572. Chapter 572 God 2

Chapter 572 Gods 2

“What I need is experimental material. It’s not a daughter.” The man stood outside the door and looked at the blond girl who tried to squeeze out a sweet smile. Whispered calmly said.

Nurgna’s genes are the first blood he extracted from a closed black box.

From the blood, they unexpectedly bred the girl.

It’s just that people didn’t expect that the girl seemed to have only one man because she had been seeing it all the time.

So as it should be by rights recognizes him as his own father.

“Supervisor, the brain fluid that needs to be treated is not enough. Can we take another point?” The researcher on the side approached and whispered.

“Yes, the total amount of extraction cannot exceed one third, otherwise the regeneration rate will be seriously affected.” The man finally looked at the girl in the isolation room.

The blonde girl still maintains a sweet smile at him.

“Okay, nothing to bother me.” The man turned and strode away.

He suddenly felt a little annoyed.

Rays of light flashed.

Lin Sheng has a flower in front of him and comes to another scene again.

“Really to destroy?”

Within the pale experimental headquarters, several heads of research gathered together to discuss the Mississippi plan for the creation of God.

“We have the perfect creation. The appearance of Nurgna is just an accident.

Moreover, she seems to be getting more and more unstable. Physical state can collapse at any time, and once it collapses, it can pose a very cumbersome threat to the lab. ”

“So it must be destroyed.”

“I also agree to destroy. Our creation only needs to leave one, and all the data is thoroughly mastered. Nurgna is just a failure to use.”

“There is also the second test item, which needs to be carefully destroyed. Our resources have no way to support such a large consumption.”

“So, vote.”

The old head of the main seat is calmly said.

One hand is raised.

The man blinked and instantly remembered the blond girl who called her father.

His hand was paused, still lifting slowly and firmly.

“Then, the whole staff agrees, the destruction starts.”


Lin Sheng stepped forward and seemed to want to take a closer look at a copy of the paper on the table.

But the scene changed abruptly and changed again.

The fire of the scarlet is burning.

Black Tide’s diffuse fog is like a beast, madly coming from the gap in the spaceship.

Because of the huge airflow traction caused by the vacuum, a large number of items and spaceship personnel were dragged wildly and then rolled out of space.

The 130th day after the destruction of Nurgna.

There was a riot in spaceship. A riot that did not know the source attacked the isolation layer, and the explosives that exploded exploded the internal and external pressure isolation.

In the red alarm light flashing, monitoring the room, the man quietly looked at the tragic scene on the monitor screen, expressionless.

“Supervisor, it’s too late, and our area is also polluted. The black fog is completely unstoppable! We can’t isolate anyone!”

Aside the spaceship defensive team Captain anxiously said.

“What about other supervisors?”

“It has already begun to evacuate!”

“Then we will go.” The man took the initiative.

Only he just turned and brought people ready to leave.

Suddenly there was a huge earthquake in the entire spaceship. Strong explosions and vibrations came from under the feet.

An invisible horror shock wave instantly penetrates a layer of spaceship wall and stuns all living creatures that are still alive.

“Damn! Power stove! It’s a power stove!!” This is the man’s last single thought head.

Just before he fell into a coma.

Seeing from the corner of the eye, there was black mist coming in from the door of the monitoring room.

A pair of blood-colored eyes hidden in the dark fog, squinting and staring at him.

Just when all eyes are about to pounce on men.


The man suddenly flew a little red light, and a young girl voice came out of the rays of light.

But all eyes, regardless of disregard, still flew to men.

Red light is not afraid, take the initiative to meet.

Soon the two were intertwined and squeezing and merging. After a long time, the red light was weakened a lot, and it flew back to the man and hid it.

Lin Sheng has a heart and wants to take a step back and look at the red light.

But suddenly, in an instant, countless pictures flowed and madly poured into Lin Sheng’s mind.

That is the countless memories behind.

It seems to be fast forward.

Again and again, Nurgna kept guarding the attacked man. She was forced to continually swallow the various monsters that came from the attack.

This kind of engulfing makes herself more distorted and deformed.

Every time, a man can get a good time. Also found that something is wrong.

In the process of fighting the black fog monster, finally, once, the existence of the girl was discovered.

The human beings who were forced to the road were found to have the last hope.

The existence of Nurgna gives them new hopes.

If you can mass produce Nurgna’s existence, then completely counterattack and engulf all monsters will no longer be a dream.

After all, the man failed to withstand the pressure. After the situation was slightly stabilized, Nurgna was sent to the laboratory again.

“father…. What do I have to do with it?” Nurgna, lying on the operating table in the lab, asked with big eyes.

“No need, take a nap, just sleep.” The man calmly said.

The tone is as if the blood-printing surgery that is about to begin is not dangerous.

Blood-printing surgery removes the core of the strength of Nurgna with the body, cuts it into multiple pieces, and transplants it to other individuals with the body.

The operative mortality rate is over 70%. But it can create more individuals like Nurgna.

“father…this is the origami flower that I sneaked and gave it to you.” The girl once again took the paper flower out of her pocket and handed it to the man.

The man hesitated and took it.

“Work well with the experiment.”

“I will be embarrassed.” Nurgna nodded.

The man did not dare to look at her eyes and hurriedly turned away from the operating room.


The metal door slowly closed.


“Go away!!” The man suddenly got angry. Push away the subordinates and rush out of the experimental monitoring room.

He put his hands deep into his hair and rubbed his back against the wall.

“That is a monster. She is not your daughter at all! Not at all!

It’s just a mutant monster that has been nurtured from ancient boxes! ”

He whispered and repeatedly emphasized himself to hypnosis.

The experiment was very successful. The number of implants increased and the Black Tide monster was successfully resisted. The situation is stable. Everything is safe…..

But the transplanted body, Nurgna, still began to dry up.

The man stood by the bed and looked at the blond girl who was in a coma. Holding a guitar-like string in his hand, his face is faint, and he plays a messy piece of music.

“father ….” The girl slowly woke up from the bed.

“I am.” The man stopped the fingertips of the piano.

“I am sore…..” The girl whispered.

“It’s okay…. I am playing a song for you, you are not hurting….” The man calmly said.

But the eyes couldn’t help but gradually filled with tears. He looked down at the girl’s skinny arm. Gently play with your fingertips.

“I want to turn into light and guard your side.”

“I want to turn into rain, and travel with you.”

“I want to turn into a cloud and cover your red sun.”

“I want to change my style and always haunt you…”

The sound of the piano lingered, the girl on the bed seemed to be really painless, and the corner of her mouth showed a sweet smile.

“I want to be a star, always shine on you…..”


The man suddenly stopped his fingertips. I saw a curve that gradually smoothed down on the heart motor.

“father ….. really does not hurt…..” The girl muttered in the hospital bed.

“Nana 乖…..It’s not painful to listen to the sound of the piano…. Listen carefully, don’t be afraid… don’t be afraid…”

The man bowed his head and tried not to look at the electrocardiogram that gradually became a straight line.

He focused on playing the piano with his head down, and sang the soft lyrics in his mouth.

I don’t know how long it took to play, and it seems to be quiet in the ward.

The sound of the piano was stagnant, and the girl on the bed was no longer heard.

The man has been silent for a long time.

Finally, he stood up, carrying the piano, standing on the edge of the bed and watching the girl in bed.


(End of this chapter)

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