552. Chapter 552 Guardian 3

Chapter 552 Guardian 3

The night master watched this scene, but did not care about these strangers.

His more minds are all on Lin Sheng who has just shown strength.

That kind of power… is far from being an infinitely dark state, and he can compete against it.

After all, although he can exert unlimited darkness, more tofu can’t stop a steel spike.

“Don’t say that Lin Sheng, the monster, is far from being able to compete.” The pride of aloof and remote has always been defeated at this moment.

He still needs more, more strength, and more growth.

He can feel that he can still become stronger and become stronger.

His potential is still far from being exhausted.

“Wait, I will catch up with you sooner or later!!” Looking at the direction in which Lin Sheng disappeared, he quietly retired and disappeared into the shadow of the building and disappeared.



“Become a living, guarded by me.”

“Whether you are a passerby, a monster, an opponent, or a deadly enemy.”

“After being defeated by me, it will be turned into a spiritual ball. Your soul and flesh will always be integrated with me and guarded by me.”

“This is my divinity!”

Lin Sheng calmly passed through the portal.

Whether you want it or not, you will be guarded by me!

This is the deity of his final agglomeration.

Although I feel that something is wrong, it is very strong.

This kind of divine power is in the ability to gain the power of strength from the object being guarded.

Regardless of whether the other party is willing or not, as long as it is guarded by Lin Sheng, it can gain willingness!

Of course, if you are a believer who has been brainwashed by Saint Light, the willingness to gain more pure and natural is better.

So for a dead enemy, just seal it first. Turning into a living ball, and then using Saint Force for purification and brainwashing forever, will be part of the source of willingness.

Guardian can see everything.

This is the nature of Lin Sheng’s soul.

The phrase ‘you are my wings’, for Lin Sheng, it may take a long time to become a reality…..

Just stepping out of the portal, he saw the original red sky of Hengruika, which has become half red and half gray.

Countless shouts are deafening.

The explosions caused by war machine shells and other war machines are more densely packed and continue to spread around all.

Compared to the headquarters, there are more workshops and more natural ammunition stocks.

Lin Sheng stood in the original small garden. The Teleportation Formation here has long been out of use because of the overly turbulent energy field.

But for his Lin Sheng, this interference is nothing.

As long as there are coordinates, even if you force the torn space of the evil wheel, it will not be a major event.

Today, after he condenses divinity, for space. The understanding of the force field has an extremely clear understanding.

It is a step higher than before.

It seems that the cohesion of divinity has great benefits and transformations for his body.

“It looks like it’s still timely.”

Slightly sensed the downward direction, Lin Sheng stepped forward, and the silhouette disappeared in the blink of an eye.



Chi! !

A gold line drops from the sky, and the cockroach falls into the black liquid below. Splashing large drops of water.

The arm of the King of Night black is still lit with a path of golden. He struggles to break free from the black liquid. Half of his face is contaminated with black.

The opposite Cyclops screamed, and the huge blood hole on the chest quickly healed again, but in less than a second, the one who almost tore its body into two huge wounds completely recovered.

“It’s really not dead…..cough cough cough…” King of Night re-manipulated the armor to fly.

“Ontology, if you don’t come again, I will really be polluted twice…..” He doesn’t want to fall into the state of being indulged forever.

Losing the will, losing consciousness, ignoring, knowing nothing.

That is terrifying than death.

“If you die sooner or later, I most hope to sleep in bed…”

King of Night Holds the huge armor knife in his hand. Behind the scenes, countless shadow dragons must fly and shoot into the Void.

expensive! ! !

The gods screamed, and the big red-eyed Black Dragon flew out on the back, hiting the sky and covering the earth and rushed to King of Night.

At the same time, it clenched his fists with both hands, and forced to move toward the night king.

For a time, the whole world was filled with Black Dragon and his fists.

King of Night lifts the giant sword and blooms golden rays of light.


Countless white petals emerged around him, flying around him.

At the same time, the dawning sword was condensed, and the night king waved his swords with both hands, madly rushing to countless Black Dragons.

“What a joke!”

“I am…King of Night Aaah !!!!”

In the mad roar, the night king swells all the last power, facing the black Dragon and the giant punch.

Are you going to die?

What he finally remembered, very strange, is not the girl who remembered the most in the memory.

Instead, it is a leisurely time to live in the temple.

“In the end, I am actually not King of Night.”

The night king stared at the fast-moving Black Dragon.

“Not a reborn king, but… really, myself.”

He has already been eroded more than half, and has lost his body connection with Lin Sheng.

In the last time, it seems that I feel the approach of death.

The night king thought of a lot and a lot.

The former Night King has long since disappeared, leaving only a little bit of soul collected by Lin Sheng from the gap, blending his soul and re-extracting him.

Now, he is actually a brand new individual.

“I am Lin Sheng, but not all of him. Interesting.”

With the final consciousness, the night king rushed into the Black Dragon group, and the swords in his hands burst into a large black golden rays of light, piercing everything.

Just after struggling through the Black Dragon group, the night king saw it at first sight, but the familiar silhouette standing on the shoulder of the Cyclops.

Lin Sheng has a pure white armor, and the cloak behind him is pulled to the left by the wind.

“You play a lot.” Lin Sheng stared at King of Night with a gloomy and weird look.

The huge Cyclops under his feet, all over the body are entangled in countless pure white Saint Force ribbons, completely unable to move.

“I told you to guard the tree, you sent me here!” Lin Sheng stared at the night king with a savage eye.

The night king was covered with hair, and he was originally sprinting, slowly putting down the double sword.

“嘿….嘿嘿….” He laughed twice, saying nothing, turned and ran!

“come back!”

Lin Sheng’s heart and soul, an irresistible soul bondage, suddenly let King of Night can’t help but turn the direction, moved towards Lin Sheng direction.

As the commander of Lin Sheng summon, it belongs to his summon. Lin Sheng naturally has absolute control.

Normally, he only respects the leaders and does not use this right.

But really want to succumb to the heart, King of Night can not escape.

At that time, the huge Cyclops were also squashed by Small Accomplishment, eye-like white golden beads, pinched by Lin Sheng, and gently set on the left shoulder armor.

“Good, there is another object of guardianship.” He satisfactorily finished all the follow-up, and glanced at the night king.

“Go, clear the field.”

He slaps on the surface of the night king armor.

Suddenly countless powerful soul power, instantly poured into the soul of the night king.

This soul is different from Saint Force, but it has a lot of powerful purifying power than Saint Force.

In a blink of an eye, the soul of the night king who was eroded more than half will be purified and restored.

“I can purify me after being eroded by Black Tide?” Night King surprisedly said.

“It’s not purification, it’s cut off.” Lin Sheng’s voice came.

“How can I cut it!? I will be stupid!” The night king was shocked.

“You don’t have to use your brain anyway, it doesn’t matter if you are stupid.” Lin Sheng said casually.

(End of this chapter)

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