Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 736

736. Chapter 736 Hope 1

    Chapter 736 Hope 1

    “No matter how powerful he is, this time he planted his head under Teacher.”

    “No… This is an extremely bright man, not really coming.” Lin Sheng relaxed his voice.

    Although this time he let the gods out, using the will of the sea, he erupted the flames and burned the fleets of all the stars.

    But consumption is also extremely terrifying.

    All the efforts of the gods, which were accumulated, were consumed at this time. If the next aerial attack is immediately encountered, I’m afraid the gods will not be able to use it.

    However, through this test, he also calculates the most powerful might that God could play.

    A great deal of white will on the boards of God is not very useful to him and can be used as a one-time weapon outbreak.

    This experiment has also succeeded in confirming this.

    The gods waved out their will, equivalent to a Demi-God, with a sea-level will, to completely self-destruct formidable power.

    The formidable power, despite its low persistence, has given him some satisfaction with the destructive power caused.

    Just how God quickly complements his will is the key to the use of God as a strategic weapon now.

    “No real comin ‘” in the sacred ston of the house.

    The most powerhouse in Dili’s name is not in vain, and it has not been possible to eradicate it in a terrorist attack such as Teacher Nah. The strength of the Empire does not seem to be just power, but also minds.

    “But in a short time, no one dares to bother us again.” Lin Sheng calmly said.

    “Now, this time, I want you to collect as much material as you can to make.” Lin Sheng’s finger is a little bit.

    A white Saint Light made a piece of paper in front of people.

    A clear list of different materials is found on the paper. These materials, some of which are extremely cherished, others are quite ordinary, but the general materials require a significant amount.


    materials searched by everyone differ.

    “To follow your orders.”

    All the holes are small and low, and congratulations are expressed.

    Forever, March 2813.

    There have been unrest within the Aeronautics Union, and the Federal Republic of Kardis Mann has been subjected to terrorist attacks by the Star Eagles.

    At the same time, one of the Thirty Kings of the Union, the White Stone King, appears to have finally appeared on the Green Lake. After that, it was completely missing, unknown.

    The next day.

    Green lake stars declared their independence and formally departed from the coalition. King Nasserler began his liberation speech. The Church of Saint Light was also announced as the Church of the Green Lake.

    Its public opinion support rate reached an alarming 90.7 per cent.


    appears that in response to the Green Lake Star, the already volatile Triangle Red Ling galaxy has also declared independence at the same time.

    A total of 13 Royal Stars have jointly signed the disengagement agreement. Re-establish the Community known as the Red Ling Confederation.

    To that end, the space coalition, which had been peaceful for centuries, was once again caught in internal unrest.



    Keyras – Star Coalition Capital Star.

    Only half of the size of the general planets, Keslas, is the most well-deserved planet of the entire Aerospace Union.

    It’s got colored planets around all around. There are also three satellites that are integrated in size and size, carrying the mission of conserving planets and constantly shifting.

In the

    four directions of all around it, within less than a single year, there are also four large spatial warlords on their own.

    The Empire’s four marshals are stationed in these four war fortresses, respectively. Lead their respective legion, archaeological stars.

    At this juncture, Keslas is at the top mountain range.

    In the underground rock, thousands of metres deep, there is a huge circle of gold space.

    The number of coalition officers and research Scholar, gathered here, is exchanging information with a large number of coalition kingdoms every minute.

    The most central part of the space is a giant temple like the ancient temple.

    The temple is flowing in a special zone with no gravity, with a total of one hundred and forty-nine coalition seats in it.

    At this juncture, a small number of the coalition seats will always be diluted and will no longer be exposed.

    All the seats centres are special positions in five triangles.

    This is the seat of the four leaders of the Alliance and the Speaker of the League.

    At this point, most of the seats have been seated in bluffing. This is a virtual image that is transmitted by remote information, which is gathered.

    And the four marshal positions are identical to four freshblue blues.

    It is not that technology does not reach people like clarity, but rather in order to prevent the disclosure of information, a state that the Union has deliberately designed.

    At this point, the entire temple is like the food market, a mess, and the representatives of the major coalition kingdom in the seats have tried to speak and try to figure out what’s going on.

    “What’s going on with the Green Lake Star?”

    “Just a hundred years ago, the forces of the alien, the unimaginable alliance, are you going to have a crack?”

    “The eagles of the stars suddenly arrive at the Green Lake, and the galaxy defense system? We invest a lot of money in the galaxy defense, and that’s how we look?”

    “I personally prefer to believe that the Green Lake stars are being pushed back under despair!”

    each and everyone, or good faith or malicious speculation, continues to recur in the temple.

    The four marshals sitting in the middle and the Speaker of the League remain silent and seem to be waiting for this information to flourish.

    This haunted state of affairs lasted more than half an hour to slow down.


    four marshals sitting in the middle, as well as freshblue’s virtual personality.

    At this point, four people are silent.

    “What’s the matter? What difference does it make to the Green Lake stars and to the Big Triangle Red Ling galaxy? It is also rebellion, and it is also independent.” The presiding officer of the coalition, who is sitting in the main seat, has a loud voice.

    Despite the low voice, under special design, his voice was still loose across the entire space.

    Four marshals represent a large number of counterparts behind them, respectively.

    One of the righteous heirs of the North – North Korea, at this point of regret, replied lightly.

    “It seems to me that the Green Lake Star is independent, and the Great Triangle Red Ling galaxy is independent, not as painful as a true King’s meteor.”

    “For so many years, only thirty kings have fallen suddenly. This is a blow to the coalition as a whole, even more than an independent event.”

    His words are hard to hear, but they are shared by all those present.

    Indeed, it appears that two blocks of land are independent, affecting a great deal, but in fact, the size of the Green Lake and the Triangle Red Ling galaxy is combined, not less than 1 per cent of the entire Astronomical Union.

    And once a king is equipped with a star module, it can explode in formidable power, not even in a giant destructive fleet. That is far more than the space territories that can be exploited.

    That is why Wang is the most precious force of wealth in the entire coalition.

    “So, in response to the mysterious disappearance of the White Stone King, you think I should wait for a response?” The Speaker sitting in the main seat slowed the question.

    “The power of a king cannot be solved without silence, in no way a generation. Green Lake is more dangerous than the Big Triangle Red Ling.”

    Of the four marshals, the Blue Star Marshal, who is responsible for fighting the alien forces of the outer stars, was evaluated in Chinese.

    “I thought it was alien power infiltration. After investigation, however, there are no known signals specific to alien forces.”

    (This chapter is over)

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