565. Chapter 565 Exchange 1

Chapter 565 Exchange 1

Lin Sheng overlooks the city below.

If it were only the three so-called strongmen who came out, he would not be able to see it.

But the top of the blue tower, the slowly rotating six-leaf cage, is firmly attracted to his sight.

“That, it should be the so-called prophecy crystal. The most important thing in the roots of the Big Star Pond is the important treasure that the so-called King used to predict various futures.”

He ignored the other people, but was straight moved toward the prophecy crystal.


Below the high-speed rotating giant axe, whistling a black lightning, squatting Lin Sheng.

The giant axe is firmly embedded in the Void at the foot of Lin Sheng, as if it were a special object with an invisible outline.

“This is pure power?” Lin Sheng was a little surprised. The giant axe didn’t carry any special energy, just whistling and screaming with pure power.

On the other side, the dreamer flies up and there are a lot of dark red spikes on the whole body.

“Red energy teeth! Go!” She snorted, and all the red spikes around her rain flew toward Lin Sheng.

At the same time, two black slender branches, shot from the skirt under her body, quickly extended and became long, rushing to Lin Sheng.

The last old man screamed, and surrounded by a faint wild beast phantom, a humanoid monster covered with dark red fine scales.

He lifted his right hand and grabbed Lin Sheng.

Suddenly a large piece of blood red vines broke through the skin from his palm and rushed to Lin Sheng.

“Foolish.” Lin Sheng did not return, but still straight and moved toward the golden prophecy in the cage.

The blood-colored vines did not touch him, and they quickly turned into gray ash, which dissipated automatically.

The dark shadow branches of the dreamer are also like what is lit, and they are quickly turned back, burning all the way, burning the whole branches into ashes.

If the dream is not timely, I am afraid that even her people will be burned.

Similarly, the dark red spikes that came in midair were blocked by invisible twists and turns. Lin Sheng didn’t even have to use it. It was just the automatic protection of the whole body, so that these people could not break even the defense.

Blue The top of the tower, inside the golden cage, the golden crystal slowly rotates, radiating a light golden glow.

Lin Sheng floated in the air and reached for the cage.

A few squeaks, I don’t know how many layers of protection were cleaned by his forcibly.

The golden cage made an overwhelming snoring, and then began to break and smash silently, turning into countless golden sand grains.

The cage was scattered and Lin Sheng grabbed the golden crystal in one hand.

“Want to take the prophecy crystal, let me pass this level!” The red-eyed heavy-armed man jumped from the tower and held the remaining giant axe with both hands. ax.


A white Saint Light laser shot, instantly passing through the eyebrows of the heavy armor.

Then a white light suddenly burst, and the heavy armor was like a smash, and it turned into countless white spots from head to toe.

“too weak.” Lin Sheng calmed down, gently holding the crystal of the prophecy and grabbing it carefully in front of himself.

“Yude!! I killed you!!! Aaah!!!” The dreamer saw the heavy armor being killed, suddenly red eyes, crazy release of a large number of red spikes.

For a time, a lot of red teeth are like raindrops, hiding the sky and covering the earth moved towards Lin Sheng.

“Power, it doesn’t look like it can be.”

Lin Sheng lifted the right hand and the index finger flicked.

Chi! !

A white beam burst out from the tip of his finger, and in a blink of an eye, he crossed the distance of a hundred meters and passed it through the chest of the dreamer.

The bloody splash, all the scalp spikes of the whole body of the dreamer suddenly stagnate.

She didn’t have the light teeth to stop the beam of light beam, but unfortunately, more than a dozen beam of light teeth, all of them were worn by the light beam, without any blocking power.

“Dream!!” The other forms were flying high, and the crazy red eyes rushed toward Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng expressionless, flexing a finger, suddenly beam of light beam burst out.

These high-density Legendary-class Saint Lights, even after condensing to a certain intensity, are even more powerful than the strongest attack of the Six Wings limit.

And this is just a little bit of energy light released by Lin Sheng.

Not his means of attack. Just like a natural exhale.

After a few consecutive sounds, there was no movement in the air.

All the attackers who just flew up were all turned into white spots and slowly dissipated.

The city was quiet, and the big Star Pond members who came out and looked up at this side, with a fearful and uneasy feeling, firmly stared at Lin Sheng’s every move.

“No one has resisted?” Lin Sheng said with a disappointment that the entire Star Pond, that is to say, who is truly loyal to the King, has only such a person.

“The sad guy.” Lin Sheng grabbed the prophecy of the crystal, and the strength of the body covered it layer by layer, wrapping the whole crystal.

“Adult, even if you take it out to predict the crystal, you don’t necessarily know all its uses. It’s better to explain it to you in the next place. Does this predict the important role of crystal?”

Just as Lin Sheng planned to leave with the crystal, suddenly someone rushed out and floated up to the air, explaining to him respectfully.

“Oh?” Lin Sheng looked at the previous person below.

This is a middle-aged man with round glasses, wearing a big Star Pond dress, but the temperament is completely different from the weak chickens here.

The man in front of him must have seen the world, not the little guys who had dealt well before.

“Do you know how to use this thing?” Lin Sheng questioned.

“Of course, I have been hiding for more than a decade in order to steal the knowledge of the sage king. Every time I sum up it.” The middle-aged man has a calm smile on his face.

“Then tell me about the main purpose of this crystal.” Lin Sheng came to some interest.

“I am honored to answer your questions.” middle-aged man smiled and bowed.

“This prophecy crystal, the largest and largest use, has two.

The first is to predict changes in the future that will occur in the short term. ”

“And then? Isn’t this crystal only this function?” Lin Sheng calmly said.

“Yes, second, it is an ability that predicts crystal is equally important. That is…..Psychic.” Middle-aged man reveals a smile of self-satisfaction.

“Tong Ling Men?”

“Yes, this is a powerful ability to forcibly open most of the conditions and forcibly open the channel between different coordinates.

This ability is so powerful that you can even get in touch with the future of World. ”

“Future World …..!!” Lin Sheng’s heart shrinks.

Can you connect with the future, isn’t this the origin of Han Yu and Nis?

He hooked up a lot of the information he had received before.

A large amount of information gathered together, and suddenly he gradually got a deeper understanding of the importance of this prophecy crystal.

“How to carry out the opening of the Tongling Gate, this will involve a lot of secret techniques and key technologies. And the district is not talented, the perfect stealing division has learned all the relevant technologies of Xianwang.”

The middle-aged man can be seen as a careerist who has been hiding for a long time and has been waiting for an opportunity. At this time, he saw Lin Sheng’s powerful and invincible strength, and suddenly he took the initiative to vote.

Because he knows that his chances are finally here.

(End of this chapter)

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