466. The last fragment of chapter 466 1

Chapter 466, the last fragment 1

Melodious harp music.

Wearing a gorgeous robe, a bard with a butterfly like a male and female, is playing a poem that belongs to the style of the fairy empire.

The melody of the voice is also difficult to distinguish between male and female, the neutral soft voice, which led to the reign of the Regimental Commander.

The poems are the old aristocrats of the fairy empire who are trying to create, the songs are moving, the tunes are beautiful, the rhetoric is gorgeous and philosophical.

“However, this praises me in front of me, is it a bit too shameful?”

Lin Sheng sat on the throne of Demonic Spirits, staring at the Centaur King and the fairy king on the right.

Centaur King is shaking his head in a fascinating look, seemingly immersed in the song.

The goblin king closed his eyes and drank his wine, and his expression did not change. However, anyway, she has a complete face in one eye, and she does not see any expression.

Degar’s hand is on the lower side of this strength-oriented great hall, which makes the Demonic Spirits of the Devils feel uncomfortable, but in fact, his strength is too weak.

The giants and the kings only descended, and they sat at the end of the mat, and sipped the wine and meat without a word.


Suddenly a heavy footstep came from outside the temple.

“The dragon tomb sin dragon mother!”

The order of the commander was only coming in.

“Sin Dragon Mother?” The numerous military Regimental Commanders present were slightly startled.

They learned about the existence of the Tomb from Lin Sheng and Tiangong Xiakou. But I don’t know the specific situation, and I have never seen the strong members inside.

And now is the time to see this strange new member.

As the footsteps approached quickly.

At the gate, a woman in a long black dress, a glamorous blonde beauty, was calmly walking into the great hall with a smile.

In the melodious voice, she stood in the middle of the great hall and bowed slightly to Lin Sheng.

“The powerful Demonic Spirits king, the sin dragon mother carries a lot of dragon souls from the tomb of the dragon, come to wait.”

The voice of the sin dragon mother with a thin hoarse, twirling and sexy, I can imagine that she must be a top beauty in her life.

If it weren’t for her disappointing texture of the Necromancer, it is estimated that the Regimental Commanders, such as the Centaur King, will definitely join her in pursuing her ranks.

“I want to marry her!” Centaur King saw her sinful dragon at first sight and her eyes straightened.

He couldn’t stop swallowing his throat, and his blood turned like a boil.

The eyes are filled with bloodshot eyes, revealing a hint of unspeakable desire and expectation.

“Yes.” Lin Sheng couldn’t help but smile. “If you don’t mind that the sin dragon mother’s body is dozens of times larger than you, I think she will be happy to accept your pursuit.

The premise is that your wedding night will not be crushed to death. ”

“Amount…..” Centaur King was poured down with cold water, and the blood in his eyes subsided, and he was embarrassed to catch the hair.

He is the top powerhouse to control blood, stronger than the average ranker. If anyone sees him on the top of his blood, he is always ready to impulsively.

No doubt, it will be installed.

Or he wants to do it at all.

It is clear that the powerful Centaur King is also a natural innate talent, but the Centaur King is the one that is the least impulsive.

So now he is seduce from the edge of the fascinated, exited and returned to normal.

“That’s still a problem, or leave it to the strongest person to enjoy it.”

“In the face of the strong, learn to be humble!” Actually, it was invaded by people as rude words.

The sin dragon mother standing under the great hall, in the eyes of the severe expression flashed, a black force field condensed into a line, suddenly shot to Centaur King.


Centaur King reacted and slammed the black force field line.

“impudent!! Respected here, you dare to dare on the great hall! You still don’t put your respect in your eyes! Your tomb is intended to rebel?” He immediately yelled.

The sin dragon mother’s lips are slightly stunned and completely shocked by the unscrupulousness of Centaur King.

For a time, she didn’t think that the guy with such a strong and brave appearance appeared to be so smooth. The speed at which she wears her hat is not as fast as it is.

“I am just replied that you do not respect the stronger, as weak, you must learn to be humble!” The sin dragon mother is still alive for thousands of years old fritters, and immediately replied.

“If you are not here, you are now dead in the dragon’s tomb and become a fertilizer!” Her voice was chilly and there was a thick air.

“hehe, let you have one hand.” Centaur King is completely unscrupulous.

“You courting death!!” The sin dragon mother was immediately provoked and furious.


Tiangong Xia, who is sitting on the side, is impatient.

“I can’t hear the music! Go play, don’t let me listen to the song!”

She spoke, and the sin dragon and the Centaur King had to be pressed down and no longer booed.

The strength of Tiangong Xia, both of them know.

In the presence of the Demonic Spirits, no one is the opponent of Tiangongxia.

“Okay, sit down and sin the dragon.” Lin Sheng just came out.

“The musician retired.” He looked toward the goblin musician next to the stone pillar on the right.

The musician immediately signaled to the bard to stop and then quickly evacuated with him.

Soon, the goblin attendants fanned their wings, flew to the great hall with a little green fluorescence, and placed a cold plate of fruits and wine tea in their hands on the low table in front of the Regimental Commander.

Great hall Shimen slowly closes and closes under the influence of the array.

Lin Sheng glanced at the strong players present.

On the left is Tiangong Xia, the fairy king, the giant king brother.

On the right is the Centaur King, the sin dragon, and the Degar hand.

In a blink of an eye, he has already conquered five ranker-level powerhouses.

The power of the Demonic Spirits Palace swells into a giant in an indescribable exaggeration.

The Army Regimental Commander is ranker, and the following is the Marshal of Demonic Spirits.

The power of this level, there are several in the goblin king of the fairy king. There are also several places under the command of Centaur King.

The dragon souls in the dragon tomb have more ranker combat power, but they are not completely conquered by Lin Sheng, but only listen to the sin dragon mother.

The Marshal of the Demonic Spirits, under the ranker, belongs to the vertices of Six Wings. The sum of them can be double-digited by the Demonic Spirits Palace.

The third is the level of General Demonic Spirits. There are too many strong people at this level. There were hundreds of caves in the original Demonic Spirits, and Lin Sheng’s previous experiments also transformed a lot of monsters of this level.

In addition, the empire empire, Centaur King, has more than a hundred.

This level is equivalent to Three Wings Demonic Ability.

As for the lower general Demonic Spirits, that’s tens of thousands.

The current Demonic Spirits Palace has been able to match the three mysterious wrists in reality to see who wins and who loses.

But this is not enough.

Lin Sheng wants more than that.

“I am very happy that you will arrive here on time.”

Lin Sheng opened his arms wide.

“This is the Demonic Spirits Palace. It is the supreme place of Demonic Spirit World. It is also the foundation of all the Demonic Spirits in the future.”

His voice was far from the sound, and it seemed to be rolling and swaying inside and outside the great hall. Not only the in-house military Regimental Commanders can hear it, but the recent Demonic Spirits generals also heard it.

“This time you are convening to wait for you to teach you a higher power path.”

Lin Sheng has some advice.

(End of this chapter)

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