined for breakthrough the limits of their own bloodline and race.

And relative, the devil wheel is not entirely understood how to release all Demonic Spirits.

Rather, they automatically get the eight super Demonic Spirits of the super Demonic Spirits.

“Eighty-eight plus protection…”Lin Sheng opened his eyes. Pull out your hand and shake it lightly.

He was able to feel that a wonderful force, like a syndicate, surrounded by his own body.

There are dozens of gas fluctuations in this field that are very different.

These forces, like giant snakes in his shadow, reveal their teeth only when they need them.

“Eighty-eight types of protection, eighty-eight isotopes, can be categorized as four categories in general.”

Lin Sheng started to classify according to information in his mind.

“First, to strengthen its own presence.”

“Second, to weaken the opponents' hijackers."

“Third, free rotation.”


Lin Sheng's eyebrows are suddenly tight.

“Fourth is a disability…It is true that the final pieces of fragments will need to be fully integrated in order to obtain the ultimate complete strength. ”

“Eighty-eight plus protection, I have received the first three categories, plus more than 70 plus a total of more than a few last protective absences. So it seems that these absent protections are likely to be the most important ones. ”

Lin Sheng's heart is clear.

He's around all around, and there's no power to try to protect right now.

Instead of walking out of the palace, in many demonic Spirits bowed out of the Demonic Spirits Palace.

And then he went on foot before he got black water crystal pillar in the door to Demonic Spirits.


In the middle of the day, Lin Sheng just returned to God from the transmission, and saw a tragic white flame spreading at him.

He has not yet been waiting for his response, and the natural rise has sparked a gray light and blocked the fire.

Lin Sheng felt a little hot in his chest, and his head looked down the strip.

The red round chart on the chest became clearer and bleeding.

(This chapter is over)

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