571. Chapter 571 Making God 1

Chapter 571 Making God 1

Screaming in the screams.

Lin Sheng constantly burst into a piece of white light, resisting the weird limbs that rushed around.

His rapid deity does not play any role here. There is no gap between them, all of them are attacks from the monster girl opposite.

However, after continuously resisting more than ten times, Lin Sheng felt faintly that the girl opposite seemed to have no experience of stifling.

She seems to be just relying on instinctive activities to wave her limbs.


Lin Sheng raised the right hand, and the force of the evil turn of the evil wheel suddenly broke out.

With twisting and protecting as the core, more than ten kinds of protection at the same time force. Combined with the Saint Force package, it is finally launched with great speed.

I saw Lin Sheng condense a huge oval twisted sphere in front of his eyes.

The edge of the sphere is white and the center is translucent. There are countless white spots in the interior.

“Receive!” Lin Sheng Guardian God is sexually active.

At the beginning, I quickly condensed a large number of limbs that came from around, and sealed them into a red ball, which was merged into a translucent ball in front of me.

A steady stream of beads of varying sizes are constantly pouring into the ball.

“Go.” Lin Sheng thought about it.

The elliptical sphere suddenly shook, rolling forward, instantly tearing a large limb in front of him and rushing straight to the monster girl.

This round ball incorporates a large number of power fluctuations belonging to the monster girl itself.

Therefore, the confrontation is much weaker.

The ball is easy to break through, the speed is getting faster and faster, and more and more urgent. Finally smashed in front of the monster girl.

The monster also has an invisible barrier in front of it.

However, this layer of obstruction is opposite to the elliptical sphere.

Lin Sheng screamed and screamed.

The elliptical sphere slammed and accelerated, hitting the monster straight.

No explosions. The elliptical ball is like a layer of flowing liquid that quickly rushes to the monster and tries to wrap it up.

But the ball was wrapped in the upper half, and it was immediately holed by each kind of invisible force corrosion.

“Do you have a poisonous deity?” Lin Sheng guessed the other’s soul innate talent.

Very toxic, capable of acting on Guardian God’s sex, is undoubtedly the same level of power.

And this kind of viciousness that achieves exaggeration, saying that it is not divine and no one believes.

Even if it is not a system of divinity, it is a relatively equal level of power.

“Unfortunately, there is a strong ability in the air, but I don’t know how to use it.”

Lin Sheng has a transparent giant sword in the hands of a chaotic soul.

“Let me teach you how to fight.”


He suddenly threw the giant sword out of his hand.

The giant sword, which is more than one meter wide, tears a fleshy passage in midair, with a huge impact on the gods, and smashes the monster body.


A huge roar of explosions.

A huge scream blew up.

The monster body was suddenly blasted into a huge blood hole.

“Fast speed.” Lin Sheng once again condensed a transparent giant sword, suspended beside him.

He has a faint silver light edge around him, which is a strange phenomenon that is experiencing a certain degree of eruption.

At the same time, it seems to be resonating. All the giant swords beside Lin Sheng are lit with a light silver light.

He reached for a hand.

All over, twisted, backhanded.

Slammed forward!

An invisible beam of light slams everything, right in the middle of the monster’s body.

After the hit, the huge explosion broke open.

Then, Lin Sheng did not stop, throwing the invisible giant sword one after another.

The fast-paced formidable power bursts vividly and thoroughly, and any giant sword thrown in his hands, after a temperamental enhancement, speeds up at least twice.

The speed of terror has brought enormous explosive destructive power.

The monsters have the toxic ability of the divine level, but the chaotic soul that Lin Sheng throws out is not intended to be recycled any more.

Anyway, his chaotic soul can be absorbed from the Sea Gate at any time.

It is inexhaustible.

A giant sword is like a cannonball, and the monsters in the middle of it.

The surrounding blood space began to collapse and cracked.

A large number of white gene chains begin to break and disintegrate.

The monster is reborn wildly, but her speed of regeneration is completely inferior to the speed of Lin Sheng.

Within a second, Lin Sheng can throw more than thirty giant swords.

Each giant sword is equivalent to a Demonic Ability-modified intercontinental missile explosion formidable power.

And the formidable power attribute is still a soul damage.

If it is other types of damage, the monster can be said to be completely unaffected in the bloody gene space and can be regenerated indefinitely.

And even if it is bombarded into dust, it can recover quickly.

Soul damage, and more and more chaotic souls filled with space, her ability to recover speed and control space quickly fell.

If she is given her time, she can quickly digest and devour all the chaos.

But unfortunately, Lin Sheng’s speedy deism is too fast, and he does not give him the opportunity to reply and swallow.

More than one hundred and fifty giant swords, all like cannonballs, squatted on monsters.

Finally, the surrounding blood color gene space completely collapsed.

During the light and shadow flashing, Lin Sheng returned to the narrow passage again.

The silver mirror in front of him swayed, and then hua la broke.

Countless pieces fell to the ground, and at first it sparkled a glimmer of silver light, but soon, the silver light disappeared. Everything is calm.

If you change an opponent, or change yourself to absorb yourself before the rapid deity, this monster can be said to be extremely tricky.

but now.

“Unfortunately…..not that you are too weak, but I am too strong….” Lin Sheng sighed slightly.

He reached out and grabbed a piece of mirror debris on the ground and took off into his hands.

“This mirror…..”

Suddenly a soft piano sound came from behind his back.

Lin Sheng turned back and saw the man with blue light on his head, holding his head down and sitting on the channel wall.

“You…” Lin Sheng said nothing, he saw the man’s piano stopped, stood up, and the whole body began to slowly disintegrate, turning into countless blue spots disappearing.

“Thank you….”

Suddenly a subtle voice passed into Lin Sheng’s ear.


At the same time, a pure blue soul turned into a blue line and rushed into Lin Sheng’s chest.

Innumerable pictures and sounds flashed in his mind.




“What’s the father?”

The little blond man bounced with his hands on his back and smiled and turned around. The sun was shining like a flame, and the eyes were dazzling.

“After a while, it was the last test, and it was going to be in good shape.” The man calmly said.

“Okay, Nana must be good.” The girl hurryed.

“In the afternoon, you need to do a spinal puncture and get ready.” The man said.

“Know it.” In the large experimental isolation room, Nurgna tried to reveal one of the most beautiful smiles.

“Father, I made a best-looking origami flower before. Can you give it to you?” She carefully took out a white paper flower from the small pocket of the skirt.

“Nothing to do with this garbage. It’s a waste of time. You should take a good rest, otherwise the second half of Mississippi’s plan will be lack of energy, you know the consequences.” The man ignored it and turned to a cold voice.

“Okay, hurry and rest.”

He stopped paying attention to the girl and walked out of the experimental isolation room.

Since the birth of Nurgna, a laboratory baby, a year ago.

His life has undergone earth-shaking changes.

(End of this chapter)

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