551. Chapter 551 Guardian 2

Chapter 551 Guardian 2

Almost at the same time, all of Lin Ming’s Lin Sheng’s command and avatar were still there.

At this moment, it turns into a path of pure white streamer, and it rises to the sky, moving towards Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng looked up at the approaching black hand. With a backhand, a huge Saint Light sword’s edge condenses in his hands.

“In pain and despair, completely disappear.”

Bang! !

Under him, he suddenly exploded a large ray of rays of light. The huge holy white light pushed him to fly up and rushed to the black fingers.

White light and black hands, in an instant, collide in the heavens and the earth.

The Cyclops have no painful concept, but it seems to have encountered a strong enemy, and the other hand is also moved toward white light.


But it’s too late.

When the first white light pierced the back of his hand, everything was already doomed.

The white light is like a silk thread, a bundle of entangled entanglements, along the arm of the gods, and the whole upper body is bound together.

expensive! ! !

The Cyclops roared again.

But in exchange for more white silk covered it.

In a blink of an eye, it wrapped around a large number of white Saint Light threads. All the threads began to gather quickly and tighten.

“Become my voice, integrate with me….”

Lin Sheng stood on the prayer table and looked up at the Cyclops. The visor covered his face, but the bright, calm black eyes, like oil paintings, were always fixed in the minds of people in the place.

Chi! !

In a flash, the huge giant Cyclops squashed rapidly and turned into a huge ball, which became smaller and smaller.

The ball quickly shrank into the size of the eyeball, slowly falling, floating in front of Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng reached out and squeezed it gently onto his left shoulder armor.

The silent blend of the ball is inlaid into the armor and turned into a little embellishment.

Everything returns to calm.

Without the leadership of the gods, the sanctuary of the temple once again played its role, flying around the city, and slowly squeezing out all the influx of black liquid.

The black clouds in the sky dissipated again, restoring the original blue.

A little bit of golden sunlight casts down and penetrates the clouds, just like the hope of a new life after the end of the day.

“The goblin king is dead…..Centaur King is missing….” Cardula whispered.

“I know.”

Lin Sheng looked up at the pure sky.

This war has killed too many people. If this is the price against Black Tide, then he has a little bit of experience, the feeling of Anseria in Black Feather City.

At that time she was called Wishing of Hope.

Perhaps he also bears the task and role as he does now, then, is she at the same time feeling the same with him?

Recalling Anseria, a World, a World, constantly looking for a picture of redeeming your hometown.

Lin Sheng doesn’t want to fall into her position anyway.

Turning around, he greeted his parents and Lin Xiao with a stunned look, and looked toward those who were avocate a catastrophe and survived many people.

Their eyes contain too much prayer and hope.

“There is still a place to help, and then I will hand it over to you.”

Most of the audience were at the top of the temple and their families. The work of the aftermath was completed by them.

“Please wait! We…..” A Six Wings limit, step forward, what do you want to say.

But it is too late.

Lin Sheng’s silhouette has long been turned into countless white particles, dissipating.

For a moment, the crowd fell into a quiet silence. No one spoke.

Han Yu clenched his fists, and even the nails were embedded in the palm of his hand.

At this moment, he has only the single thought head.

“Send it!!! I made a big profit for his mother!!!”

Hahahaha! ! The night mother, her brother is actually the Holy Emperor! ! This old naive will make a joke! ! Hahahaha! !

A burst of laughter in the heart, Han Yu feels like a sudden burst of hundreds of millions of lottery tickets, suddenly developed between the beginning, life from this to Peak, this ecstasy, for a moment, he almost laughed.

On the other side, Niss wanted to hold a lot and hold his wrist hard, for fear that he would smile. I really laughed at the sound.

I have to know that many people present have injured and injured many relatives. If Han Yu really laughs at this time, he may be beaten….

It’s possible to kill alive….

Lin Xiao looked at the disappearance of the younger brother, and even Cardula came over and took her hand, and she didn’t notice it.

Waiting for her came back to his senses, the face-to-face is Cardula’s pure and beautiful smile.

“I will take care of your big brother for you.”

Lin Zhounian and Gu Wanqiu, as in the dream, were dragged by Cardula’s avatar and pulled to the inner hall of Lin Sheng’s rest in the normal hall.


In the corner, three men with some wolverine gasped.

“Fortunately, fortunately, he did not find me!” The man with a colorful pupil was pale, and once he remembered the power and power that he had just sensed, his heart was shaking.

“Big…Adult…What do we do now??” The men on the side were crying and asking.

“What to do??” The man slaps his head on the spot. “Of course, I want to escape.!”

“But…but our mission is not to destroy the temple….?” Another man couldn’t help but whisper.

“Idiot! Is the mission important or small life important!!?” The man was even hotter, and another slap in the face of another hand.

“Being a godlord of evil spirits! Facing a strong enemy, don’t look for a place to save your life, but also stupidly go up to courting death? That is not brave, it is stupid!”

The man took care of his collar.

“The human world is too dangerous. I still go back to the old age to count on the old…”

The three people quietly disappeared in the crowd, no one noticed that the huge force field conflict before, brought too much messy and disorderly energy fluctuations.

The chaotic force field obscures too much.

“Let’s go, go back….” The colorful-eyed man looked back and finally glanced at the temple. Suddenly, my heart faintly produces an uncomfortable emotion.

“Strange, how do I feel a little reluctant to leave here?”

That feeling, like here is his home, warm, safe, comfortable, and in contrast, the evil hall he wants to go back, it seems cold, gray, discomfort, full of disgusting negative feelings.

“It’s so good….” Unconsciously, he sighed. “Faith Saint Light is really a very happy thing…..”

Just finished, he was shocked.

“No! I am a sinister temple, how can I suddenly feel this way!!?”

He was also an old-fashioned Old Antique who had lived for thousands of years and found his fault in the first place.

Ming can quickly check the whole body, and soon he discovered the root cause of his abnormality.

On his left neck, I don’t know when, there is a white light mark.

The light mark is like a birthmark, firmly embedded in his neck.

“This is ….!!?” The man’s heart was awkward, and it was only then that Lin Sheng didn’t find him, but he had already done the top secret.

Not only him, but the other two men on the side, also looked at the direction of the prayer table at this time, his eyes filled with envy.

Just like a long-distance wanderer, I want to return to my hometown…

Seeing this scene, the chill and fear of the man’s heart is almost like drowning his mind.

“No!! I have to leave now! Immediately!!” His sly moved towards the outside of the city and flew away.

(End of this chapter)

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