468. The last fragment of chapter 468 3

The last fragment of chapter 468 3

Lin Sheng calculated his time to enter Demonic Spirit World.

He stayed in Demonic Spirit World for more than a month, but the conversion was less than a week in the outside world.

The time flow rate made him somewhat uncomfortable with the perception of the date.

Walking on the streets of Hengruika.

In the urban safety zone, a building that was once abandoned and abandoned has been rejuvenated by the influx of a large number of people.

Gasoline vehicles on the streets have been cleaned up a lot and replaced with cleaner electric cars.

Most of the electric cars have been modified to be more practical and petite structures.

The safe area is limited in size, in order to accommodate more people, in order to improve more congested traffic.

The workshops at Benne University have transformed the new energy car of today.

They are nearly half the size of a typical vehicle and can fly at low altitudes for a short time. Greatly alleviated the traffic pressure in the safe area.

Lin Sheng walked down the street and saw a car passing through the ground and a shuttle from the floor to the air.

This is supposed to belong to the wonders of the future city, but it is clearly presented in front of him.

“Heng Rikara has been perfected. The promotion of the Temple at dusk was previously forgotten because of the hands of the underworld. Now it is all possible to deal with it.”

Lin Sheng walked leisurely and quickly returned to the temple branch from the research center.

The Saint Force, which was built in the temple at dusk, is already huge, and the large Saint Force pool has been in a state of overflow for a long time. The dissipated Saint Force even let the temple all around the air faintly scatter a little white fluorescence.

That is the holy crystal.

As long as Saint Force is needed in the temple, they will spontaneously revert back to pure Saint Force.

Lin Sheng walked into the temple and did not disturb anyone, quietly came to the prayer hall.

At this time, there was no one in the prayer hall, and the door was locked.

Generally not prayer time, here is not allowed for anyone to enter and exit at will.

Lin Sheng walked to the prayer table and slowly closed his eyes.


In the darkness in front of me, there is a huge map of Hengruika in an instant.

The map is like a sand table, and it is gently turned clockwise by Lin Sheng.


There was a slight bang in the map, and the sand-shaped terrain slowly sinked and then separated from the middle.

The entire Hengruika topographic map was split into two, and a gray-black stone pillar was raised from the separate crack.

The black stone pillar has a clear palm print.

‘Please verify the palm print. To open the next step, you need the temple to bind the palm print. ‘

The soft female voice sounded again.

Lin Sheng went forward.

Reach out and gently press the right hand on the stone palm print.

‘The palm print is confirmed. You are welcome to open the selection interface. ‘

In an instant, Lin Sheng suddenly saw a new tree.

Starting from the words of the Temple at dusk, the lines are extended upwards, forming six different branches.

‘Add magic:

1 – Willing to force the temple. (It can absorb the power of the soul’s desire to create a false light.)

(Virtual Light Spirit: Eight-level energy creature, good at long-range control to control attacks.)

Need Saint Force: 50,000. Up to 3rd Level can be upgraded.

2——The pool of Xihong (the special Saint Force pool that absorbs the power of the evening and invades and rebuilds. The pool water can transform the common creature into a special Saint Light creature.)

(Saint Light Creature: Affinity Saint Force, a special creature with strong constitution and resilience.)

Need Saint Force: 10,000. Up to 3rd Level can be upgraded.

3——The Ring of Protection (with a large number of crystals as a solid body, forming a special force field that protects all living beings within the sanctuary. The force field can protect believers from spiritual and spiritual attacks.)

Need Saint Force :hundred thousand. Up to 3rd Level can be upgraded.

4—Condensing the holy river (infusing the land with the huge Saint Force liquefaction, so that the creatures born here are physically more intimate and Saint Force. The cultivation Saint Force is better.)

Need Saint Force: one million. Can not be promoted.

5—The light of judgment (the power of the evening combined with the huge accumulation of the Saint Force pool, with the sound of the holy voice as the starting key, can instantly attack and attack any existence within the scope of the temple.

The light of the judgment is formidable power, which is based on the amount of Saint Force accumulated in the Saint Force pool. The more Saint Force, the stronger the formidable power. )

(Please note that there are only three people authorized for Trial Light. After releasing a trial light, all accumulated Saint Force pools, Saint Force, will be consumed. Please use with caution.)

Need Saint Force: one million. Can not be promoted.

6 – Holy Crystal Pool. (It can increase the capacity to a ten million. Within a certain period, Shengjing will spontaneously choose the soul to be pure and powerful, and consume the Holy Crystal to transform it into the Holy Spirit.)

(Holy Spirit: A powerful soul life that blends with Saint Force, with all the memories and personalities of life, no different from the resurrection.)

Need Saint Force: one million. Can not be promoted. ‘

At the end of the day, Lin Sheng noticed that there was a small language sign at the end of the light curtain.

‘These six kinds of magic are the final upgradeable version. After the elevation of the magic is completed, the temple at the end of the temple is completely finished. This bootloader will perform self-destruction. ‘

“Is this the last form?” Lin Sheng was a little disappointed.

However, in retrospect, the ceremony formation of this temple is actually a product made by the Masters of Black Feather City.

In fact, the rating is not very high.

To reach this point, it is estimated that they are already the limit they can reach.

He glanced at the capacity of the large Saint Force pool at the bottom.

It is just a total of one million Saint Force.

So he without the slightest hesitation point to the option of the St. Crystal Pool.


There seems to be something shaking in the darkness and then ending soon.

The total amount of Saint Force fell to zero instantaneously. Then he quickly rebounded and recovered to the second hundred thousand.

“Is the number of condensed sacred crystals converted back?” Lin Sheng speculated.

Second, Hundred thousand’s Saint Force, said that not much to say a lot less. He simply lost everything on the ring of protection. Upgrade it to 2nd Level.

Once selected, all advances will be completed in the next few days.

Lin Sheng exits the operating space.

After confirming that there were no problems with Hengruika and Xilun’s Temple Headquarters, he gave back to the research center and explained the little girl peaches in the following hall, and then passed the Demonic Spirits door again. Go back to the Demonic Spirits Palace.

Now is the crux of the last piece of debris to be found, he must always pay attention, if necessary, the first time to go.

Just stepped into the Demonic Spirits Palace.

The Demonic Spirits guards were sent to the military immediately.

Degar’s hand quickly presented an ambulatory report.

Lin Sheng stood in front of Demonic Spirits and took a quick glance.

The ‘black desert appeared the strongest, the vanguard army was defeated, and the Centaur King was hit hard. ‘

“Well? I just met a strong enemy when I first entered.” Lin Sheng was surprised.

The strength of Centaur King is moderate in his knees.

More powerful than Degar’s hand, the goblin king. But here, when it was just released, it was hit hard?

“What is the situation now? Contact me at Centaur King.”

He handed the general to the Degar magic hand.

“Giant king brother and sin dragon mother have already gone to support. It should be able to retreat soon.” Degar returned.

“Do you know the intelligence of your opponent?” Lin Sheng asked again.

“I learned a little.” Degar handed the second piece of information to Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng took a look at it and suddenly revealed some unexpected expressions.

“Interesting. A little bit interesting!” He hooked his mouth and couldn’t help but reveal a hint of incomprehensible smile.

Degar quickly said: “The Centaur King was defeated by a tall man with a transparent round gem in his chest.

He claimed to be the moonstone messenger, and he was prophesied to come and fight the enemy in the outer domain. After the inquiry, the identity of the Centaur King and the Demonic Spirits army was determined, and he immediately launched an attack. ”

“How did he beat Centaur King?” Lin Sheng had probably guessed the identity of the other, indifferently said.

“The man is very powerful, the martial arts skills are very skilled, and most importantly, his resistance is terrifying, whether it is a soul attack or any other attribute method, it is useless to him.

And even if he beheaded and digs his heart, he can’t kill him. He will recover immediately in a blink of an eye.

Centaur King was not seen for a while, and was sneaked into it. ”

Lin Sheng nodded.

“Let the goblin king, the giant king brother, the sin dragon mother take the power of the armpit, all in. I want to catch the man.”

If he didn’t guess wrong, the last piece of debris should be self-aware, so manipulate it to give strength to the strong, come to wait for the rabbit.

Because Lin Sheng sensed him when he sensed it, it also reversed the side of it, and it was back at the moment.

At that time, Lin Sheng thought that it was the spontaneous energy response of the last piece.

I did not expect that it was an important manifestation of the last piece of self-consciousness.

(End of this chapter)

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