470. Chapter 470 Killing 2

Chapter 470 Kill 2

An open space near the battlefield, a low-pitched hole.

The air is invisibly distorted.

A group of men, women and children dressed in different shapes and appearances appeared on this chaotic battlefield at the same time.

These people have clothes, some of them are just coming out from home, and they haven’t had time to change their pajamas.

Some are wearing motorcycle racing suits with helmets and helmets on their heads.

There was another face, and there was a spatula in his hand.

“It’s here….” In the crowd, a young man with a white cloak and handsome looks up and looked up at Faroudo in midair.

“So fast? We just ran from the border to the river?” The guy holding the spatula looked blank.

“Transmission array fixed-point transmission only.” An old voice rang in everyone’s ear.

“Now, Faroudo is in front, the holders of the destiny, how to decide, how to act, all in your mind.

The fate is left to you. ”

“Hehe, it’s a good talk. We all sent us here. Can we go if we don’t do it?” A woman wearing pajamas said coldy.

“Well, since we have all arrived here, I think everyone knows the purpose of this time. In fact, there is a soul in the interior of the destiny. As long as we are close to Faroudo, we can start the ability. Then we will give it to the soul.”

A burly old man wearing sunglasses, said solemnly.

“In any case, since it is here, it means that you are all well realized.”

Adolf glanced at the other side and did not say anything.

He looked at Faroudo in midair, and suddenly he was homesick.

The elders in the temple, and the companions who prayed together.

There is King of Night who is lying in bed and doesn’t want to get up…

“Let’s go. In the end, how the summon itself is the soul of the soul, the holy device will tell us the answer.”

The sunglasses man said Shen Sheng. The first one took the lead in the direction of Faroudo.

The rest of the people were silent, and then quickly followed.

Just to make Adolf somewhat puzzled is that these people say that they have a destiny.

But he is a saint, and according to the truth, it should be the one who can resonate with them.

But here he did not feel a little breath from these people.

Some are just the breath of the secret of the secret.

Although he was puzzled, he thought that no matter how confused they were, he would not be willing to make fun of himself.

So guessing is probably something that he doesn’t know, which can be used to converge.



Hong long! !

In the desert sky, rolling thunders like boulder rolling, rolling thick clouds over the head.

In the black desert, the atmosphere is depressed and dull.

On the sand, a large expanse of Demonic Spirits runs or flies, and the gothic Warriors are closely closely from behind, and they move toward the army of the desert camp.

The Desert Corps is dominated by white. The body is wearing a special armor with some abilities attached.

The Demonic Spirits army is a black-red mixed army. The pure soul life and flesh-and-blood life are mixed together to form a unique powerful three-dimensional strike mode.

The long-distance Demonic Spirits hands-on, close to the goblin Warrior close to kill.

Soldiers in the desert, except for armor, are better than normal ordinary people, both physically and spiritually. In the face of three-dimensional blows, one time died and suffered heavy losses.

Lin Sheng rode the Gorefiend and walked slowly and straight into the battlefield.

All Demonic Spirits and the other Legionnaires could not be near his ten meters.

On the sand dunes in front of it, the giant king brother is joining forces with the mysterious desert powerhouse.

The battle has been going on for a long time.

This time, after knowing some of the other’s details, the giant king brother was cautious.

And the man with the gem in his chest, this time again, the rear army also came out with a few strong players who looked quite good.

These strong men have small tiny green wings behind them, like the willow leaves, their wings are hanging underneath, and when they are not used, they don’t see that it is growing on them.

Lin Sheng was so quietly watching the battle, the fairy king and the sin dragon mother, standing still beside him, looking calmly, also watching the giant king two brother.

In the other camp, there are also several lines of tyrannical soul, sweeping over Lin Sheng. Stand against them.

It’s just the other person’s eyes. When they touched Lin Sheng, they’re all like an electric shock, and they suddenly shrink back. I dare not explore again.

“It’s too slow.” Lin Sheng looked towards the sin dragon mother.

The latter immediately agreed.

As a ceremony of the ceremony, the fate of the dragon race is good.

Sin dragon mother When she first saw Lin Sheng, she instinctively released the charm class, although it was not successful.

But the effect that was originally caused is to make Lin Sheng remember deeply.

Dragon mother stepped out in one step, and the purple matrix emerged at the foot, and she was transferred to the opposite battlefield in a blink of an eye.

She appeared behind the strong desert, and she was not prepared, and her fingers were slightly in the back of her head.

A circle of purple glow suddenly exploded, turning into a complex array of rounds, sealed on the back of the man’s head.

The man suddenly became dizzy, his eyes turned white and fell to the ground.

“Is it easy to see this?” She smiled at the look at the giant king two brothers.


An axe was suddenly swayed from behind her.

The sin dragon mother’s slim waist was cut on the spot, and the waist was pulled out of another sand dune more than ten meters away.

“Silly fork!” The black giant king sneered, once again raised his fist and rushed to the desert man who woke up.

The two men’s ranker force the field to distort the air, slamming together and picking up large waves.

what! ! !

The sin dragon mother who was thrown into the sand dunes was humiliated and even the skirts were smashed.

This led to her anger on the spot, rushing out of the dunes in one breath, and the body swelled and became bigger.

In a twinkling of an eye, a giant dragon with a length of more than ten meters, landing on all fours, 狠狠moved towards the desert man screaming out loud.

Weng! ! !

The giant dragon has a black body with a huge lizard-like body. The two wings on the back seem to be degraded, leaving only two spur-like bulges.

She opened her mouth wide and flew a lot of delicate fog in her mouth.

The fog sprayed out and touched the ground, and the sand was turned into a gray stone.

Touching the corpse on the ground, the body was suddenly turned into a stone sculpture.

The desert man flew two more people behind him, dignified to the sin dragon mother, and the golden glow appeared in his hand, offsetting the petrochemical breath.

The two men participated in the battle group at the same time and stopped her.

“There are so many strong…. It seems to be well prepared.” Lin Sheng through the thick scalp said sole solemnly.

“You go too.” He looked back at Tiangong Xia, who had been following him.

“I hope I can cut a few more swords.”

Tiangong Xia licked his lips and strode toward the battlefield.

Lin Sheng did not go to watch the situation. It is the shift of sight, far away from the northwest.

There is a wave of power that is homologous to him, and he is secretly peeking at the battle here.

“What is the last piece?” Lin Sheng sighed at the corner of his mouth. “Initiate the general attack. Fairy King.”

“There has not been a victory or defeat over there. Now the total attack may cause accidental injury.” The fairy king whispered.

“Do as I said.” Lin Sheng was unmoved.


Suddenly a loud bang exploded from behind him.

Lin Sheng immediately felt a chill coming from the vest behind him.

His force field was broken through in an instant, and the assassin’s weapon actually penetrated through the gap of the armor that was reloaded at dawn, stabbing his skin.

(End of this chapter)

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