567. Chapter 567 Exchange 3

Chapter 567 Exchange 3

Lin Sheng holds the prophecy crystal and suddenly feels that the crystal is hot and has to leave.

It is reasonable to say that today, as a divine existence, resistance to different temperatures is also extremely high.

At this moment, it is predicted that the extremely high temperature of the crystal suddenly emerges, not like a simple high temperature, but more like a warning.

A circle of ray glow, swirling around the crystal.


The crystal separates up and down, and the center burns a light white flame. The flames suddenly moved towards Lin Sheng.

Very simple changes, the flame suspended in front of Lin Sheng, the periphery of the fire began to appear a trace of complex and unspeakable image patterns.

Lin Sheng carefully gaze at these patterns, which seem to hide some laws and information that cannot be ignored.

“These are the hints given by the crystal.” Fuyuanbo whispered a reminder. “The real interpretation method is only known to the sage king. Although the subordinates also steal a little, it is still…”

He looked stunned.

“It doesn’t matter….These images are already very good.” Lin Sheng blinked.

Even if there is no deciphering, these images alone, he will probably get some small tips.

“Can you predict continuously?” he continued. Seeing that the flame is gradually faded in front of it, it is obvious that this prediction is coming to an end.

“No, prophecy crystals need time to accumulate energy. However, the subordinates once mentioned that Wang Xian mentioned that the prediction cycle should be restored at least one week.” Fu Yuanbo explained.

“Okay, then test the fixed-point transmission function.” Lin Sheng nodded.

“This is simple. When the fixed-point transmission only needs enough energy, you can hold the crystal, and you can imagine the scene at the location.”

As long as the imaginary scene and the scene on the real side have little error, it can be successfully positioned and transmitted. “Fuyuanbo has already calculated most of the entire sage.”

Lin Sheng tried to imagine the scenery of the holy city Hengruika.

Sure enough, the crystal was easily opened to open the portal to Hengruika. Through the door, you can clearly see the scenery over there.

This gave Lin Sheng a glimpse.

If the crystal is predicted to be able to reach the place where any holder has seen with no difficulty….. Kenny has to go to the temple once, maybe…

“It seems that I can’t really look down on anyone.” After testing all the crystal functions.

Lin Sheng did not mean to take away the crystal.

This thing is left here, and it is the most suitable combination with the Blue Tower.

Lin Sheng’s strength is almost invincible. No one in this world is his rival.

So his only goal has changed from resisting the enemy to resisting Black Tide.

From the information screen that just predicted the crystal, Lin Sheng probably has some subtle guesses.

He doesn’t believe that Crystal can really give a solution to Black Tide, but he is willing to try it if there is a chance.

In the hints in the crystal, a source of cohesion from different worlds is mentioned.

Lin Sheng doesn’t know what this thing is, but tentaively he calls it the source.

This kind of source is judged from the picture, and it can only be generated when different Worlds accumulate over the years.

To block Black Tide, you must get enough sources.

According to the picture, the source seems to be able to resist the erosion of Black Tide. This kind of erosion is not a monster attack, but a pollution erosion of intangible matter.

In addition, the source does not seem to have this effect, the rest of the information Lin Sheng did not understand, but this does not prevent him from collecting a few to look at.

“Can you locate anywhere?….?” Lin Sheng moved his mind and suddenly popped up the rainbow chat interface.

I just don’t know if I can transfer it to the so-called other World.



“I don’t know what’s going on, the battle pattern you gave seems to be useless?” – Saint Light shines on you.

“Is it useless? Then I can try another one.”

A soft egg yellow wooden room.

A middle-aged man with white hair and a pair of eyes, staring at the chat interface in the field with a smile.

He is a gentle and helpful sublimation in the chat interface.

“The coordinates of other Worlds, all that can be touched, are in contact. Except for the big bangs, this Saint Light shines on you.”

A newcomer who joins, there must be a lot of help, as long as there are enough desires, you will definitely find opportunities….

“What is the new battle pattern? No problem. But what do you want for my photo here?” Sublimation surprisedly said.

“I am also very curious about this, what is the World where Senior is.” – Saint Light shines on you.

The white-haired middle-aged man thought about it and took a picture of the room and sent it over.

Then explain the new layout method of the war pattern.

Then after many tests, Lin Sheng was very sure that he promised that he used one after another, just don’t know why, there is no effect at all.

“This newcomer….” The white-haired man always feels that the other party is a bit wrong. As for what is wrong, he can’t tell.

He has been on this Avision platform for many years. Most of the members are ordinary people with ordinary status. A few of them are mysterious and rarely bubbling.

Although he doesn’t talk much, he usually gives people troubles.

“I don’t know if you have heard of Black Tide.” – Saint Light shines on you.

“Black Tide? This has never been heard. What happened?” – Sublimation.

“I have never heard of it, is it a natural phenomenon?” – Give hope.

“Yeah, a terrible natural disaster.” – Saint Light shines on you.

“It doesn’t matter if I haven’t heard of it. I just want to confirm, who is bad luck than me.” – Saint Light shines on you.

“Is it very troublesome? The scope of the spread is very wide?” – Sublimation.

“Yeah, very wide.” – Saint Light shines on you.

The white-haired man has a brow, his battle pattern, which has a positioning symbol hidden inside, but the communication requirements of the symbol array are relatively high.

He is just preparing for it, and maybe one day he can find the signal when he passes by.

“Right, sublimate the big brother, in order to thank you for your help, I also have a set of ancient secrets discovered by accident.” – Saint Light shines on you.

“Secret? The secret of your World?” – give hope.

“Yeah. I turned it out from the ancient book of my grandfather collection. I don’t know how it works. Our World has only had fairy tales in ancient times. Now everyone is very scientific. There is no market for these things.” —Saint Light shines on you.

“The name is full of ceremony. It is said that you can summon the Holy Spirit of the Holy Spirit, to satisfy a desire of the other party, and to help you.” – Saint Light shines on you.

“There is this kind of thing? I am interested!” – purple time.

“I want one, I want one!” – give hope.

“It’s very true, but I have some understanding and research on these aspects. The energy of different Worlds is not universal.

I pass the battle pattern with hope. That’s it. More than 90% of the effects are gone, leaving only a little faint effect. “–sublimation.

“Nothing, anyway, World is not responding to me, I have tried it. But your World may be successful.” – Saint Light shines on you.

“This is the whole book, all the materials and processes. I need to use the transliteration to spell out the startup words. Don’t thank you.” – Saint Light shines on you.

“many thanks share.” – purple time.

“Good people are safe in their lives.” – Give hope.

“Then I will be welcome. Maybe after the success, it can be used as a public welfare on our platform.” – Sublimation.

“Don’t say, there are a lot of ancient book secrets that I can’t use here, maybe you can use World. If you have something similar there, we can exchange.” – Saint Light shines on you.

(End of this chapter)

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