550. Chapter 550 Guardian 1

Chapter 550 Guardian 1

Bang!! !

A huge, hot green Fireball, like a dandelion in the sky. Flying out of countless green Fireballs.

The Fireball has fallen like a meteor, with a tall Cyclops in the middle.

Although every Fireball can only leave a little white ash on the Cyclops, let alone hurt it, and even leave traces.

The momentum generated by the huge Fireball has attracted the attention of the Cyclops.

It stopped the forward part, turned back and saw a silhouette floating in the middle of the Fireball.

That is the king of the fairy.

She was surrounded by countless green vines, and all the vines grew and flew out of the green dandelions.

A large number of dandelion seeds flew out of it, burning around and burning, and finally formed a huge green Fireball.

The Cyclops took a shot in the backhand.


The Fireball suddenly disappeared and all the flames of the meteor disappeared instantly.

Restore the original black and gray in the sky. The leprechaun king who was suspended was also hit by this palm. No more movements.

“Ms. Lily… Have you sacrificed yet?” Ding Pace in front of the temple was a bit stunned. “Next, let me come.”

He glanced at Cardula.

“Although I also want to escape, but even if I can escape, where can I escape?”

Cardula is speechless, and it doesn’t matter what he says.

Ding Pace is a ranker who has climbed up from life and death. For hundreds of years, he has fallen down and does not know how many comrades.

For the sacrifice, he has long been bleak.

“That many friends are dead, I can live for so long, it is not bad.” His feet are stopped, the body floats out of the air, a path of Demonic Ability and Saint Force combine to wrap around his body, forming a white and green glow Light.


He flicked and suddenly turned into a huge white streamer, rising to the sky.

“Come to kill me! Big man!”

He roared, and the voice also caught the attention of the Cyclops.

Just as he was planning to leave with a Cyclops around a few laps.

A burst of invisible force came to him.

The powerful Legendary-level power fixed his forcibly in midair like a fixed amber bug.


Before he could do anything else, the huge palm of his eyes squeezed him and tried hard.

When I opened my hand again, there was only a little blood in the palm of my hand, and the rest was nothing.

For the eyes of a huge palm, even if you thoroughly smear a person’s flesh and blood, it is equivalent to sesame.


At the same time, a path of rockets flying around the city, flew to the Cyclops.

But these rockets with Demonic Ability can’t even be close, and they will blow up in midair.

God stepped forward and stepped on a small, short building, forcibly slamming the building.

For the third time, it reached out and swept away the broken building in front of it.

A loud bang, half of the building flew out, and shot into the dark gray dark fog. Silent disappeared.




Step by step, the Cyclops quickly move towards the most visible direction in the city, where the temple is located.

The temple still exudes pure white rays of light, resisting the slow-flowing Black Tide black liquid.

But with the breakdown of the gods, Saint Force has begun to feel a little powerless.

The Cyclops approached step by step, and the footsteps of the ground shaking the mountain were like hitting the heavy hammer in everyone’s heart.

On the lawn near the Temple Hall of Prayer, there have been a large crowd of people who have come to take refuge.

It is all about the family members of the temple mad believers and high-levels.

Lin Xiao and Gu Wanqiu Lin Zhounian are also among them, Gu Wanqiu is pale, still whispering comfort to the daughter.

Lin Zhounian, together with Han Yunis’s parents, quietly looked at the shadow of the towering giant not far away.


I don’t know who is mentioning it.

Then slowly, quietly, bursts of prayers gradually spread.

At this time, the only thing everyone can do is to pray.

Standing on the prayer table is a detachment of Cardula.

It was a beautiful girl like Saint Light.

She folded her hands together and quietly faced the one after another another in the prayer hall. It was a tall white stone statue with no carved faces.

Although there is no face, but in terms of body shape and contour, it is shaped by the appearance of Lin Sheng.

expensive! !

The huge monster squeaked again.

Once again, the Cyclops’ palms are straight to the throne of the rays of light.

This time, no one can appear to lead the giant.

Black’s nine-finger palm, like the mythical Titan, has not yet moved closer, and it has exuded a massive twisting force field, crushing the purification power fields around the temple.

at last…..

In the desperate prayers of all.

Black Giant palm, heavy slap, shot on the Temple Mount, pressing the entire temple position.


A huge crash.

Everything is calm.

The huge black hand slowly lifted up. Underneath, I don’t know when to have an oval mask to hold the Temple Mount firmly in it.

The Cyclops groaned and seemed to have some doubts about the instinct, but right away, it raised his hand again and moved again towards the mask.

Nothing can stop him from advancing, even if it can be blocked temporarily, then a few more times, the ending is still the same.

The huge nine-finger palm, once again brought a large force field, moved towards the temple.

“At this time, we can’t do anything, just pray.”

Lin Zhounian looked up at the huge black hand and he couldn’t understand why everything changed in a short time.

The original daily life was shattered, and the original quiet days disappeared.

He seems to have entered the disaster film scene at once, but the disaster film that he saw before, the protagonist became himself and the others.

“Unfortunately, Lin Sheng didn’t know where to run, I hope he can escape safely….” At the last minute, Lin Zhounian clenched his wife and Lin Xiao’s hand and muttered with a smile.

“He….will be fine.” Gu Wanqiu paled.

“Hey, I should go back to Hengruika now. He said that he was going to go….” Lin Xiao squeezed a smile and whispered.

“Have he said it last time?” Lin Zhounian seemed to be comforting himself.

“Yeah…..I really said it.” Lin Xiao nodded affirmatively.

“A fool. I lied to you.”

Suddenly a voice rang around Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao was still preparing to speak, but at the moment he heard the sound, he was in a stiff state.

She turned slowly and stiffly, looking to her side.

I don’t know when, I have stood a familiar silhouette.

That is Lin Sheng.

He looked up at the huge Cyclops above. Did not respond to the eyes of parents and people around.

“Sorry, I have been cheating you many times.”

He stepped forward, walked out of the crowd, and headed forward to wait for his holy and beautiful Cardula.

The two raised their hands and held them gently.

“But I promise that this is the last time.”

Lin Sheng stepped on the prayer table and suddenly lit up the white light, covering a set of pure-white colored huge heavy cymbals. The white cloak suddenly exploded and hunted with the wind.

“So, let’s get started.” He and Cardula’s hand, while gently placing them on the prayer table, press a disc on the top of the last organ of the crystal pool.

“big brother, everything is handed over to you.” Cardula looked up and revealed a pure smile to Lin Sheng.

(End of this chapter)

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