564. Chapter 564 Liquidation 3

Chapter 564 Liquidation 3

Soon, it was almost afternoon, Lin Sheng finally arrived at the No. 1 Defense City.

Just arrived here.

He was far from sensing that a huge and vibrant city is running like a huge complex machine.

Lin Sheng is not close, but overlooks the entire No. 1 Defence City in the dark fog.

It seems quite safe here, and there is no attack of blasphemy.

Only the towering city wall has traces of gray and black left by the previous black liquid.

“Fortunately…. It should be lucky here, not being stared at.” Lin Sheng was satisfied.

With a way to move freely in Black Tide, his mind is also alive.

“Next, anyway, if you are idle, go to the big Star Pond and calculate the general ledger.”

The Big Star Pond has always been a frequent means, and eventually even smashed the power of the temple. If it weren’t for Black Tide isolation, Lin Sheng wouldn’t take it for a while, fearing that it would have been killed by a finger.

The killing of the head of the big Star Pond is now a good time to deal with this mysterious organization.

Without hesitation, Lin Sheng first contacted the soul through the soul, and found the Thunder to find the Temple Intelligence Department.

Although the intelligence department was blocked by Black Tide, there was no way to deal with the big Star Pond. However, the intelligence information collected there has not been cut off.

In addition to revenge, Lin Sheng also wanted to try out from Big Star Pond to see if he could get something to help against Black Tide.

That old man’s prediction of the future, there are some people who let Lin Sheng covet.

If he can master this kind of means, he will have more control over the situation of the whole World.

And predicting the future can be more than just predicting disasters. It can also be used to predict the chance.

Just like the previous destiny Sacred Item was predicted.

With the constant threat of Black Tide’s escalation, even Demi-God eventually fell into Black Tide, which gave Lin Sheng a strong sense of crisis at all times.

So he is crazy about pursuing strength, and madly pursuing all the power that might be against Black Tide.

Soon, through the soul connection, Lin Sheng got the specific direction of the big Star Pond from the intelligence department.

Then rushed all the way.

Two hours later.

In the dark fog, a vast ocean above the sea.

Lin Sheng suspended still, quietly waiting here.

According to intelligence, here is the area where the Big Star Pond most often attracts outsiders.

So as long as he is quietly waiting here, he will always wait for someone to come in and out.


In Black Tide, a black single horn snake monster like the Flood Dragon flashed through the air.

It immediately discovered Lin Sheng, who was suspended here, turned a corner, converges, and rushes down.

This is actually using its hardest single horn, aiming at Lin Sheng and wanting to attack.

Lin Sheng did not move and did not pay attention to the sneak attack of the basilisk.


In the twinkling of an eye, the whole snake seems to have rushed into the bottomless pit, and disappeared in front of Lin Sheng.

At the same time, he had a small taupe bead around him.

Lin Sheng reached out and pinched the beads and gently melted them on the armor. Inlaid complete.

This monster is a bit of a strength, almost equivalent to the Six Wings level, it is worth his acceptance as a guardian.

Time passed by.

After about three hours, the cloak behind Lin Sheng was already packed with densely packed beads like Black Crystal.

It looks mysterious and gorgeous.

There were three more black beads on his armor. This means that during this time, there are three monsters at the Six Wings level and above, coming to raid.

After waiting for a long time, finally, a subtle and extremely weak atmosphere fluctuated from the hundred meters.

“Come on!” Lin Sheng’s heart moved.

No one knows where the big Star Pond is, as the Discrist Adolf said, the big Star Pond is very vigilant, and generally goes out on its own, and it is constantly changing the import and export position. And it still depends on the people inside.

Now that there is no savvy king to manipulate the predictive ability alert, it is the best time to completely get the big Star Pond.

Lin Sheng is deeply impressed.

Waiting for so long in Black Tide, it is natural for this moment.

He was a little closer, and as far as he could see, above the sea, a space began to slowly twist and rotate.

After a while, a sly white light slowly illuminates in the dark fog.

There are two 窈窕silhouettes in white light that seem to be coming out.

Lin Sheng’s figure flashed, and the speed of the moment was over 100 meters. When the two women had not reacted, they passed by and rushed into the white light from them.

“What!!? What is coming in!!”

The entire Star Pond mystery, the first second was still calm, and suddenly a shrill alarm began.

As a temporary leader of the sage, the sorcerer rushed out of the cultivation area.

“What’s the matter!?” She looked at the huge six-leaf tower, first determined that there was nothing wrong, and then quickly passed through the contactor to contact other people in defense.

Just to make her strange and inexplicable is that the siren seems to have failed, no one found any monster enemies invaded.

“Maybe it is a long time, except for false positives, it doesn’t matter.” The dreamer went to the main control center and checked the equipment. Ok, no problem, the monitoring did not find any problems.

The whole big Star Pond secret is a huge and empty pure white city.

It’s just a city full of tens of thousands of people, but only a three-figure person.

Therefore, such a large site naturally has a very large population.

The entire secret wall is a flowing black liquid.

Lin Sheng floats high in the air, and the cloak of Black Crystal beads is slightly floating in the wind.

“Here is the Big Star Pond?” The eyes under his helmet looked towards the white city below.

In the middle of the city, the tower with a six-leaf windmill turned his attention at first sight.

“That is the root of the wise king used to predict everything?” Lin Sheng moved his heart, slowly moving towards the tower.

As for whether it will be discovered, he does not care.

It was not discovered before, but it was only because his speed was too fast.

Right in front of the tower, inside a rough small hut.

An old man shrouded in a thick black robe, like a sculpture, sat silently on the bed, motionless and breathless.

Suddenly he seemed to have sensed something, and suddenly eyes opened.

“Who!!?” The old man screamed, and the ghostly fluttered out of the hut, looking up at the sky.

At the same time, Lin Sheng, who did not hide in the sky, quickly attracted the attention of the rest of the strong.

The figure of the dreamer appeared on the top of a tall building, and the cold face stared at the sky above the head.

Another tall man with black body armor, carrying two giant axe, walked out of the building step by step, flashing red light’s eyes and staring at Lin Sheng.

The three strongest people who stayed in the city, at the same time, appeared in the white armor with the killing intent.

Tunguska was mixed in the crowd that rushed out, looking up at Lin Sheng over the sky. He is not the leader of Captain, and his strength is not as good as three, so he did not come forward in the first place.

“That is…!!?” Here is the big Star Pond secret, and there will still be someone invading?

He is a little unbelievable.

Here is a completely isolated space.

Waiting for him to react, the bone knife behind Tunguska’s bones trembled slightly.

“It’s him…..!!?

Kid…. If you don’t want to die, find a place to hide! “The tone of the bone knife is unprecedentedly dignified.”

“No…..” Tunguska was amazed. “Is it so serious?”

“Very serious…..” The bone knife was deep and brought a bit of urgency. “That man… is a man who once felt the destruction of my world…”

“In my heyday, I was defeated in his hands.”

“Destroy a world… really fake??” Tungus had the intention of going forward to the Gang Lord’s dreamer. After hearing the words of his teacher, he suddenly felt a sigh of relief.

“According to the information I collected during this time, on the surface, the guy is the Supreme of the Temple, but in fact he has an identity, the king of Demonic Spirit World, Demonic Spirits.

The ridiculous guy actually has a face, changing the Demonic Spirits, which has been circulating for countless years, into the so-called Holy Spirit, and the Demonic Spirits Palace into the Holy Spirit Palace, thinking that no one can see his shameless ambitions? “Bone knife said with a sneer.

“What do I do now?” Tungusk felt a little trembling in fear.

What king, holy, these titles are awesome, and they are too far away.

“old man used to be a wicked king in the unification world. If you want to keep you sneaking out, this ability is still there, as long as you obey all the commands.” The bone knife said solemnly.

“Teacher…. Are you not saying that you can no longer use the soul power?” Tunguska changed his face. “I can find a way to escape! I don’t need your help!”

“It doesn’t matter, I can still hold it, rest assured.” The bone knife is calmly said. Through the eyes of Tungus, he looked up at the white silhouette floating in the sky.

Even now, a long time away, there is still a horrible shadow of the man in his mind.

“This World is too small…”

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