Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 738

738. Chapter 738 Hope 3

    Chapter 738 Hope 3

    Flying in the dark hall.

    Lin Sheng stretched his hand, with a glove on his back, and communicator automatically hit the projection screen.

    white’s screen was organized in front of Lin Sheng as a lengthy light screen.

    Teacher, “Teacher.” There’s a face of a man in the light screen full of flesh.

    “As you have instructed, with the cooperation of King Nashtler, everything is going well. All Mecha factories are buried in the sacred core of your blessing.

    Besides, the first battle armor you designed was finally finished. Do you need to see it yourself? ”

    This disciple is called Siege, the second fierce person of Lin Sheng all disciples, developing the rank of followers and followers.

    Most importantly, he is completely different from that of another disciple businessman.

    He was a businessman before he became Lin Sheng disciple, but in fact there were several militant mercenaries in the dark.

    So most of the followers he has developed are militant and fierce mercenaries. Power is amazing.

    And what he said was the sacred core, actually the small Saint Force pool that Lin Sheng handled.

    These Saint Force pools, which will then be used for a large amount of manufacture in particular Mecha, make their materials more accessible to Saint Force under the umbrella of Saint Force.

    Lin Sheng asked the engineer of the Kingdom of Kardis Mann to start making artificial single-person fighting armor, in accordance with the design chart he gave.

At the

    outset, production was extremely low because the production line was not adapted.

    However, the restructuring of the period was completed and the first armor, designed by Lin Sheng, was finally completed.

    “Send it over.” Lin Sheng calmly said.

    For the first piece of armor he designed, he had some curiosity on what level he could reach.



    moment later, the doors of the hall were slowly opened by intangible forces, four men with strong physical integrity, guarding a blue hair woman in the middle of the hall and moving quickly into the hall.

    女子身穿着white 研究袍,手里提着一个小型旅行箱大小的黑箱子。

    She put it down, and then compliment the moving towards the dark hall Lin Sheng bows deep.

    “Teacher, this is the first battle armor to be successfully completed. As you mean, it’s named a generation of holy.” Bluehair women are humbled.

    Ever since Lin Sheng started his efforts to completely resolve the Eagles of the Star, the entire members of the Church, including all the holes, have seen him as a god and have a remarkable enthusiasm over it.

    “How’s its sex?” Lin Sheng asked.

    “Without infiltrating Saint Force, the defense equivalent to ordinary microMecha can be carried out on the ground and in space warfare for short periods. Have a cycle of internal air systems.

    After being injected into Saint Force, the armor will, in a very short time and through the ceremony matrix and the special circuits you designed, significantly increase the micro system of the armor… “

    “Directly speaking of data.” Lin Sheng failed to listen to these trans-shipment processes and interrupt her said solemnly.

    “Yes. According to your uniform measure, Units.

    After being injected into Saint Force, a generation of saints, amplification, wearing sixty-four naps, was raised to 791 metres in a second. The maximum impact increased by 1,30070 naps.

    This is the data that ordinary people wear after they wear. A higher level of pilgrims has not yet begun testing. ”

    Blue hair women quickly report a series of data in their mouth.

    Although Lin Sheng had predicted that the armor would rise to the level of terror.

    after all is combined with this world’s top technology, as well as the top Rune technology of the Holy Spirit Palace.

    Science and technology and mysterious combinations can definitely unleash powerful forces.

    But he didn’t expect to be strong enough.

    What’s the concept of the biggest buffer that reaches thousands of tons?

    There’s another second to start at nearly 700 meters…

    It’s twice as fast as that…

    This means that the destruction of a motorcycle building can be eased as long as one of the general followers, wearing this sacred set and hitting it.

    “But St. Force is experiencing a great deal, and the general churches use only three minutes to support it.” Blue women continue their path.

    “Three minutes is enough. Mixed motives can be used to embedded the Crystal as a major energy consumption on deck. The wearing man’s own Saint Force must not be used at all times.”

    Lin Sheng calmly said.

    “Holy Crystal?” Blue Woman does not know what the Crystal is, but since Teacher has proposed it, that means there must be a solution.

    “After the Crystal, I’ll give you a sample, and you design an appropriate energy system attached to the sacred.” Lin Sheng ordered.


    Take the sacred, the whole group quickly leaves the dark hall.

    Lin Sheng, look at the light screen coming out of front of him, is closing.

    Teacher, just got an important message. ”Something suddenly picked up a microcomputer from the right.

    “With regard to the limits of the sea of origin that you seek, we have received important leads from an honest spy.”

    Lin Sheng, let disciple look for the jurisdiction of the originator, just by his command.

    He never had any hope from the beginning. After all, this source of competence is related to the war helmets. It’s very high.

    Now I don’t think they really got a clue.

    When the West continues, “According to the information received, the darkness is now on a large scale searching for lost helmets, 3 Level, and seems to be related to an indefinite transmittal.

    The authenticity of this message can be assured, because the secret spy that we surrendered in good faith is the birth of a king within us. “

    Lin Sheng Dongton came to interest.

    “Yes, according to each other, we have investigated the indefinite transfer of information.

    It was found to be the top treasure of a myth, said to be a powerful force for humankind to move from mortals to gods. “

    “Is it possible to determine why the darkness came suddenly to commit the Green Lake Star?” Lin Sheng was connected, asked.

    “It has been established, based on the spy’s honest report. To complete the last two pieces of puzzles on the indefinite disk.”

    “一个小小的间谍,就算是铠王之子,能知道这么多?”Lin Sheng 随口问。

    “disciple also asked this question.” When the answer comes to it, “the answer is that the indefinite transmittal is not too big a secret, because it’s big. His father used to guard an indefinite transmittal.”

    “In addition, we have another message. After Teacher, after you have done everything in your power to extinguish the Eagles of Planet Eagles, there is a great deal of nearby theft coming to good faith, and one of them is the head of a star who is a soldier of war.

    From him, we learned that the Aeronautics Union and the Shadow, respectively, hold one of the two Level terms of reference of your origin. “

    “2nd Level?”

    Lin Sheng threw a slight rays of light in his eyes.

    He’s been groaning for a while, started talking.

    “Letters down. To the nearby planet to begin to be fully taught. In addition, all factories are ordered to begin to run the Ninth Place.”

    “Nine Place?” West met a little startled, and despite some ignorance of the heart, it was still in command.

    The newsletter is extinguished.

    The slight light in the dark hall is on Lin Sheng’s face, and it’s reflective of the hidden shadow and smile.

    “Astronomical Union and Dark?” Green lake stars are sitting in town, and another group of eagles will be fine.

    Looks like it’s time to go out and distract.

    Ever since this world, we haven’t looked at the scenes here. “

    Lin Sheng looks forward to that.

    In the dark, the countless guards on densely packed tents behind him shine fluorescent.

    Pure hope after despair, that’s his favorite landscape.



    End of town.

    First town.

    At the top of the burning flame tower, golden flame circle, a shrinking silhouette slows down the eyes of golden.

    “I… Look… Here we go.”

    A weak spiritual shock came out of Silhouette’s mouth.

    (This chapter is over)

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