568. Chapter 568 Mystery 1

Chapter 568 Mystery 1

“Is there really such a thing?” Hope, that is, the deputy minister of the boxing department of the real name, Lin Lin, is boring to scan the chat interface while waiting for the bus.

Originally it was just to pass the time, but I did not expect to find the so-called ceremonial ceremony sent by the newcomer Saint Light.

“Successful ceremony? Listening is very interesting…” She came to interest.

A long time ago, members of the group also issued similar small benefits, which can enhance the ordinary members.

Unfortunately, because of the different World rules, these so-called small benefits have lost their original role.

It becomes a simple decorative pattern.

However, there is a little bit of subtle effect, such as warfare.

The warfare given by sublimation still has a certain amplification effect, although it is relatively weak.

“The materials needed are also relatively common, very good, and you can go back and try it.” Lin Lin looked forward slightly.

Although this World does not have such a wonderful legend of ceremony, even the rainbow-like thing that exists across the world exists. What else can’t exist?

Soon, the bus arrived.

Yan Lin took the bag and took the bus, brushed the bus card, and found a place to sit down.

In the afternoon, the sun slowly dimmed.

The car just started slowly, and Lin Lin suddenly swept the corner of the street.

On the edge of a jewelry store, at the corner of an alley, two quiet and gloomy shadows walked in silently.

One of the silhouettes seemed to perceive her sight, and she looked at her slightly.

The eye, like the body immersed in formalin, edema and yellowing.

Yan Lin’s heart shrank and was shocked.

‘The eyes of that person…. What happened? ? ‘She always feels that the person’s eyes are not like living people.

Reminiscent of the recent frequent problems in the city. Her heart was inextricably raised with a sense of urgency.

“It seems to be really careful. You can’t go alone alone at night.”



From the big Star Pond, Lin Sheng did not go directly to the Holy City, but flew along the Black Tide.

He has always been very curious, what is the source of Black Tide, so this is the premise of the pretentious, that is, the rainbow, he began to search around in Black Tide.

The big Star Pond has already sent the ranker over the holy city to control it through the portal.

The crystal of prophecy was taken away by Lin Sheng, leaving only the six-leaf blue tower, still standing.

Without the prophecy of the crystal, the rest of the people have no ambitions and want to use the power of prophecy.

Lin Sheng flew all the way, out of the big Star Pond, he did not choose any direction, but inducted the concentration of Black Tide, flew in the most heavy direction.

He wanted this time to find the original roots of Black Tide’s initial roots in this world.

The concentration of Black Tide is different and can be felt.

It was because there was no way to stay in Black Tide for a long time.

But now it’s different

Lin Sheng has a pregnant spirit, that is, the existence of rainbow light, and began to fly along the direction of Black Tide.


Suddenly his heart moved, overlooking the bottom, and then quickly flew down.

The black fog is rolling, this is an abandoned building like a manor.

There is a circular house in the manor surrounded by a large black lawn that encloses the house in the middle.

Lin Sheng slowly landed on the lawn and looked away from the direction of the house.

He flew all the way and felt the concentration of Black Tide, which is the strongest here.

Standing firmly on the ground, Lin Sheng walked towards the ring building step by step.

Every time he took a step, his body spurred out like an arrow.

No monsters attacked, but as he moved closer to the ring building, Lin Sheng vaguely felt an inexplicable sense of oppression and became more and more dense.

He looked up at the gray-black building.

Suddenly, the window of a building slowly emerged with a pale, fuzzy face.

It seems to be a human figure that can’t tell the difference between men and women. It is just looking through the glass window and moving towards Lin Sheng.

“I feel… dangerous atmosphere…” Lin Sheng’s heart was cold.

I can’t remember how long it has been, and there is a presence that can make him feel the threat.

“Here….it’s weird…” He stared at the face of the window.

Sou! !

He suddenly raised his hand, and a white light burst into the palm of his hand, turning into a huge fan-shaped beam, and the densely packed frontal bombardment on the building.

Bang!! !

Huge smoke stirred the black fog rolling and twisting.

The entire ring-shaped building had not yet had time to show the dangers and threats inside, and it was hit by the sturdy Saint Force.

The powerful power of purification madly erodes everything in the entire building, whether it is tangible or intangible.

Five seconds later, Lin Sheng put his hand down and the building in front of him was left with a broken wall. The previous sense of danger also disappeared completely disappear without a trace.

He looked calm and stepped forward step by step, his body fluttering like a sharp arrow. The blink of an eye appeared on the ruins.

“Is it gone?” He was puzzled.

Suddenly there was a hint of coldness under my feet.

Lin Sheng said nothing, the body of Saint Light flashed, the large white light surged like a beast, and slammed down.

There was a loud bang.

Centered on him, all the surrounding ruins and grounds exploded and rolled, and they were taken off.

Numerous soots scattered like clouds, and were blown away by the squally winds of Lin Sheng, and the line of sight was clear again.

The cold breath disappeared.

Lin Sheng took a closer look and didn’t notice any more.

“Just like this, it is absolutely impossible to be the root of Black Tide…..” His thoughts have just flashed.

Long! !

A sudden loud noise spread from the ground.

Like an earthquake, countless gravels tremble on the ground, and strong shock waves can cause numbness throughout the body.

The invisible cold air, like radiation, spurts out from the ground.

Lin Sheng’s heart moved, and the body flew up, then looked down.

In the gray dust, a giant beast, made up of countless dust and dust, is rapidly arching out from the ground.

This giant beast has three armored helmets like Horned Dragon with three sharp corners on the top.

Behind him is like a western giant dragon. Two gray and black broken wings are slowly tumbling from the ground.


Giant beast Two black eyes suddenly open, dark and deep horror eyes, filled with a strong wave of Legendary level.

“A Legendary monster?” Lin Sheng said, and he didn’t expect to just stroll around and meet a Legendary class.

This Black Tide, really is not a random place.

This giant beast is roughly visual, and its body length is similar to that of a football field. It is more than ten meters tall. It is the monster that Lin Sheng has seen, and the medium size exists.

Far more than a god, but the momentum of one body is also much stronger than the average monster.

“Unfortunately, if you meet other people, maybe you can still be a little deterrent. But meet me…” Lin Sheng is missing some good objects of guardianship.

There are two holy cities, and there is a lack of towns in the city of Mindington.

“Light.” He reached out and beckoned.

The Sea Gate opens, and the infinite chaos of the soul is slamming and quickly transformed into the huge Saint Light of the Legendary class.

Taking him as the center, in an instant, a huge white light column spanning 100 meters suddenly illuminates and instantly engulfs everything around him.

Whether it is the ruins of the building, or just the emergence of the giant beast.

(End of this chapter)

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