465. Chapter 465 Power 3

Chapter 465 Power 3

“Is there a wheel holding?”Lin Sheng would have thought about it.

That's how he goes on the flame.

This terrifying, equivalent to the five Wings Power, froze the fire, when he was unable to even touch his skin.

He didn't use any of his own power, Demonic Ability, Saint Force, and dragon bleeding was good and useless.

And it's just the new hand's reinforcement that's automatically helping him protect everything.

Lin Sheng slowed down from the air in a rough white flame pillar.

“There is a slight bias in the transmission that has just been transmitted directly into the flame."

He's out of the fire pillar, around all around, next step. The whole man jumped off, moved towards a distance.

Thousands of metres from a direction.

Lin Sheng stopped at the top of a micro-class hill and looked down all around the wide terrain.

All over the earth is a path of grey white fire from spraying.

This space is like a serious wound in the aftermath of the war, on the verge of dying, still struggling on whilst at death's door.

“Just test it here.”

Lin Sheng has a heart to try the strength of protection.

He stretched his hand and shot a food finger, and he was shooting at a fire column far away.

And then try to operate the robbing power of the ship.


An intangible fluctuation was fired out of Lin Sheng's food finger, precisely on the surface of the fire pillar.

The silent room.

The fire pillar was first rapidly becoming transparent, and then in a few seconds the colors were getting smaller and smaller.

Finally, it's completely gone, just as it never happened.

Lin Sheng, put your fingers down and wait, and it's been a long time since he didn't see the fire burst again.

“So, the crucified ship in custody is to completely erase the existence of each other?"

Lin Sheng would have thought about it.

Demonic Spirits, the top powerful ones, naturally contain their philosophy.

What means is to weaken the ultimate objective of the enemy.

In Demonic Spirit World, the ultimate Demonic Spirits believe that the answer is to completely eliminate each other from its roots.

“So the hijacking wheels assemble dozens of different kinds of energy that eventually come together is to wipe out their opponents?"Lin Sheng is a little bit of a sudden.

“and then strengthen their own presence.”

He looked at the blood chart on his chest again.

Then reappoint your hands and, in accordance with the information and knowledge contained in the memories, put a finger on the shoulder as a round of printing.

“Open it!”

And he opened his eyes, and the chest suddenly poured out a lot of blood red rays of light, and covered him in it.


A five-six-metre blood color ray of light starts out of the sky and builds the clouds on the top.

A large amount of grey white clouds were contaminated by blood light into red, and a long time of thunder was launched.

Soon, the targeted red light has been transformed into a huge flame on the ground.

In the fire, a clear silhouette slowly opened his arms.

“For Demonic Spirits, what kind of power is the best way to strengthen yourself?"

“I didn't think the answer would be this…"

in the blood light veil, Lin Sheng has been unaware of face and shape, with only one pair of light golden light like a freshly golden vortex.

“Too strong…I've…I feel scared, even myself. ”

“I fear that I will destroy everything without care.”

Lin Sheng raised his eyes far away and was drunk in this indefinite special situation.

No one can stop him from doing anything like that.

No one!

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Reality, Redwing Heaven Tower.


In the sky of grey white, Faroudo was black robe, and white hair was blown over.

He laughed loudly, releasing a circle of grey energy shock tattoos.

The vast wave of shock spreads to all around and destroys everything around the world.

Demonic Ability Users from the lower paradise tower, forming an army, another round of bombardment and shooting, seem to be isolated from a thick cotton, even without qualification to reach Faroudo.

The artillery shells and Demonic Ability technique, like weak, powerless worms, are constantly trying to break that grey shock tattoo once.

But every breakthrough will not work, it will only be powerless to return.

“Feel desperate?"Faroudo said at laughing loudly.

“I'm so disappointed…Hundreds of years ago, humans are not so small.

And when the heroes came forth, the strong were like the clouds. Even if I wait for the meditation clergy, I must be careful. "

“But now? See you guys? ”Faroudo's deep eyes reveal nothing funny.

“This is a paradoxical psychology…I want you to be stronger, let me be happy, and I don't want you to be stronger, lest I waste my spirit. Let me consume more. "

“Faroudo, do you have to kill my Heaven Tower to the last one?”

There are many demonic Ability Users on the ground who must be white, with an old man standing on the shoulder with an eagle, and when his eyes are staring cold at the meditation of the sky.

“Are you not afraid of the volatility of the medieval government when you are the goddess of the Pharaoh's spell and do not serve the Lord of the meditation in the ground?"

Older people are calm, but the content is clear to the meditation.

“Oh?”Faroudo was surprised.

“Looks like someone on the earth remembers my Faroudo presence.”

He looked down at that old man.

This is the first time that he left Bishaga to look at a human being like that.

“Regional human beings are capable of knowing the situation within the great meditation. Looks like my assessment of the Stadium is still going to be reoriented. ”He smiled.

“What if we destroy this earth? We're hiding in the dark, coming out a few decades later, but it's just that everything starts again.

But what about you? The meditation government's selfish devil, Farouk. When you get back, what price would you pay for this robbery? ”

The old man is cold, as if most of mankind were extinct, and it is not a big thing in his eyes.

“It's cold…By contrast, the number of people in secret accommodation is a difference between the soil and the outside world. And do you dare to give up everything? ”

Faroudo also has some surprises about each other's fruits.

“Isn't this what the Moon wants? The end of the old age, the beginning of the new era. ”Old man said coldy.

Next to him, Demonic Ability Users of the rest of the paradise tower had an eyesight, with a red face, apparently a lot of people thought about this terrifying future.

At this point, looking towards Faroudo, one of them hated not to want to rush right away and fight with him.

After all, most of the friends of Demonic Ability Users are actually in reality, and the secret does not allow so many people.

So destroying the reality is like letting them break their grandchildren, and their relatives destroy them all.

No one can accept this outcome.

“Is that what it is?”Faroudo's eyebrowing, "Well, let me try and see how many of you are willing to really hide in the dark…"

He means deep looking towards old man behind those Demonic Ability Users.

“If it doesn't work, try it. If you want to destroy the tower, see how much you're willing to pay! ”

oldman's eyes are cold, and there's a rough cold cane in his hand.

“Front!"His staff stopped.

The brakes on the ground plains raised a giant silver White Front. Just put Faroudo in the sky right in position.

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