573. Chapter 573 Gods 3

Chapter 573 Gods 3

Suddenly turned into white light, Lin Sheng had a flower in front of him and returned to the previous position.

“What is this? Bored to die.” Lin Sheng has seen too many similar tragedies, and there are similar examples in the vast memory he has absorbed.

It’s just that the turmoil caused is not this big, nothing more.

“Nurgna….” Lin Sheng thought about it. The memory that I just received, there are many memories of the combination of Nurgna and his father.

Obviously, after the end, the souls of both of them have different degrees of integration.

Although I don’t know what happened later.

But from this point of view, I am afraid that after the invasion of Black Tide, there is a new round of integration between the two to fight against Black Tide.

And it is still a men-led fusion.

“But before that, what does the old man’s face mean? Nurgna, it seems that it is not just an experimental creation.”

Lin Sheng carefully sorted out the memory, and absorbed almost no soul power, but what surprised him was that there was a lot of Nuergna’s poisonous divine soul.

The divine power of divinity is completely different from other soul forces.

Although this part of the soul Lin Sheng can’t completely integrate. But he can be used to understand, and to re-summon the new leader.

Combine this part of the soul with its own soul power, turning into a powerful existence like King of Night.

In a certain sense, this poor little girl was given a new life.

“There is also a god of death, and finally, figure out the entire pronunciation process.”

The man who plays the piano is actually one of the four directors here, and is one of the top levels of spaceship.

So it is not unusual for him to master the key spells of the descending ceremony.

Lin Sheng carefully remembered this pronunciation repeatedly. At the same time, the ear of the second hand sounded gradually.

Wake up…..

Anseria has been pursuing the footprints of God, so this time, perhaps he can get some clues from this god of death.

Maybe you don’t have to go to the Infinity City to get a lot of information.

From the eyes opened on the throne, Lin Sheng quickly stood up.

“Give me a dangerous isolation room.” He said solemnmnly.


The waiters of the Holy Spirit on both sides responded quickly.

These Holy Spirit waiters were selected from the newly born Demonic Spirits. After being invaded and transformed by Saint Light, they were eventually turned into Saint Light, which is a special structure of the spirit of Demonic Spirits itself.

The pure Saint Light creature is hard to make, and only the crystal pool has a certain probability to transform the true Holy Spirit.

So these waiters are actually 5%.

Lin Sheng quickly walked to the experimental area and took off his coat. Give it to the person next to you.

Then the Master and the Ceremony quickly started the layout. According to Lin Sheng’s instructions and instructions, it took only half an hour to perfectly set up the special ceremony in the dream.

Lin Sheng checked the mistakes and left all the idlers.

This time, he is also going to try it out and see the ceremony of the so-called summon goddess. Can you summon the so-called god?



Strange World.

“I think I may be being tracked….” – give hope.

“Don’t worry, pretend that nothing is noticed, continue the previous action. Stay the same.” – Purple time.

“There are two people, one male and one female, behind me and to the right. I have seen them wandering around here every day.

I thought it was an illusion, and the result…..now it seems…”” – hope.

“Is the battle pattern I gave you, painted on it?” – Sublimation.

“Amount… No…. I painted before, it didn’t work, I didn’t insist.” – Give hope.

Lin Lin is not a fool. I have been mixing in the chat room for so long. It is also vague until some security concepts.

If it’s as good as the previous ceremony, from the material to the other, I don’t feel any problem. There is no need to pay extra for more.

Just a try, there is no big risk.

But what war battles are different. It must be portrayed on oneself.

When something touches the body, the danger rises.

In the evening, the sun is shining.

In the sleek alley, Yan Lin is wearing a purple maxi skirt and white lace-up high heels, and looks like a high school student. Beautiful and mature, it looks more like a young woman in her twenties.

Today she was originally dressed up to accompany the junior sister to see netizens.

For the sake of safety, she deliberately made herself mature. Pretend to be an adult.

As a result, everything was normal during the meeting, but on the way home, there was an accident.

The two people who had been wandering around have actually followed up.

“If I single-handedly, I can solve it quickly, but I am afraid that they will carry the weapon.” – Give hope.

“Where you go to places where people are crowded, public places are waiting to see what they plan to do.” – Purple time.

Lin Lin took care of the governor and pretended to look back at the vehicle and then raised her hand to look at the watch.

Suddenly a tall and burly silhouette, straight in front of her.

“It seems that you really found something. Let’s take a trip with us.” The ro man man in front of him showed a sly smile.

“You?” Lin Lin flashed a punch in the robust man’s chin.


But the muscles on the other’s chin were so hard that it actually shocked her wrist.

“Interesting ….. or root pepper.” Robust man took a palm on the back of Yan Lin.

When Lin Lin suddenly turned her eyes, she fell into a coma.

Before she passed out, her last single thought head was the last message on the rainbow.

“Help!” – give hope.

“…It doesn’t look so good…..” – Sublimation.

“Unfortunately there is no coordinate, or maybe I can take a trip.” – Jian Wang.

“What should I do? I have to think of a way?” – Purple time. Her reply speed is very fast, obviously it is a little anxious.

There have been member incidents before, and never happened again. But those people are not familiar with her.

What is happening now is to give hope, is her best friend.

“Don’t worry. The life that gives hope is not early, she will be fine.” – Red whale.

“Actually….we can be positioned through the rainbow.” – Jewelry processing.

This so-called big cock has always been diving, but this time it suddenly popped out.

“Oh? How to operate?” – Sublimation.

The first one couldn’t help but ask, but he tried many times before the war pattern positioning, and all ended in failure.

Perhaps it is too far away, maybe it is other interference, in short, his positioning has not succeeded.

“It’s actually very simple. We don’t have to use the member as the Units to position the coordinates. We can use the Avision liaison directly as the positioning coordinates.” – Jewelcrafting.

“What?” – Jian Wang.

“Yes, from the simple sense of existence, the rainbow is stronger than our own sense of existence. We can completely resonate through the common connection between them.” – Jewelry processing.

“Then why don’t you say it earlier?” – Jian Wang.

“Because people are good, it is a pity to die. Others don’t matter.” – Jewelry processing.

(End of this chapter)

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