Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 569

569. Chapter 569 Mystery 2

Chapter 569 Mystery 2

The white light column lasted for more than ten seconds, and then slowly faded and dissipated.

At the original ruins of the building, there was only one huge semi-circular pit. There is no giant beast in the trace.

Lin Sheng floated in midair and had a gray-black bead in his hand.

“It seems that this is not the source of Black Tide.” He was slightly disappointed, and it should be the movement of the giant beast.

But it can make him feel a little threatening and dangerous, this giant beast is also enough to be proud.

Feel another powerful willingness to join the ranks of yourself.

Lin Sheng satisfactorily put away the beads.

At the level of divinity, the more pure, the stronger, the more the amount of willingness, the more powerful his divinity will be.

There are two kinds of divinity he has now.

One is Guardian God. Any existence that is defeated by him can be sealed as a guarded form by him, and thus turned into a source of willingness. Just like the god of the seal before.

The second is the so-called rapid divinity.

This divinity makes Lin Sheng much faster in doing anything.

Whether it is the speed of the road, or the speed of the attack. Even by condensing energy, the speed of mobilizing Saint Force’s soul has been greatly improved.

This all-round improvement made Lin Sheng even more sighed. If the original big fly, West Prosper, had a sense of ingenuity, perhaps he would not even have a chance of winning.

Because the aspect of the rapid increase in divinity is too comprehensive.

Even the long-range blow that he released was also greatly improved under this divine illumination.

This also led to his actual combat power, which is at least 30% stronger than before.

According to Lin Sheng’s own estimation, he is now afraid to face double-digit sorrow alone.

Even he can easily defeat all the gods in a very short time.

Only if they are both divine, he will be jealous if he does not know the divine ability of the other party.

The divine nature is white, it is the powerful and inactive talent.

In the unlikely event that a strong person with extreme dimorphism is encountered, it is possible to be turned over without knowing it.

Came back to his senses, Lin Sheng checked the surrounding area and determined that there were no other residues.

This continues to fly in the Black Tide.

His flight is a whole day.

There are no more than five Legendary monsters that have been wiped out along the way.

I don’t know how many monsters come from this Black Tide. And it’s all such a dangerous high-level monster.

And the rest of the ranker level, there are eight.

And as the time spent immersing in Black Tide has grown, Lin Sheng feels that his mood is beginning to become gloomy.

There seems to be something that he doesn’t know, affecting his emotions and consciousness.

“No, it’s time to go back. There is definitely something hidden in the Black Tide that I don’t understand well, and it still affects my level.”

Even if there is a rainbow, it is not enough….. Maybe the complete body of the rainbow is destroyed by Black Tide. ”

Lin Sheng was not reluctant. In the case of unsuccessful exploration, he quickly passed through the soul and moved away toward the direction of the holy city.

After spending about half a day, he returned to the holy city of Hengrukara.

At this time, it was more than a day before he ended his dream, and he could start a second dream.

Lin Sheng in the temple, calmed down the mood, and immediately began to dream again.

He had a hunch that this time, perhaps he could find a clue to the real against Black Tide from the dream-making spaceship.

Summon god’s ceremony…

He is very interested in this.



A blink of an eye.

Lin Sheng saw a piece of black feather in front of his eyes.

His surroundings, the ground, and the air, are all densely packed with countless feathers.

The feathers of the sky are constantly flying and spinning.

He stood in the closet and held the compass-like thing in his hand.

Everything in the surrounding chamber is covered with a thick layer of feathers.

There was a subtle sound of the piano outside, and the man with the blue light seemed to know where to hide.

Lin Sheng didn’t pay attention to the guy, but he looked down and carefully remembered the information in his hand.

This disc is recorded on the back of a weird language, he intends to first remember, and then leave the dream, go to the reality to arrange a subordinate check.

Since there is no way to solve it by your own power, it is the power of all.

It took about ten minutes, and Lin Sheng memorized all the language symbols.

Then exit the secret room.

Outside the secret room, what surprised him was that the spiked robot that had been removed by him had disappeared mysteriously.

The melodious sound of the piano continues to spread.

Lin Sheng followed the sound and soon saw a deep passage on the wall on the right side.

At the mouth of the passage, the man who plays the piano is sitting down on the ground and playing with a beautiful and delicate voice.

Lin Sheng’s heart moved, moved towards the direction of the man.

Sure enough, this time, like the previous times, he just approached and the other party naturally disappeared.

Lin Sheng didn’t care, but flew straight into the passage that disappeared from the man.

The passage is very narrow, just enough for one person to enter and exit.

Go all the way along the passage.

About Momo moved forward by a distance of a thousand meters, and suddenly there was a large mirror in the middle of the passage.

There is a wave of silver in the mirror, and there seems to be something to break out from inside.

Lin Sheng glanced around the surroundings.

All around The walls of the passage are engraved with a lot of incomprehensible symbols and language.

There are countless symbol languages, look at the type, just like the weird symbol language that he had previously written down.

A subtle humming sound, with the approach of Lin Sheng, began to grow and become louder and louder.



“You are willing to listen to my teachings and are willing to confide in the deep heart. Nurgna… daughter…”

“I will always love you….here, it will be the birth gift I sent to you….”

“I take your shadow away. When you succeed in getting rid of everything, you are coming back to me and recovering everything…”

With the shimmering sound, Lin Sheng noticed that all the inscribed Rune language on the inner wall of the surrounding channel began to crawl and crawl like a worm.

A lot of language speeds from slow to fast, and then quickly converge in front of the silver mirror, on the ground, gradually forming a face of the old man composed of numerous languages ​​and symbols.

The face was closed, the hair was messy, the beard was heavy, and the forehead was wrinkled.

“What a ghost?” Lin Sheng was not scared by the scene of this thing. From beginning to end, he felt the force field and energy fluctuations here, which is the highest Six Wings level.

Even if the ranker didn’t arrive, dare to dress up up as God, playing the devil?

Looking at the face of the old man who had just formed, Lin Sheng raised the right hand and a transparent wave of faintness appeared at the fingertips.

That is pure chaos and soul halo.

“Give you ten seconds, show your body, and answer my question. Otherwise you will die.”

(End of this chapter)

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