467. The last fragment of chapter 467 2

Chapter 467, the last fragment 2

“More power?” The sin dragon’s eyes flashed. The heart raised a lot of vigilance.

She has lived for so many years and has never seen an idiot with a powerlessness to give power.

Is Demonic Spirits king an idiot? Of course impossible.

The corner of her eye glanced at Tiangong Xia. This red-haired woman does not see any expression on her face. Only a face is boring and boring.

The sin dragon mother is like this, and the rest are even more turbulent.

Centaur King didn’t care about these curved roads. He had decided to follow Lin Sheng completely, so as long as it is Lin Sheng’s decision, he must follow!

“It seems that respecting is to abandon our strength is too weak! Hahahaha! In fact, this is still to compare with who. But since it is the welfare given, my old horse is the first to accept it!”

He laughed and immediately became loyal.

Boss speaks, no one supports it? It’s not colder, isn’t it more faceless?

“I am looking forward to it.” The fairy king answered as softly. Her broken arm has been picked up and it seems to have been restored to its original state.

“The decision to respect is our will.” Degar’s hand is more direct.

The giant king brother is silent and has no expression.

They have just been defeated, the treasure house has been plundered, and the mood is good.

Lin Sheng doesn’t care too much.

“Actually, I really disliked your strength and weakened.” He calmly said.

“The times are changing. Power cannot be stagnant.”

He reached out and palmped up, slowly releasing a pure white Saint Power ball.


The ball of light was drilled from the palm of his hand and quietly suspended in the air several centimeters from his palm. Once it is up, it floats slowly.

“This power is called Saint Force.”

Lin Sheng explained.

“The texture of Saint Force is a higher level than the soul, and it is more High-Level than all the power you have.

If you don’t believe it, you can try it for yourself. ”

Lin Sheng gently pinched the ball of light, the ball was broken, and several Saint Force rays were suddenly emitted. It was extremely accurate and fell in front of the various Army Regimental Commander.

The ray was reintroduced into the smaller Saint Saint Lightball, suspended in front of the Army’s Regimental Commanders.

“This Saint Force sphere, you can use your own strength to touch the collision and see who is better.

If you are sure you want to master this new power, you can come to me later. I will give him the initial species. ”

After that, he did not wait for the military Regimental Commander to ask questions and directly open the second issue.

“This will not be discussed first, then, the formal issue will be held.”

Lin Sheng reached out and the goblin king on the side condensed a blue water polo and flew to Lin Sheng.

The water polo was opened by Lin Sheng and suddenly spread into a huge transparent polyhedron with a diameter of several meters, which was displayed in front of everyone.

The polyhedron is like a crystal, and the inside slowly begins to appear in a clear black desert picture.

In the picture, the desert is grounded and stretches to the end of the horizon.

Endless dunes, the hot purple sun on the top of the head, and the single horn camel that walks hard in the dunes.

This is a temperature where the air is also hot, and it is rotted and transpiration.

“This is the Demonic Spirit World that you will conquer next,” Lin Sheng said. “In general, we classify such small worlds to see if it is Demonic Spirit World. It is mainly a key point.

That is whether it has a pure soul life like Demonic Spirits. ”

He pointed to the single horn camel in the picture.

“Where the place that naturally breeds the soul creatures will become one of the lower bounds of my Demonic Spirits Palace.

And the world you saw in front of you. The area is larger than usual. As for Demonic Spirit World, it is up to you to inspect the inspection. ”

“In three days, I want a complete estimate of this world of the world. I need to know. How long it will take to completely conquer this Small World.”

“Listen to your will.”

A number of military Regimental Commanders below swayed and responded.

They don’t know why Lin Sheng has conquered so many small Demonic Spirit Worlds, but since it is a requirement, it must be done.

Lin Sheng did not mention his intention to find the last piece of debris from this world of wonders.

He did not intend to tell anyone about the evil turn. If you don’t let others know the strength of their own feet, this will ensure that their own prosperity will last.

If you don’t get to know the details, you can’t be counted.

Because others don’t know your strengths and weaknesses, they naturally don’t dare to act rashly. One after another has accidentally hit the strongest part of your strength. That is the self-seeking dead end.

Next, Lin Sheng again one after another asked about the development of the Demonic Spirits Palace.

These are all managed by Degar Magic. He is equivalent to the general manager of the Demonic Spirits Palace. Although he is weak, he represents the will of Lin Sheng.

So none of the presenters dared to despise him.

Degar reported on recent developments and changes. It also reports on the initial exploration of this new black desert Demonic Spirits cave.

In the desert, there are still many people and cities suspected of being human.

The Regimental Commanders who were suddenly present have a lot of interest.

It took more than an hour for the rally to take part.

The various military Regimental Commanders returned to their own territories and began to prepare to mobilize the army and go to the black desert for conquest.

Lin Sheng took the previous ideas and returned to the Yinyang Hall to begin to organize his power system.

In order to thoroughly purify itself, the best environment for improving the quality of power.

Then you need a perfect confined environment without any impurities.

At this point, in the eighty-eight protection of the evil turn, there is a kind of protection to meet the needs of Lin Sheng.

Eighty-eight plus, a general use, can be expressed in four major categories.

But in fact, these eighty-eight types of care, Lin Sheng can use any of them alone.

Although he is now lacking the debris, he is probably the most critical of several types of protection. However, there are not a few of the existing reinforcements that he can use to achieve this goal.

After handling the matter of Demonic Spirit World, Lin Sheng followed the portal to return to Hengruika.

After a long absence, he almost forgot the effects of different time flow rates.

Sometimes he really thinks that he has been going for many days, because he didn’t report his family’s safety, so he called back when he came back.

The result was told that he only called the day before.

In reality, Hengruika is still intact, and under the cover of the tower of the evening, it is still running smoothly and orderly.

Just like the same large precision instrument.

Now Hengruika has formed a unique social system with the temple as the core and the priesthood as the core.

The priesthood has gradually become an emerging profession.

They cultivate Saint Force, walking in various industries, using extraordinary power to heal people and help people.

It is also because of the light and shadow effect of Saint Light’s tall, and the purification spirit and the effect of relieving fatigue in the purification field.

The temple and the priests gained a higher social status and gradually became synonymous with positive mainstream power.

Fair and majestic, but also the kindness and healing power of mind and body, this is the public’s perception of Saint Light.

(End of this chapter)

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