Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 737

737. Chapter 737 Hope 2

    Chapter 737 Hope 2

    “According to the source of the Ministry of Intelligence, the Green Lake seems to have involved clandestine tissues.” On the other hand, the quarterback marshals slowed the opening.

    “According to the Ministry of Intelligence, the dark lake stars have experienced unprecedented terrorist attacks. After a large number of losses, Mecha and the adjustment of the helmets, they formally sent the fleet of eagles to try to crush the Green Lake.

    Despite the unknown purpose of the Eagles, there are indications that they must be targeting something that exists on the Green Lake stars… “

    “My home on my side, there’s a lot of business going on there, and there’s some insight. This information, of course, needs confirmation from the Department of Intelligence.”

    A royal parliamentarian outside made a statement.

    “Oh? Congressman Barbard, please say,” The President’s vision has shifted to the person.

    Not just him, the rest of the people’s attention is slowly concentrated on him.

    “As far as I know, this congressman is slow and serious.” On the Green Lake Star, he is breeding a huge evil that cannot be described.

    It was with no difficulty that ruled over the entire Green Lake’s civil opinion. Even the Royal Government on the planet has fallen into a firm supporter of this force. “

    “The darkness, although also a terrorist organization, has suffered a number of losses on the Green Lake planet, so they send a fleet to react, and the end of the war is known to all.”

    “Yes. The eagles of the stars are completely gone. All gone out of the universe.”

    “Is your message too exaggerated? The Eagles of the Star, though strong, face only small forces in the face of alliances. Even if the Green Lake stars can fight against balance, they cannot represent anything.”

    One congressman rejects.

    “But what if, in a short minute, the entire army of the Star Eagles is completely destroyed?”

    “In a minute! It’s impossible!”

    “Even the most advanced, powerful battleship cannon, at the same time tens of thousands of shots, it is impossible to destroy the Eagles of the Star in a minute!”

    “Has this information been verified? Blind exaggeration data to enhance their convictions are not desirable.”

    “What kind of attack can we destroy the entire planet’s eagle? Can’t they even run away?”

    Many parliamentarians have challenged the authenticity of the information.


    The former congressman suddenly spoke loudly.

    “An unprecedented evil is coming.”

    “We must increase our vigilance to respond to this disaster.”

    “Disasters?” The presiding officer of the coalition has a slight eye.

    “Yes, disaster.”

    Congressman nodded.

    “I have a feeling that if the Green Lake independence event is not resolved as soon as possible, we will face a powerful enemy far beyond the dark…”



    Far away from another galaxy.

    A big planet surface, a spinning storm center.


    belonged to the dark core hall.

    a The path of a strong spiritual consciousness is experiencing a rapid exchange of information and views.

    No one speaks loudly, all consciousness is stealing private.

    Such a state of affairs has persisted in a particularly powerful consciousness slowing down and coming to the temple.

    The vast spiritual force, like the ocean, came along with the strongest sense of this. And brought it a pound of spiritual pressure.

    “Muncha, the light hasn’t heard yet?” The true body of this consciousness is in the shadow of the four gods, the strongest of the gods.

    As one of the founding fathers of the first clandestine formation, the Emperor is not only the oldest in the dark, but also the most powerful and powerful.

    Four gods are hidden from him.

    “No contact. But the signal from the base station is that extreme light should be hiding somewhere to restore the wounds.”

    They also sent subordinates to the Green Lake Star before the Sha ‘an. Unfortunately, all those who sent did not hear anything.

    And then suddenly, the lights came out of the main event that had been frustrated by the Green Lake.

    Because there is no clear balance, the darkness of today has dominated most of the Union’s darkness.

    This group of eagles, if successful, can control the Kingdom of Kardis Mann and then reduce its negative impact.

    But unfortunately they failed.

    Not only did it fail, but it was completely extinct.

    “So, what are we supposed to do with the Green Lake Star?” The last emperor asked.

    This is a woman whose consciousness, Divine Body, is gentle and pound, gives people a sense of softness and wheat. It’s a silver bell in the four gods. It is also one of the only two female top fighters in the coalition as a whole.

    “The extreme light will not give up, and since the Green Lake stars are in trouble, then it is not appropriate for us to intervene before he deals with the results.”

    “Just this green lake star, always give me a feeling that’s not good.”

    The Emperor was silent.

    “If the light doesn’t work out, I’ll do it myself. The most important thing at this stage is to get one of the last two pieces of spelling on the Green Lake planet, the third Level.”

    The remaining two are silent.

    The unlimited transmittal… legendary 1 Level, the person who receives it, will be given an opportunity to enter a completely transformed ocean of origin.

    If they can activate the indefinite transfer of the first Level power, then their future will create the true strongest!

    So, no matter how quickly the Green Lake is going to solve the Eagles, the darkness will abandon the power to seize the 3Level.

    After all, the unlimited disk in their hands will be perfect only for the last two gaps.



    Green Lake Star.

    Lin Sheng from the beginning of the sea again, surrounded by countless souls.

    A large number of souls were quickly inclusive of Guardian God and then integrated into him in the body.

    In the lofty dark hall of the Silver Lion Building.

    Lin Sheng put light out of a breath.

    A great deal of black will has been burned into fuel, further burning his body and soul.

    “Every time entering the sea of origin, there is a lot of information and spiritual consciousness, and the 3rd Level powers are much more powerful than Level 5.”

    The second month after the third Level was given power, his god was getting stronger and more intense under the radical tempering of God.


    desired power of the sea could have nurtured the myth.

    And, subject to the mysterious guidance, as long as there is sufficient will and companion, it can turn out to be more divine.

    That’s what Lin Sheng said.

    He can feel that he’s getting stronger every minute.

    The mysteries that were thought to have reached the limit were changing more purposely and in total.

    Guardian God’s promotion, the most direct manifestation, can accommodate more conservative targets.

    To date, Lin Sheng’s conservative soul has reached an alarming 2,700.

    This is the individual who transformed Black Tide monster into the ordinary soul consciousness Units, which calculates the data obtained.

    Lin Sheng is now becoming a good habit.

    That is to convert all the creatures facing them into a standard human soul as a foundation for Units.

    (This chapter is over)

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