469. Chapter 469 Killing 1

Chapter 469 Killing 1

The ancient poems echoed in the sky with the mysterious music.

Redwing’s entrance to the Paradise Tower.

The large three-dimensional white red blue array constantly turns a lot of Rune and Demonic Ability.

Uncountable energy flows from the interior of the Heavenly Tower, guiding all the energy particles between the heavens and the earth to come together.

Thousands of statutes have condensed the ultimate huge array of seals.

Sealing is the best way to deal with a strong person like Faroudo.

Lin Sheng The method that can be thought of at the beginning, the Paradise Tower can naturally think of it, and do better.

They themselves gathered many bloody people with blood of seals many years ago.

Suddenly used now, for Faroudo it is simply an inexplicable raid.

At this time, his body was suspended in midair, and his face looked down.

The huge array of diameters up to a kilometer was just surrounded by him in the middle.

The massive amount of energy in the periphery of the array is like countless threads. Gathered together, bound to him.

Even the fragile spider silk can far exceed the cable when it is gathered enough.

What’s more, the Demonic Ability threads that these arrays condense at this time.

The countless Demonic Ability thread, led by the remaining number of rankers under the condensation of the Heavenly Tower, reveals a translucent Angel with only two wings.

“Angel? Hehe, I haven’t seen this scene again for years…” Faroudo looked at the scene, and suddenly it was a bit stunned.

“But, condensing Angel to seal me? Did you think of me too simple? Millions of years ago, I could kill Angel with one hand, not to mention the present!”

Faroudo looked down at the position where his feet had been entangled in countless transparent threads.

There are more and more silk threads there, and they are getting denser.

“But I can make this form of me feel a little tricky, and you are proud enough.”

He lifted the right hand.

“The curse of the original stone.”

“The curse is fast.”

“Curse, fear, glory.”

“The curse and the spirit of assassination.”

“High-end reinforcement · The brand of Ambo.”

“High-order enchantment, the light of the underworld.”

His lips were slightly moving, and in just two seconds, a large piece of magical rhetoric was immediately insane.

The body pi li pa la flashes a variety of energy flows like current.


At the same time, with him as the center, four slender sharp lances emerged from the surrounding void.

The lance is translucent in color, and the tip of the spear is surrounded by a Ribbon-like Rune.

Chi! !

In a flash, the four lances disappeared into place, and instantly appeared in the four directions of the ground-hosted Fantasy.

嘭bang bang bang!! !

A group of people in the crowd suddenly opened a group of transparent shocks.

“This is an attack on the spiritual soul, it can’t be stopped, it can’t be avoided. It can only bear.” Faroudo smiled.

With the collapse of the crowd below, many people were even stunned by this mental explosion.

The operation of the array is suddenly slow.

“I am going to intercept his attack. The rest, continue!”

Heaven tower old man, raising his hand to signal the big channel.

As he stepped forward, his upper body suddenly burst, revealing a silver white armor worn inside.

“Ice Snow Dragon A!”

His hands stretched out, and behind him a large piece of Demonic Ability flashed green, and a gray whirlpool appeared on the top of his head.

The whirlpool is like a sea of ​​water, and it is crazy to pour out a large amount of light green Demonic Ability.

As soon as the Demonic Ability fell, it became a hard, cold white ice under the influence of some strange power, covering the old man.

Soon his body became full of rough white ice ridges, these sharp and dense ice ridges, all together, constitute the strongest defense that belongs to him. Ice Dragon Dragon A!

“Intercept me?” Faroudo laughed.

“Since you know that I am a demon commander, I should know that what I am best at is not fighting in front of me…”

He raised his head, and behind him, the white hair quickly became longer and denser, and a huge gray-black half-length giant was weaved up in the sky.

This gray-black giant has a single horn, muscle knots such as roots, and a subtle flesh is looming behind it. Both hands still hold a huge black stone pillar.

“The underworld guards the pillars. Go, destroy it!” Faroudo calmly said.


The gray-black giant behind him responded softly. The body that was more than five meters high flew forward, and the speed of the hair suddenly swelled, and moved towards the rock of the earth.

But soon, a ranker below leaped into the sky, using an exquisite old giant tower shield to accurately block the underworld.

The summon object is blocked, and Faroudo doesn’t care.

This is just a small role that he calls freely.

The reason why he called this small role is to gain time for his follow-up actions.

“Madoluen, the deep river fangs, the head of the ambush, the mobile movie beast, my most loyal first lieutenant. In the name of my Faroudo, summon you come here!!”

He whispered all the names and real names of another powerful existence.

Real names are not so easy to recite.

This imprint, engraved in the depths of the soul, is representative of the time and space of unique and unmatched.

When you recite, you need to imagine the complete image of the other party, and you must recite most of the strength, deeds, history, and characteristics of the other party.

Finally, you can get the permission of the other party to finally summon the other party’s real name.

And Faroudo is doing this process at this time.

It’s just that the ceremony, which should have required a lot of preparation and a lot of resources and manpower consumption, was greatly reduced in castration by his powerful spelling ability.

In the end, it became such an easy-to-use linguistic summon.

As Faroudo’s summon lingering, behind him in the air, gradually began to emerge a two-meter tall, behind the strange male Warrior with thirteen pairs of arms.

Warrior wore rough leather, bare feet, and his body was also ragged, as if he had been worn for a long time without repairing.

The most fascinating thing is that behind the man, carrying two thin blades with a slight purple slightly curved shape.

The man who was summoned out seemed to have no mind and his eyes were red. As soon as it appeared, it slammed wildly.

Backhand drawing the knife to the next.

Chi! !

The two intersections are the X-type silver blade light, which suddenly falls into a meteor.

The blade light was just two simple ones at first, but as the distance increased, it spread quickly, and like copying, it turned into hundreds of knives.

As soon as each knives landed, it turned into a solid silver metal monster.

These metal monsters have sharp heads like knives, and their bodies are as thin as a wicker. The speed is incomparably fast, and they seem to be like snakes in the circle.


The large group of Heavenly Tower Demonic Ability knows that it is now at a critical moment and rushes up.

The seal law matrix has been going on for so long, and it has been deadlocked with Faroudo until now, indicating that the effect is still very good. If you add more force, you may be able to completely seal Faroudo back to the Hades.

(End of this chapter)

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