566. Chapter 566 Exchange 2

Chapter 566 Exchange 2

“What is your name?” Lin Sheng asked with interest. He appreciates the people who know the time. The efficiency of the people in front of you can make him master the entire Star Pond organization more quickly and efficiently.

“Little man Fuyuan Bo, always ready to serve you.” Middle-aged man forced the ecstasy of the heart, slightly bent to salute.

“That time, you will be with me. I want you to give me a demonstration, how to predict the future, and open a Tongling Gate at the same time.” Lin Sheng indifferently said.

“I am willing to help you.”

Dealing with the Big Star Pond didn’t cost Lin Sheng a lot of time. With Fuyuanbo’s enthusiasm for the 25th, the Big Star Pond has no secret in the eyes of such a ambition.

Many diehards who have been loyal to the sages have been executed by the team that Lin Sheng controls.

The rest are the parts that are willing to obey and dare not resist.

Fuyuan Bo began to take full responsibility for predicting ceremony.

Lin Sheng sits inside the big Star Pond blue tower, surrounded by empty halls, only the floor has a fine blue pattern, slowly releasing a light blue light.

He seems to be in cultivation at this time, but in fact it is a cultivation, while chatting and chatting on the rainbow.

In just a few hours before, a new nickname that Lin Sheng had never seen appeared on the rainbow.

“Hope, did you last time say that you want to learn the basic wrestling skills? I have a set of things that might suit you. Or?” – Sublimation.

This person named Shenghua, before Lin Sheng opened the chat interface, had already hoped for it, and there was a little time to talk about it.

Lin looked at the previous record.

This sublimation seems to be a good old man with a good temper and a patient.

And his World, seems to have a deep research on wrestling martial arts.

I hope that I just want to learn about the different actual wrestling techniques and I want to improve myself.

After asking a few words in the group, this sublimation came out. It was only Lin Sheng who noticed that the various wrestling materials that Shenghua gave to hope seemed to need to cooperate with the special things on the arm to draw a war-like pattern.

Inside this kind of thing, it seems that every time you draw, there is a special Rune with unknown meaning.

“Sublimation big brother, can you tell me what is the highest realm of wrestling? I am also popular for a while near wrestling, but I have not developed how strong and strong.” Lin Sheng suddenly came out and asked.

“The highest realm? I personally feel that it is about perfect development of its own strength, and then, able to master the wrestling skills of all complex situations, this should be the highest realm wrestling home.” – Sublimation.

“All strength? What is the total strength?” – Saint Light shines on you.

“A lot of things can only be said to be unspeakable, but unfortunately I can’t transmit special images, or I will show you once in person, you will understand.” – Sublimation.

“That’s a pity….” Lin Sheng said sorry.

His gaze suddenly fell on the crystal of the prophecy in his hand.

This thing seems to be able to get anywhere, as long as you know the coordinates.

“If you can combine this function with Rainbow Light…..” Lin Sheng suddenly had this idea.

He looked at the chat interface and talked about everyone in a frenzy.

Suddenly I hope to chat and talk about some strange cases that have appeared recently at my home.

“In fact, I don’t believe that these cases are true, but not long ago, one of my bossom friends said that they saw it with their own eyes. The drunkard who passed her house was suddenly dragged into the alley and never came out again.” hope.

“This kind of thing, I remember that you mentioned it last year. It seems that the six talents have been missing for a while. What happened? Is the case not broken now?” – Purple time.

“Yeah, the police said it was broken, but now it has begun to appear again. Obviously, the last case of the prisoner was not caught at all.” – Give hope.

“Because you are careful yourself. Try not to go out alone at night.” – Purple time.

“Do not worry, I am very strong, generally adults, a few punches to fight.” – Give hope.

“Do you want to try the battle pattern on my side? There is a kind of battle pattern that can have the effect of exorcism and avoiding disasters. It is only a little complicated and complicated.” – Sublimation.

Lin Sheng watched this guy start to carefully teach and give hope to the new battle.

He only looked at the pictures sent by this guy, and he felt that his so-called war pattern seemed to be a bit wrong.

“Interesting… Sublimation?” Lin Sheng closed his eyes and thought about it. Suddenly I typed a line into the input box.

“The environment around me is also extremely dangerous. Can you teach me a kind of self-defense battle pattern? Begging.” – Saint Light shines on you.

“Of course. Anyone who is a rainbow, this support is nothing.” – Sublimation.

“Thank you for your thanks.” Lin Sheng responded quickly.

Soon, he received the so-called self-defense warfare that was sublimated by him.

Lin Sheng, who has a sneak peek at energy linguistics, has long since built a special energy language that is unique to himself.

At this time, these so-called war lines were obtained, and the first time they were portrayed on the ground.

Just at the moment, this shape looks like a war pattern of a wolf head, and suddenly the micro-microwave moves, quietly and silently emits a trace of subtle signals.

“Sure enough.” Lin Sheng’s heart moved, suddenly a lot of care to madly isolate the surrounding environment, in a blink of an eye will intercept this signal.

“This sublimation… gives the hopeful warfare, and there is also a dark setting for this part of the signal. This guy doesn’t seem to be well-intentioned.”

He waved the invisible signal.

Then carefully observe the system of warfare in front of it. This brand new Rune application also gave him a lot of inspiration.

Just as he prepared himself to design a similar, more powerful simple signal emblem, a big Star Pond outside the tower came in.

“Adult, you are ready.”

“Fuyuan Bo?” Lin Sheng stood up and walked quietly toward the door.

“Bai Daren is already doing the final re-test. At his speed, as long as you get there, you can almost start predicting.”

Lin Sheng sorted it down, ruined the battle lines on the ground, and got up and walked out of the Blue Tower.

Fuyuanbo has already taken people outside to wait.

The entire blue tower emits a slow blue light, and the top six blades are constantly rotating, and the subtle white arc is faintly visible.

“Adult.” Fu Sheng Bo’s gesture of enthusiasm, Lin Sheng looked up.

“You look at the top of the tower, the entire blue tower is an extremely perfect predictive array machine. I only need to follow a fixed program, one after another to start, you can get the result.

It is up to you to decide what direction to predict and what keywords. ”

“What direction?” Lin Sheng thought for a moment, “Predict keywords and solve Black Tide.”

“Okay.” Fu Yuanbo quickly whispered a few words of the starter, and then told the rest of the people around him, everyone began to spread a tiny silver powder evenly from his hand.

A lot of powders floated in the wind, but at this moment, no one cares.

In the humming-like singing voice, the rotation of the blue tower blades seems to be getting faster and faster.

(End of this chapter)

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