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471. Chapter 471 Killing 3

471.第471章 厮杀 3

Chapter 471 Killing 3

    第471章 厮杀 3



After a sound like a chopped wood.


The assassin’s sharp sharp edge is precisely stabbed in the Lin Sheng vest. Actually did not pierce it.


Everything is deadlocked.


His knife was stuck in the crack of the armor and could not move.


At the same time, a huge, thick to the limit of the natural force field, suddenly replaced the quiet before to a little ordinary natural force field.


Lin Sheng didn’t look back, and the backhand stabbed.


His palms were so fast, almost just mentioned, and they had already passed through the assassin’s chest.


“This time the assassin is good.”


He rubbed his body backhand, and the white Saint Force flashed, and he immediately cleaned the blood and dirt on his hand.




A long horn sound.


All the Demonic Spirits Palace troops rushed forward.


The standby legion of the rear began a quiet and fast swim.


At first glance, the army that barely sees the margins, at this moment, like the tide, suddenly drowned and dispersed the desert army.


Lin Sheng did not pay attention to the results. Instead, riding the Gorefiend, step by step in the direction of the moving towards the breath.


Every time Gorefiend moves, it seems to be slow, but in fact it is very fast.


This strong burly is not like the horse’s Demonic Spirits strong, taking Lin Sheng in that direction.


Soon, he crossed the sand dunes and left everyone behind.


Gorefiend quickly stopped at the edge of a green oasis, looking at the three people standing on the edge of the oasis.


It’s three powerful desert Warriors with the same chest inlaid with red gems.


The three men looked at Lin Sheng with a dignified look.


The enemy they were waiting for in ambush, wearing a heavy armor, riding a strong black horse, the horse was actually covered with heavy armor.


Not so close, they felt a burst of pressure that caused the breath to stagnate.


“Demon! It is him!”


The only woman among the three was said coldy.


“May the moonstone has already lured him for us! Kill!!”


She pulled out the machete on her back and the blue current flashed and jumped. The first one rushed to Lin Sheng.


At the same time, the other two men also attacked the other two directions.


The three people have a tacit understanding, as if they have been fighting for many years.


Three purple lightnings swept from three long knives and roared into three brontosaurus, rushing to Lin Sheng.


In the oasis in the distance, several robes were quickly removed from the bushes.


They had words in their mouths, and a wave of mysterious power suddenly came from mid-air, instantly suppressing the force of the overwhelming evil wheel of Lin Sheng.


“Oh?” Lin Sheng raised his eyebrows. “No wonder I dare to lead me out. It turns out that there is really a way to suppress the strength of my body.”


He rode on the horse and faced several offensives.


Chi! !


The highly condensed Saint Force suddenly turned into a giant long sword of more than three meters in his hand.




Saint Force giant sword moved toward the three people who rushed.


The blade has not touched the other’s blade, and an invisible terrifying force field has suppressed the brontosaurus released by the three.


噗pu pu!!


Three Thunder Dragons collapsed.


The giant sword carries a terrifying force and crashes into the first woman.


Bang!! !


A black crack of more than ten meters appeared in front of Lin Sheng.


He pulled up the giant sword and looked down on the woman knife who had just escaped from the millennium.


“What power is just hiding from me?”


“Answer me!” He looked at him with a double eye, and the backhand was a sword standing in the air on the right side.


Bang! !


An invisible wave was smashed and burst on the spot.


A few robes who were casting spells in the distance suddenly blew their blood, and they were on the ground, like gold paper.


“Demon!! Here is the place where the moonstone is born, the first Yuanchi that is called the innocent land!”


Regret, I dare to come here alone, next year is your death sacrifice! ! ”


Deep in the oasis, once again, a strong old man with a burly figure.


Old man holds a huge warhammer in his hands.


Every warhammer is almost as big as an adult. The two warhammers are put together. Just looking at the shape, you know that it will never be an ordinary weight.


Old man The hair is all made into a fine hair bun, the beard is messed up on the chest, the body is dressed in black and some old black enamel, in sharp contrast with the pure white armor of Lin Sheng.


“So old, I don’t enjoy the blessing at home, but I have to come here to die.” Lin Sheng blinked, but looked at the old man with interest.


“old man this year, 504, just passed away in the past few days. I did not expect to come to the old, God will give me a big fight.”


Old man laughed up.


“Want to kill me, it depends on whether you have this ability!!”


There was a tiger cub behind him, and a tall, mighty dark tiger emerged from the air.


The giant tiger seems to have already hanged the armor and weapons.


He rolled over and rode with a hammer.


“old man is here, come and get!!”


He slammed loudly, and the giant tiger jumped forward and jumped high. He jumped over ten meters and rushed to Lin Sheng.


Lin Sheng looked at him from the old man, and he clearly perceives that a thick piece of debris fluctuates in the shock.


“Is all the treasures on this old guy?”


He is sneered, and the double-handed sword goes up!


Shua! !


Bang!! ! !


The sword’s edge brought out a white light, suddenly blasting with the warhammer from top to bottom.


A circle of transparent ripples suddenly exploded between the two.


Wherever the ripple went, the ground grit flew and the oasis shrub was torn. It seems that there is something invisible to cut everything.


The strength of this old man is simply shocking. In the face of confrontation, Lin Sheng can confront the Lin Sheng without falling.


Lin Sheng is also amazed.


To know that he has almost given up half of the Terran bloodline for the breakthrough limit, replaced by rock dragon’s blood.


With the Rock Dragon Bloodline, he is almost the equivalent of a half-headed dragon.


In this case, can this old guy actually confront him?


His heart was blank and his hands were not stopped.


The giant holy sword flickered and flickered, and continually collided with the warhammer.


When the two met, they knew that the other party was the only enemy in their lives.


Old man As the undefeated god of war in this Demonic Spirit World, it has been invincible for hundreds of years, and no one has ever surpassed him.


Whether it is martial arts or physical strength, strength, he has reached the limit that human beings can reach.


I did not expect that this person could actually compete with him, and even smack him.


Lin Sheng is a soul memory that combines countless powerful people to kill and die. It has a rich experience in combat, and it is also because of the fusion of soul fragments and proficient in many sword skills.


In the past, because other forces made it easy to solve the battle, he almost never had the opportunity to use this exaggerated force.


But at this time, his body’s strength to protect is suppressed, and for the time being, he does not want to expose his own cards. He wants to first understand how the other party’s bottom is.


It is only the use of the body martial arts shot.


Didn’t think that it was blocked by the old man?


The two held heavy weapons in a lightning-like manner.


The giant sword and the warhammer collide with each other, sending out the destructive ripples of terrifying.


All around several dozen meters, completely into the death zone.


(End of this chapter)


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