570. Chapter 570 Mystery 3

Chapter 570 Mystery 3

There is no movement in the passage.

Lin Sheng did not care, and counted down from the beginning.





Not yet five, a group of black spikes and clews, slowly separated from the mirror.

This group of hairball-like things slowly pulls up and down and becomes thinner. Soon at the top, the distortion produced a face of a old man.

“You are not my Nurgna…..” The old man stared at Lin Sheng.

“Can you communicate?” Lin Sheng surprisedly said. A little hand.

The chaotic soul force on the fingertips suddenly surged out, and the old man’s face in front of him was surrounded by a moment.

Just to disappoint him, this old man’s face seems to be just a message. That sentence does not seem to say to Lin Sheng.

His chaotic souls trapped each other and immediately isolated the other’s energy supply.

The face turned blurry, faded and disappeared in front of him.

Lin Sheng looked at the silver mirror in the middle of the channel.

“The guy who plays the piano, I deliberately led here, obviously has a special purpose.”

“and so…..”

He gazed at the silver mirror and raised his hand.


A twisted chaotic soul, highly condensed, accompanied by a huge impact and burst speed, slammed on the silver mirror.

Kāchā A loud sound, the mirror turned out to be a big crack, but it was not completely broken.

In the cracked mouth, suddenly a striking silver light blasted, and Lin Sheng’s mind was firmly attracted.

The silver light consists of a path of densely packed silver segments, which Lin Sheng carefully sees, faintly feeling that these segments are somewhat similar to the structure of the DNA gene helix.

Wait for him to come back to his senses.

I am already in a bloody red space.

He floated in the air and surrounded by a huge white spiral gene chain.

A little girl who was curled up not far away was wearing a pure-white colored Princess dress, quietly closing her eyes and resting.

The girl has a brilliant blonde hair, wearing solid white gloves and white stockings, and a pure diamond gemstone with a blue water on her chest.

She smiled with a smile on her lips. The delicate and lovely facial features give a pure and innocent temptation.

The girl is about twelve or three years old. The body is slender and tender, but it has revealed a hint of pure charm of the future.

It seems to have perceived the emergence of Lin Sheng.

She slowly opened the eyes.

The pair of pure, like blue crystal eyes, gazing at Lin Sheng with a hollow and smiling smile.

“Are you still alive?” Lin Sheng suddenly spoke and asked in the language here.

The blonde girl smiled and raised her hand slowly.

Numerous gene chains rotate and float around the two.

hiss! !

In an instant, her arm was twisted and deformed, and the expansion became bigger. In a blink of an eye, it turned into a huge black scorpion and plunged into Lin Sheng.

What is even more bizarre is that the black scorpion is thrown out of the air, and its volume is rapidly increasing. It is getting bigger and bigger, and it will expand to the extent of Lin Sheng’s entire field of vision.

For a moment, it seems that the entire front is a huge black bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.

“Hey….” The little girl’s tender laughter came from her ear.

Lin Sheng suddenly reached out and white light on his palm, tearing open the black scorpion like a sharp arrow, once again revealing the silhouette of the little girl opposite.

At this time, the girl is undergoing earth-shaking changes.

Her right shoulder grew a crow-like head, and the left shoulder arched a large thick blisters.

The head of the goat grows on the left side of the head, and the wolf-like face is on the right side.

Her whole body began to swell, deform and quickly pull up.

The legs are turned into a huge fishtail, and the side becomes a huge wing.

The chest is the same thing that grows each and everyone black tree hole, and the tree hole rushes out of the large black bug.

This beautiful girl who was beautiful before, turned into a body that is about to collapse. The general four are not like monsters.

These are not the ones that make Lin Sheng move. What really makes his heart shivered is the faint scent of the little girl.

“What about divine creatures?” He was alert in his heart, and Saint Light began to spread out from his side to protect a small area.

“Have you seen my father?” The girl suddenly spoke up.

Her voice is as crisp and sweet as a silver bell, just like a real little girl is asking.

“I don’t know if I have seen it.” Lin Sheng squatted and answered.

“I want to find him, have you seen him?” In the girl’s distorted body, the voice was heard again.

“What did your father look like?” Lin Sheng asked.

“He likes to play the piano and wear a normal uniform.

I always like to say to me, it’s not painful, it’s not painful. Soon it won’t hurt…..but why do I still feel very painful…”

The girl muttered.

“But it doesn’t matter, Father will play Nana to the piano, listening to the sound of the piano will not hurt…..”

“If you are talking about people who like to play the piano, maybe I have seen it.” Lin Sheng has already guessed that this girl is related to the Blu-ray man outside.

“Yeah….father, but as long as I hurt, he has been playing the piano for me…..” The girl’s body has been growing and growing.

Her body size is getting bigger and bigger, and she has all the monster heads of all kinds and sorts.

More and more heads are piled up on her back, more and more, and getting higher and higher.

At this time, she could not completely see the human form. Only the squirming body could see that it was a living thing.

“Do you remember, what is your father like?” Lin Sheng asked quietly.

“Looks like…”… The monster girl slowly stagnate for a moment, then slowly separated in the middle of the body, revealing a round like shark-like bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.

“His look….” The monster seems to start to scream.

“Why….why I can’t remember…..why!!??” She became more and more annoyed and more and more angry.

Bang! !

The surrounding gene chains are smashed by the twisted limbs that the monsters grow.

“father ….father…you said you won’t forget me!!You said it!!”

The monster screamed wildly, tearing around and rushing out of the large blood red flesh, all the fleshing hit the sky and covering the earth to Lin Sheng.

“I am sore…father….I am sore!! Nana is sore!!! Help me!! Save me!!!” The monster screamed and made a screaming voice.

Hundreds of bloody flesh wings completely obscured all the vacancies around Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng coldly snorted, full of pure white light, forcibly against the surrounding bloody wings.

The speed of the gods suddenly started, and his body turned into a streamer, forcibly hitting from the weak side of the wings.


The blood-colored wings were torn apart, and a gap was made, allowing Lin Sheng to fly out instantly.

“Help me…pain!! It hurts!” The monster roared, and the body constantly secreted a large number of limbs of all kinds and sorts, and lightninged to Lin Sheng.

Tentacles, goat feet, insects, limbs, giant claws, lizard handcuffs, etc., weird combinations of all kinds and sorts, can only be seen without seeing.

As if it were a gene hodgepodge, the monster is like a huge flesh-and-blood machine with unlimited power.

A lot of weird limbs were secreted around it, and the Lin Sheng in the middle was constantly besieged.

The most important thing is that the monsters secrete numerous limbs, each with unimaginable poison.


Lin Sheng was only broken through the line of defense and got a little bit of monster blood. Immediately the entire sleeves of the meat began to decayed and succulent, and the image was part of a monster like a living creature.

At the same time, a pungent smell of gas blew out from the sleeves.

Lin Sheng had to cut off his sleeves and cope with the monster’s offensive.

(End of this chapter)

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